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(The Prophecy)
By Bukky Victoria


Sir Morris ordered Jasper to take Bianca out of the room to where other slaves are kept because the prince will be coming back the following day as he had said before going. because he don’t want their little secret of them treating a slave to link because the prince is a smart person and he might find out if he comes back, sir Morris don’t want anything that will stop his relationship with the royal family.

Jasper entered the room that Bianca was kept he saw seated on the floor with her head down. he quickly rushed to her and put her head on his lap only to see her face swollen and red due to much crying.

“hey why are you crying he asked feeling concerned about her.

” why has no one come to check on me? who am I and didn’t I have a family she asked him.

“don’t worry I will tell you what you need to know but for now you need to get better and don’t think that know one care about you I am here and I care a lot about you he said smiling at her.

“but I felt rejected and lonely she burst into another fresh cry.

” no don’t say that you are not alone he told and use his thumb to clean off her tears.

” what is my name she asked looking into his eyes.

” your name is Natasha but I will call you Tasha he lied. your name is as beautiful as you are he said caressing her cheeks to clean her tears.

“thanks for caring about me she said smiling.

” promise me that you will inform me if any one treat you bad or if you are in need of help he said.

“yes I promise to tell you anything that bothers me she said and nodding her head”.

stand up let get you out of here he said and hold her to carry up as they both come out of the room walking side by side chatting.

Bianca was given a slave dress which was brown in color because she will be walking in the farming and mining sector.

late that night she was taken to the place she was to sleep. on getting there she couldn’t believe her eyes both male and female are sleeping in the same room on the bare floor. most of the slaves her are looking tired, pale, and has different injuries around their body. is this the kind of life she have been living or will start living now she felt a cold shiver around her body as they were sleeping very tight around their selves in the little space they could find. no she doesn’t belong here this is not the kind of life she have she said to herself and she hope that everything will go back to normal when she will finally recover her memory.


A drop of water on Bianca’s face woke her from the sleep she just manage to get followed by another bowl of water that made her to sprang up from the tiny spot she was able to lay her head on.

“don’t you know that we have busy days ahead, next time you allow me to come and get you before you wake up I won’t use water on you again but a cane he said as he hold her roughly on his wrist.”

” let me go Bianca whimper in pain you are hurting me.

“I haven’t started with you yet because it seems like you are a spoilt brat I will make sure I destroy all this your beauty he said holding her tighter.

“you are just a slave like me so you don’t have any write to treat me this way she said struggling to free herself.

“don’t ever dear talk to me anyhow I am your Superior he said getting pissed off as he gave a hard slap across her face which send Bianca falling down on her butt”.

” every one to the field he commanded all the slaves as they marched out of the room one after the other leaving him alone with Bianca.

“don’t you dare talk back at me ever again this is just a little of what I will do to you and follow me to the field now he commanded with anger in his voice as Bianca followed him steadily.

later that day the prince arrived with three of his guards out of four that he went with. he ordered for Jasper to come and give him his details on his journey to get slaves.

Jasper been thinking about Bianca all through the day he wondered what she might be passing through because he knew working in the field is a very hard work for someone like Bianca he wish he can see her now and tell her how much he missed her.

he have been busy with the prince as he tells him the details on how he got most of the slaves except Bianca part of the story that he picked her by the river side. he remembered seeing her by the river side that day, she was wearing a armless blue gown and she was already floating as she has drank too much water but thank heaven they’re able to save her.

Jasper have made up his mind not to let anyone know about how he found Bianca and that she has a memory lost. he is going to give her a new story about her past he is going to make her believe they are lovers he will creat a new story to her and she will fall greatly in love with him. Bianca gown and locket that represents her past life was locked up in a room that all the properties of the slaves are been kept once they get to Mubana kingdom. be don’t want her to remember her past because he believed she must have gone through a lot for her to be in such thick forest and she must have come from a very wealthy family due to how she looks.

**Bianca is looking so tired and exhausted from all the work she have been doing under the sun, her hands are swollen and red due to the too much she have been doing. are stomach is already crying for food because she haven’t eaten anything since morning her legs are shaking due to how much she have stressed her self. she look around her and see most of the slaves still working. she just wish Jasper is here to help her out because she is loosing it already she doubt if she can stay longer in this. but why hasn’t him come to check on her she thought getting worried. she can’t continue with this any longer she have to rest else she won’t survive this she slowly find a place to rest as she sat on the floor resting. she hasn’t seat for 30 seconds when she sighted Cassie coming to her direction with whip on his hand be she could attempt to get up from where she was sitting he have already gotten to where she was sitting down. she wanted to begged him to let her rest for a little while but he didn’t let allow her to say a word as he wipe her with the whip he was holding immediately she collapse on the floor with her eyes closed because their is no strength left on her again. the slaves that was watching the scene started murmering among their selves because they’re not sure if she will be given any treatment.

Brought to you by authoress Bukky blinks.

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    1. Jasper must be selfish for him to have such thought in mind

      He should just let her know the truth about how they met.

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