Two months with Mr Rude

Two Month With Mr Rude – Episode 43

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Two Months with Mr Rude
(Claire, warm my bed for money)

Written by Uche Lawrence
© Youngicee Stories

Chapter Forty-Three
She lay lifelessly on the floor. Thinking she was dead, they left her but not without burying her.

She was buried alive unknowingly.
Anthony, Mike’s uncle was determined to get Mike but couldn’t find. He mustn’t appear one day to destroy what he has planned for.

Mike grew up to hate his mother for leaving him out there thats dangerous.

“You need to quickly go now. Ju..just take the left route, it will take you out of the street.” Anita quickly said as Mike get closer to them.

“Okay, bye. Let’s see another day.” Mrs Philip nodded and turned back to look at her son ine more time before running out of Anita’s sight.

She can’t just face her son right now.

Hunter looked out of the window for some seconds to see Claire and his brother.
She was trying to make her brother get up from the wheelchair he is. Trying to make him walk properly.

“Is this how you love someone that you could do anything to make him/her happy?” He mumbled and sighed.
He once loved someone that means everything apart from his mom.
But he was betrayed.
Well, he is not gonna dig up the past again.

Tracy. Feels so good he hasn’t been dreaming of her for almost a month now.
He got rest. Then, he gets tired of hearing same words in his dream. The way Tracy screamed.
“I don’t wanna think about this at all. No, not all.” He shook his head, trying to block the image of him and Tracy together.
Those memories they shared together. But death to her away and he was to blame.

“Why did you do this to me? Why?”
“Come, I’m taking you with me.”** Said Tracy.

He bent down beside the bed and held his head.
“I hate to feel this. Tracy, I didn’t do anything wrong to you. I’m not the one. Argh! I’m actually going crazy.” He growled.

Images of Tracy on top of the car bathed with blood all over her. The way her eyes watered when she looked at him with a small smile.
The way her chest went up and down heavily.
“I’m sorry, Hunter. I love you so much. I mean, we love you so much.” She sniffed as she touched her stomach gently rubbing it slowly.

“Tracy?! You….you’re pregnant? Why didn’t you tell me? Damn! How could you do this? How could you?! No!!! We gotta move you to the hosp……” He cried.
She didn’t tell him that she’s pregnant for him. But it was too late.

“No, sweetheart. I’m sorry. I ca…can’t breathe anymore. Hunter, please don’t blame yourself for this. No matter what.” Tracy looked up at him one last time, they were holding hands but a second later, Tracy’s hand felt cold and dropped from his. She breathed her last breath.

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