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(The Prophecy)
By Bukky Victoria


The boy that was arrested in the market was brought to the curt so prince Alfred can pass on his judgement on him. prince Alfred sat on his chair calmly as he go through all the accusations on the boy then he asked his guards to go and bring the boy from the dungeon.

two guards dragged him in as they pushed him to go on his knees roughly.

“what your name prince Alfred asked staring at him.

“Jeffrey, my name is Jeff he answered looking into the prince eyes.

“you don’t look into my eyes when I am talking to you except you want your eyes plucked off he warned him in a rigid voice and immediately he bend his head down.

“did you have any evidence concerning the allegations on him he asked those that brought him.

“yes my lord a man answered he went out and returned with two elderly women. this are the witness he said as the two women bowed in respect to the prince.

“what did you have to say concerning the case he asked the two women.

“my lord we saw her stealing money from people’s purse and bag they answered as they narrated how they saw him stealing money.


Jasper sat very close to Bianca where she was lying down with her eyes closed. immediaty Bianca faint he was quickly informed on what happened to her and without wasting time he left whatever he was doing to attend to her.

he took her hand and hold it tenderly he promised to take care of every of her needs but here she is looking so weak and sick and he couldn’t do anything. he use one of his hands to caress her long hair as he stare at her passionately hoping she could just open her eyes. sundely Bianca open her eyes slowly as she stare at Jasper quietly.

“hey, how are you feeling Jasper said as she tried to sit up.

just relaxed you need enough rest he said helping her to sleep back.

“I felt very weak and tired she said in a faint voice.

” don’t worry you will be fine. I am sorry for not checking on you I was very busy.

“I don’t want to go back to that field please the work there is much for me please don’t let them take me back there she cried.

“don’t worry I will see what I can do about it everything will be fine he said trying to calm her down.

“what is your name she asked him staring at him.

” Jasper he answered as a smile crept through his face he was happy that she is now having interest on him.

**queen Maltida was in her room with her three personal maid as they were helping her to braid her hair then their was a slight knock on the door. as two servants entered and bowed their heads immediately.

“your highness three more slaves her found dead today again they report to her.

” have you informed the prince about it he said to them.

” no he is very busy in the curt that why we decide to inform you about it they said.

” go and dispose their body and tell Jasper that I seek his presence in my chamber now she ordered.

Jasper was informed to come to the Queen’s chamber immediately. he promised Bianca that he will come back soon to check on.

Tasha, I have something important to attend to in the Queen’s chamber now I will come back to check on you soon he said to Bianca as hold her hands in assurance.

“I will be waiting for you she answered him weakly. Jasper stood up and follow them to the Queen’s chamber immediately.

“go and get raid of the Dead body of those slaves and I want you to summoned all the females among the new slaves you brought because we need more slaves inside the palace since some of the palace maids are dying and sick.

“I will do just that your highness he said as he was feeling a lot ofjoy inside of him this will be a very good opportunity for him to bring Bianca in to the palace working in the field will cause a lot of damages to her.

“Jeffrey, what did you have to say about all the accusations placed on you he asked facing him then he stood up from his chair and walked closer to her. and what are you doing in the top class of the market because they said you were caught their.

“I am sorry your majesty I was only looking for money to use in buying my grandmother drugs she is very sick he said timidly.

“so all the accusations lead on you are true he asked.

” ye….yes Jeff stammered.

“and why are you hiding your gender prince Alfred said as he removed the wig Jeffrey used in covering his hair that makes him look like a girl. all the people in the Curt didn’t believe what they’re seeing nobody suspect that he is a girl how did the prince know they mumred among themselves.

“take off his clothes he ordered and immediately all of Jeffrey clothes were removed leaving him on his inner wear alone.

“Jeffrey you are found quilty in three aspect one because you disquse your self like a girl, two you entered the top class of the market while you are just a low class three you stole someone’s money. my judgement goes like this you will be working in the palace as a servant from now on you have been stripe off of all your birth right from now on you shall work in this palace all through your life he commanded and went back to his seat.

my prince please I need to take care of my sick grandmother he cried.

“take him away the prince order not minding his pleading.

” announce his case to all the villagers because this should be a warning to everyone that stealing and bad living is not allowed here in Mubana kingdom. no low class family should be found among the top class family he instructed his servants and walk out of the curt with his guards following him behind.

prince Alfred haven’t walk for long when he started hearing an old woman’s voice from outside, he turned his back and found her strugglig with the guards as she tried to enter the palace.

“let her in he said with a deep voice and immediately they let the old woman in.

“your highness please have mercy on my grandson he is not a bad son please she pleaded and go on her knees immediately.

“your son commite a great offence and should be punished as expected go home and rest because I have already pass on my judgement and I will never go back on my words he told her not minding her old age.

“my prince this is not how you are or was brought up don’t allow the things of the past to get over you or control you she said and immediaty he stopped on his track as he was about going.

“it is only the past that can teach us on how to tackle with the present or future he said angrily.

“I won’t leave here until I see my grandson she said not afraid of the prince because all she care about now is the well being of the only person she have left on earth.

“suit yourself he scoff , you can only see him tomorrow when you are tired staying on the bare floor you will find your way home he said and walk out angrily.

prince Alfred have been a bittered person since he lost his only sister and was betrayed by the single person he ever loved. he lives his life the way he pleases him not minding about other people’s feelings or opinion.

Brought to you by authoress Bukky Blinks.

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