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Blind Celebrity – Episode 25

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Written by divine purpose

Xavier and Drake both sat in Xavier’s private studio in his house staring at each other

“Why are you suddenly collaborating with me? Why did you change your mind?” Drake asked with a suspicious look breaking the silence and Xavier folded his arms

“I’m not sure, I’m regretting it now” he said sarcastically and leaned his back on the chair he was sitting “I will make it quick, I’m going to teach the steps in writing good lyrics, You are gonna write the Lyrics yourself then we will record it at the company studio but first we should tell the CEO about our collaboration” Xavier said and Drake scoffed

“Why are you suddenly being nice? It’s scaring me”

“I’m doing this because it won’t be fun if you leave the company, I will have no one to compete with me” Xavier shrugged and handed Drake a notepad and pen “Write down the things I’m about to say now” he cleared his throat and started the teaching

“To write a good Rap lyrics what are the things you need to know; One, you do not need to add Lyrics just because they Rhyme. Many Rappers do make this mistake a lot including You Drake, therefore making your Rap meaningless, you can add lyrics that Rhyme only when needed” Xavier said and Drake glared at him

“Are you here to lecture me or make fun of me?” He asked and Xavier scoffed

“Darn you”

“Two; Good Rap lyrics should have a beginning,middle and End.Tell a story” Xavier paused as Drake wrote it down

“Three; Write about real life and let people relate to your Rap lyrics”

“OK” Drake nod, writing it down

“Four; Add more or less words, change up speed. If you have a lot of words in one line, you will have to let them all so fast so they will all fit in and five; Learn to think of terms of melody”

“Is that all?” Drake asked and Xavier nod
“Yeah, if you can follow the five steps then you will be really good, you can go now that I’m done” he sighed and closed his eyes like he wanted to sleep “Don’t forget to write a good lyrics, Goodluck!!” He added and Drake smiled

“OK, Thank you”
On his way out, he bumped into Camila and immediately things became awkward between them again

“H…hi” Drake mouthed and Camila forced a smile

“Congratulations, you are gonna collaborate with Xavier” Camila said

“Thanks, By the way don’t be awkward with me just because I confessed to you, it won’t make me give up” Drake said staring directly at her

“Drake…Let’s not be like this, You are my friend”

“Why can’t I be the one you love” Drake smirked and Camila sighed

“I love you but you know…… Love can’t be the same” She said and Drake clenched his fist

“Alright then, I’m going” he said and walked out like an heartbroken person

Camila walked to Xavier’s room with two cans of non-alcoholic drink

He was sitting on the bed comfortably playing games on his phone and eating Fried chicken

“You look too comfortable for a guy who will be releasing a song soon” She said and sat beside him

“I don’t have to worry, Drake is gonna write the Lyrics and I’m just gonna Edit it”

“And after that??”

“We will record the song and shoot a music video” Xavier said as Camila opened the can drink and placed it beside the fried chicken he was eating

“I can’t wait to finish my final exams so that I could go on a date with you” Camila said and Xavier caressed her hair

“Don’t worry, I promise you we are gonna go on date together” Xavier said and Camila nod
She stood up after drinking her drink to go to her room when Xavier stopped her by holding her wrist

“What is it?” She asked
“Let’s sleep together tonight” he said and shifted a little creating space for her on the bed

“Why should I?”
“C’mon, be a romantic girlfriend for once” Xavier whined, making gesture for her to lay on the bed

“OK, if you insist” Camila said and laid on it but a little bit far from Xavier

“Come closer” Xavier whispered
“I’m okay this way” Camila replied without moving an inch then Xavier decided to move closer to her instead

“I’m going to sleep” Camila said and closed her eyes

Xavier rested his head on his hand and continued to stare at her with a smile on his face

“Cute” he said and Camila opened her eyes
“I said you are cute” He repeated and Camila scoffed

“Go to bed, you are going to busy from tomorrow” Camila said trying her best to make him fall asleep but he just won’t fall for it

“Don’t worry about me, I’m okay just by staring at your face” he said and Camila grinned

“Then let’s stare at each other instead, it will be fun than you staring at me alone” Camila said as they both stared at each other without saying a word

Of course it was becoming uncomfortable for Camila
She stopped staring and wanted to take her eyes another direction when Xavier stopped her head with his hand

He slowly moved his eyes from her face and then to her lips
He placed his lips on hers as Camila slightly grabbed his shirt nervously

It wasn’t the first time but this time, She was feeling so nervous than the first time

She slowly closed her eyes as Xavier bit her lower lips and their tongues fought for dominance, Sliding against each other

Xavier removed his lips and looked at her

“Good night” She said and covered her with the duvet while he also laid back on the bed and covered himself


The next morning……..

Camila opened her eyes in his room just as expected tho
She saw him in front of the mirror brushing and styling his hair
He was already dressed up, seems like he was going to the company

“Are we going somewhere?” Camila asked stretching and rubbing her eyes, A sign she just woke up

“You are awake, You slept for long, I thought I was gonna wait for you like forever” Xavier said opening the drawer of his dressing mirror, he brought a small box and sat beside her

“What’s this?” Camila asked and Xavier opened it

Inside it was a silver couple bracelet
“Its a couple bracelet” Camila smiled

“Yeah” Xavier said and wore one on her wrist while he wore the second on his wrist

“Do you like it?” He asked and Camila nod
“Yes, I like it so much that I think I’m gonna cry” She said staring at it with so much interest and love

“As from now on, when u see this Bracelet, I will always think of you so…when you also see the bracelet you should also think of me” Xavier said holding her hand

“Ok, I will always think of you Xavier…. I like you so much” Camila said and Xavier smiled

“Me too” He said and kissed her forehead


Next episode sentence preview……

“Be with me even if turns out I am a real jerk”

“But I like you a lot”

“Will you still be on the side of a guy who chose his manager over you?”

“I am not going to give up anymore, I made up my mind”

“He’s not who you think he is”

“Am I really your girlfriend?”

“How can love change so easily”

“I will never forgive you”


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