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( The baddas orphan and the Playboy)

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Episode 24

Natasha p o.v

So Jason is cheating on me all this while how could he. If the pregnancy is a month or two month Jason have been cheating on me. I can’t stay in the same house with him am going back to America.

I enter into the penthouse and packed my bags. I went out I was surprised to see the gate locked. But this gate wasn’t locked when I came in I asked myself.

I saw someone standing near the gate. Hey open the f**cking gate for me I said. He doesn’t replied me are you are robot open the Dawn gate I tell angrily.

Am sorry boss said I shouldn’t open the gate for anyone till he comes back he said.

Wow just wow I said and fold my hands under my breast. Okay I need him to cooperate with me. Please let me go he won’t be mad at you after all he have gotten a baby mama for hiself I said.

But this guy didn’t listen to me f**ck you. Jason drive in with the b***h sitting down comfortable at the back of his car. Why did you tell this robot to lock the gate I yelled.

Baby am sorry I don’t mean to I don’t allow him to finish his statement before I throw him a dirty slap. You wants to lie go ahead and lie i said. Calm down I didn’t sleep with her knowingly I was drunk he said.

But why don’t you tell me. We ought to trust each other right. But you don’t trust me well enough to tell me.

Thank God you believe me he said. Why won’t I believe you. I believe you. Am sorry I thought you did it willingly I said. And they burst into laughter why are you all laughing.

And you you gat the gut to laugh after trying to destroy my home I said facing the lady.
Hi am Anna Jason cousin she said and burst into another round of laughter.

Am lost I thought you are pregnant for him. Am not. Am only joking and this crazy brother of mine follow up.

Yeah it pay back and I wants to know how you will react Jason said. This is not funny I said.

Hi Anna am Natasha I greet am sorry I couldn’t make it to your marriage because of school. Hope you are good and hope this Coconut head his not disturbing you she said.

And I can help you if you wanna revenge she whisper to my ear that will be great I think I love her already. And you Jason. Your punishment start now Carry my bags and return them to the room.

Make sure you arrange them in the wardrobe and come and make dinner I said and Anna laugh you really love laughing I asked her that’s my hubby she said.

Are you sure this Coconut head can cook she asked. He can or can’t you I asked him but he don’t reply me.


Jason have set up the table he is the one that cook. So let me taste my hubby food I said.

Ok guys let dig in I said and Anna protest if is Jason that cook this food am not eating she said. What’s wrong with his cooking I asked.

He doesn’t know how to cook she said. No my hubby can cook right I asked him but he was just looking like a lost puppy.

I open the plate and found that he only slice raw pepper and onions he even add popcorn inside. What’s this if I told you I don’t know how to cook will you agree with me after all I cooked something he said.

This is cheating I said. He sticks his tongue out for me. Mtcheew I hiss and Anna laugh what did you expect us to eat I will order pizza he said and walk out.

Kim p.o.v

This is one week now Jayden have been laying down lifelessly. This place have been my favorite place since the incident even though I hate hospital alot. Just f****ng stand up I yelled. I told Natasha I love Jason.


Kim why did you wants to kill yourself Natasha asked. It because I love him I replied. That’s not a big deal I also like him alot she said.

You don’t get it I love him. I wish he is my lover I said. Are you kidding me she asked. No I replied you must be crazy how can you be in love with Jayden she yelled it not my fault.

We don’t choose who to love I said and she calm down. For how long have you been in love with him she asked. Before he met you. But you matchmake us she asked. Yeah that’s the least I can do for someone I loved.

She said you are unbelievable she said I give my blessings but that’s if change and I pray he wakes up safely she said. And have been hoping you wake up soon. I felt his hand move and I ran into the doctor office to call him.

Did you think Jayden have woke up comments your thought.

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