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( The baddas orphan and the Playboy)

By Three star

Rated πŸ”ž

Episode 25

Writer p.o.v

Doctor Kim rushed into the doctor office. To tell him about the improvement. Ohh good news the doctor said smiling to kim he will be awake soon the doctor said. Today Kim ask happily I never said that. Anytime soon.

He is a strong man because the bullet really affect him the doctor said and walk out.

Jayden can you hear me the doctor said you will be awake anytime soon she said using the back of her palm to Clean her tears. Is better you wake up fast.

Jayden was still wandering why he’s not seeing anybody. Since you can’t hear me I will like to tell you that I will be awake if not for anybody but for you he said.

….. Paris

Jason just finish Cleaning there room and sit lye on the floor like a lot of wool.

Eeyah lazy head stand up you haven’t cleaned the living room Natasha said you are wicked Jason said.

Ohh am wicked I won’t help you with the food again. You must cook and the food must be okay. If not you won’t enter my paradise this night Natasha said.

Ahh babe it not up to that you are the sweetest person I have ever came across. You aren’t wicked I am Jason said. In that case clean the house I wanna join Anna I’m the kitchen she said and went out.

Natasha p o.v

Me and Anna are in the kitchen now sincerely speaking this girl can talk. So gist me how did you met that big head. Because he is a Playboy and he don’t wants to get married.

I was surprised when aunty told me Jason wants to get married I thought it an arrange marriage since aunty wants to see her grandchildren fast.

I was surprised to see you too are good she said smiling. Just then my phone rang. This phone is a life saver I checked the caller ID and it mum

πŸ“žHi mum I said.

πŸ“ž My darling you guys forget about me she said.
πŸ“žAm sorry ma am a bad person I even forget about Jayden I will call him later.
πŸ“ž I can’t get mad at you since I knew you guys are working on how to give me my grandchildren she said.

πŸ“ž Ha mum I smile.

πŸ“ž How are you hope that big head is not giving you problem. If he do tell me so I can smacked his head when he get back.

πŸ“žNo mum am the one giving him problem. Ohh my darling it nice like that. Maybe is the pregnancy hummus she said and cut the callπŸ˜‚.

Mom will not kill me I said smiling. Back to our discussion. Ha you have not forget. How will I forget a thing like that she said smiling.

Okay we met at the club wow Maybe I will start going to the club who knows maybe I will found my prince charming there she said. What about we go to the club it has been long I went there I asked her.

That will be nice but will that big head you called husband Allow you don’t worry I will blackmail him I said.
We have finished eating babe I called Jason.

Anything he asked looking tired you are not even romantic I said you made me look like this. Am tired from those work you gave me.

I put on my best puppy eyes please I wants to go to the club with Anna I said. What he shouted. You can’t go to the club.

Why I asked Natasha don’t you get it you are a married man for crying out loud. So I shouldn’t enjoy myself because am married I said faking tears.

ok fine you will go on one condition which is. Am going with you. I will be in the car waiting for you guys till they close. Yeah thanks babe I said and Rushed into the house to get ready.


The loud music and the smell of cigarettes welcome us in. Have you been here before I asked Anna yes I come here when I felt like she said. We walked in and order for drinks.

Unknown p.o.v

Hello dad we sight the lady Alone in the club my son said wow that’s nice make sure Mr Williams son is not there. You guys need to bring her here alive I said alright dad he said and cut the call. Wow.

Jason p.o.v

I saw three boys dragging a lady forcefully out of the club that person looks like a Natasha no it can’t be I rush into the club I met Anna on the group she’s drunk I think they drug her. I Rushed her. And drive after that car.

They noticed am trailing them they started driving fast. I saw the cops van and signal them. We ran after them.

There car Break fail and the car hit a tree sh*t I hope Natasha is alright.

I ran out of my car as far as my leg could carry me. I checked Natasha she’s still breathing but unconscious. The driver is not breathing again that’s none of my business right now

. She’s alright now she passed out due to shocked. But we lost the other guy he said.

Unknown p.o.v

Hello boss my spy from Paris called. Hi hope the work is done. Your son don’t allow us to go with him he drove the last Alone. So I asked.

He is involved in an accident am sorry to say we lost him sir what they f**k…… You will surely pay Natasha. My only son is gone.

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