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The Billionaire’s P.A – Episode 88

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💪🏽{He’s Arrogant and Rude, She’s Clumsy and Feisty}💪🏽
Written By Author Bella✍🏽

© Youngicee Stories

I was in his arms for so long until his phone started ringing which made him put me down on my feet while I redress myself.

That was the same moment I realize I was wearing two different types of shoe.

On the left hand side, I was wearing a flat while on the right and side, I was wearing the normal flop I do wear inside my house.

I can’t believe I am actually wearing an ordinary big top and there’s nothing underneath aside my panties, it’s even Edward own.

No wonder he as been secretly blushing ever since I arrived, he must have thought of something else for me to wear these.

Let not even talk of how my hair looks like presently with the way Edward has added his own to it, am very sure people might think we has a long rough s*x.

sh*t, s*x? Gosh, oh my goodness. I can’t believe am actually been naughty and dirty minded right now.

These shouldn’t be what my mind should be thinking about at this moment. Come to think of it, it been long I have a man member in-between my legs.

Absent mindedly, I have been eye raping Edward as he rock from on his toe talking to whoever is it that called while licking my lips.

“Elena!” I heard Edward yelled making me look at him with a raised eyebrows.

“Don’t tell me you have undress me in your mind already, tell me how dose it look? “He asked wiggling his brows While my cheek raise up and turn red.

” What look? “I asked trying to Change the topic While I turn away from him.

“You know better than anyone not to turn your back to me especially in this tempting dress you wore because I might just decide to spank your ass. ”

He said running his large smooth palm on my butt then he spanked it making me yelp, not in pain but because I was not prepared neither do I even know he could do that.

I thought he was only joking when he was saying it, I never thought he was serious about spanking my ass

“You should get changed.” He said making me turn around to look at him while rubbing my butt.

“Why?” I asked with a smile on my face.

“Because I don’t want other people looking at what belongs to me. “He said making be pour out roar of laughter’s.

Like I can’t believe he is being jealous right now, if he doesn’t want other men to look at me, he should have told me to dress well instead of making it seems like he was being kidnapped.

“You should have warned me ahead when you called instead of making all seems like you were being kidnapped. “I said rolling my eyes.

” I aren’t going to change into anything, you made me like this so deal with it.” I said.

“Then people might think we just finished a hot sex. “He said making me choke on my spit. Hell no.

” Fine. “I said dragging the gown from his hand while I walk into the dressing room to change.

Only God knows why he wants me to dress this elegantly, I thought staring at the beautiful side slit deep sweet heart neck cut green with a rope backless gown in my hands… TBC

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