Crazy Dancer

Crazy Dancer – Episode 38

She's too perfect

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Crazy Dancer
(She’s too Perfect)

Episode 38

By: Faith Lucky.

Maxine’s Pov:
I looked at him, surprised.

Why’s he asking me such question?

I twitched and tried avoiding his gaze.

“Maxine?” He called and I looked up at him again.

I itched the back of my nape.

Hold on; why’s he really asking me such question?

And…what do I have to say?

Am I really ready for it? Am…I ready to get married?

“Well…it depends” I replied simply and picked up my fork.

“it depends?” He asked.

“Well…normally, I’d want to finish up my education”. I told him and he nods.

“But..what if its the right person? And the right time?” He asked and I itched my nape again.

“The right person? And the right time? Well, if its indeed true, then I’ll get married. I mean, I see no reason not to”.

“Hmm” he hummed and bent towards his food.

He picked at it, gulped down some wine and looked at me again.

“Why didn’t you tell me Rex was here? And he had threaten you with a gun?” He asked and my heart skipped.

Oh my God!!


I looked at him in shock. How the hell did he know?

“S…sir?” I Started helplessly, completely abacked

How did he know? Did Rex confess or what?

“Why did you keep it a secret, Maxine?” He asked again and I swallowed hard.

I paused and bit my lips.
“I’m…I’m sorry. I…I just didn’t want to talk about it” I finally said dolefully.

He stared at me for a while without saying a word and after which, took in more wine and stood up.

“Thanks for your time” he muttered calmly and left.
Ruby’s Pov:
“So, what did she say after that?” Mum asked as we all had dinner in the dinette.

“What do you expect her to say, mum? Aside weeping and all that?” Tammy replied and mum chuckled.

“That little b***h is also annoying. I can’t even fathom the joy she derives being close to Noah. I’ll make sure I make that school a living hell for her till she returns home”,I said loathfully and mum laughed.

“What I don’t understand is why the hell Noah picked interest in her” dad said.
“I think there’s something fishy and I’m determined to find out”.

Hmm. That’s true. What’s their secret?

“By the way mum, is Oscar really coming back tomorrow?” Ruby asked, also reminding me of it.

“Yes, yes, dear. Definitely” mum replied, smiling.

“Awwn! I really can’t wait to see him!” Ruby clapped her hand and said and I smiled.
Noah’s Pov:
I sat in my room, thinking seriously about the whole thing – Maxine.

Judging from her reply, she’s ready to get married now.

Probably, if I ask her about it, she might agree. Right?

I sat in front of the system and watched her lay quietly on the bed.

Hmm. Watching her for the past few days, she seems really cool.

I’ve been monitoring her lifestyle, how she acts even in private and…obviously, I think she’s a nice person.

Well…just in case you’re wondering, this is actually the reason I planted a camera in her room. I wanted to see the kind of person she is even when she’s alone. And so far, I think she’s a nice person.


So…I think this it.

Hold on; would I be doing the right thing? Asking her to marry me?

But…she’s pretty, perfect dancer, lovely and polite; what else do I need huh??


I think this is it.

Maxine is probably the right person for this.

But first, I’ll make her fall in love with me.


I’ll make her fall in love with me; then ask her to marry me.

And I’ll do all these under a couple of days because father’s deadline is fast approaching.

A smile crept into my face as the plan seemed perfect to me.

Suddenly, a knock interrupted my lovely thoughts as I stared at the door.

“Who’s it?” I asked, still on my seat and the door opened slightly, revealing a maid.

“Good evening, sir” she greeted in obeisance.
“Sorry to disturb you, but there’s a strange lady out there requesting to see ma’am Maxine and I decided to alert you first”.


“A strange lady?” I repeated.
“Who’s she?”

“Um..she said her name is Charlene and its urgent”.

Brought to you by Faith Lucky
Love you all

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