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(The Prophecy)


Bianca put on the yellow printed gown that was given to her as a palace maid. Jasper was filled with joy when the Queen asked him to make all of the new slaves palace maid that will be better for her than she working on the farm now he will give her all the full attention she needed.

Bianca and Jasper walk side by side as he was leading to the palace maid quarters they stopped on their track as she turn facing him.

“I promised you that you will be fine here all you just have to do is working here in the palace he said holding her hands.

“thanks for caring about me she said getting nervous as he continue holding her hands.

“I will do anything just to make sure you are fine because you are now my piority he told her.

“she doesn’t know what that statements mean to him but she knew their is much to that. how did I become a slave she asked one of the questions that have been bothering her.

“he was silent for some seconds because he was not expecting such question from her and he can’t tell her the truth because it will only make her to hate him. your parents were found dead in a thick forest leaving you alone in the midst of wild animals we saved you and make you a slave here. he lied to her.

“Bianca felt very bittered after hearing from Jasper every of his words hurts her as she try not to burst into tears.

“are they slaves came her soft voice as she was trying to fight back the tears that is about coming.

“yes they are slaves and they tried to escape from Mubana kingdom but they were killed along the way leaving you alone and in the process of escaping you hit your head on a rock. that’s how you lost your memory he lied.

“I felt my heart tearing in to thousands pieces anytime I looked at you and realized that you can’t remember the love we share together anymore he told putting on a pretending face.

“are we lovers she asked avoiding eyes contact with him because she can’t imagine them being lovers.

“yes we are lovers he lied confidently. I felt bad each day I see you with out the memory of the good time we share together but I promise to help you regain your memory he said still holding her hands.

Bianca only stood there in shock as she couldn’t comprehend all what he was saying how can they be lovers and her heart didn’t leap or beat anytime she is around him. even if she lost her memory at least they could be a spark or something that connects them together.

“but you don’t need to worry much we can start over our love life until when you regain your memory he said when he sees the worried look on her face.

she only nodds her head as she removed her hands from his own hand. I get going now she said no longer comfortable with the atmosphere.

“go and rest tonight we see tomorrow he said to her.

she walk steadily away from him as he just stood there looking at her he was very happy with himself that he has convinced her that they are lovers at least he can now start a relationship with her and able to poure out his feelings towards her.

Bianca Walk steadily towards the slave quarters it late at night and all the slaves are retiring to bed she opened the door at her front immediately the door crack opened thousands of eyes was found staring at her she was unable to move her feet as she just stood there in surprised at how their eyes were roaming around her she wanted to close the door back when a lovely voice stopped her.

“Hi my name is Sandra she introduced herself you welcome to the slave quarters she said smiling at her warmly.

“thank you I am Natasha. Bianca introduced herself she was happy that at least she finally found someone to bail her out from this thousands of eyes staring at her.

“come let go from now on we shall be sleeping together she said as she hold Bianca’s hand and lead her to another smaller.

Bianca take a better look at her environment it a very big house with different smaller rooms in it. some maids are two three or four in each small room.

“don’t worry about those eyes staring at you they’re just admiring your beauty because you are very beautiful he told her as they got into a small while she spread a mat on the floor for them to sleep on.

“so tell me about the royal family here Bianca told her as they both sit on the floor.

” The royal family of Mubana kingdom was once a happy one until when the only princess was gone missing since then the family become a very sad one most especially the prince she said and pause to look into Biancat eyes which are looking at her in attention to all what she was saying.

“tell me about the prince she said getting more interested.

” well the prince hate every single slaves in Mubana kingdom especially the female ones because his kingdom was betrayed by slaves long time ago. so no slaves dare go closer to him except she is ready to die early because he doesn’t care about the life of any slaves she said sadly.

“what about the king she asked.

” he is very sick now and don’t usually comes out prince Alfred always take care of everything in the kingdom.

“that’s enough for today let have some rest we have lots of work to do tomorrow because princess Alicia we be coming tomorrow morning she told Bianca.

“who is Alicia Bianca manage to asked because Sandra is about to sleep.

she is prince Alfred betrothed she answered already feeling sleepy as she yorned don’t worry I will tell you more next time she told her as she closed her eyes tiredly.

“good night Bianca replied as a smile curved on her lips for the first time she lay beside her as she struggle to catch up some sleep.


prince Alfred turn from side to side on his king size bed as he try to catch some sleep which are not coming. well this is how most of his night have been since the missing of his only sister for the past four years he has not able to catch good sleep. at times he will wake up at a middle of the night that is how he will remain awake till the following morning because he couldn’t catch a good sleep as everything that happened four years ago keep coming to his head.

he stood up from his bed he put on his sandals as he walk out from his room quitly. most of the servants are asleep except some guards who are still awake they bow their head in honor as he walk pass each of them standing on a road, they’re not surprised seeing the prince late that night because that his usual way of coming out every night.

the prince walk towards the last door that we finally leads him outside the palace compound so he can get some fresh air. he was still walking when he sighted a body sleeping on the floor at his right hand he moved carefully and saw an old woman on the floor who happens to be Jeffrey grandmother then his faced curved in to a frown.

was she serious when she said she won’t leave the palace until she sees her grandson then a smile crept in his face when he remembered always telling his mum that he won’t rest until he found his missing sister. he stare as her in wonder because even at her old age she has courage, patience and perseverance.

he tap her gently on her arms as she woke up immediately observing her surrending then her eyes landed on prince Alfred who was just looking at her.

my prince good evening she greeted rubbing her eyes with her hands.

“am surprised that you are still here that’s show how eager you are to see your son he squat beside her.

“yes and I am sorry for every offence my son commite she apologized on Jeffery behalf. I begged you tamper judgement with mercy she pleaded.

“their is nothing I can do, I can’t go back on my words because I have already pass on my judgement on him he said but that won’t stop you from seeing your son tomorrow I will personally take you to him he spoke softly to somebody for the first time.

“thank you so much she manage to say feeling a little bit relief that he will see his son tomorrow.

“stand up let me take you to where you can rest properly he said helping her to stand up. he doesn’t know why he was feeling this soft to her well maybe she reminded him of his self how courageous he is as a prince.

Brought to you by authoress Bukky blinks.

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  1. I just hope Bianca will be alright, cause Alicia might be jealous after seeing how beautiful she is.

  2. That was very kind of prince Alfred
    But Alicia coming to the palace,I just hope she doesn't pick on Bianca

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