Prince Triton

Prince Triton – Prologue

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Prince Triton
(Merman in love)


Have you ever heard of a merman in love with a human?

Here is Triton a prince for that matter. He fell in love with a diver who loves going to the sea both day and night.

Princess moana was one of the daughters of Neifion a sea god and wanwisa a sea goddess from the Aegean Sea .

She was sent away from the sea for three years as a punishment for breaking one of the greatest rules.

After three years, she was expected to come back but she didn’t.

Arianna is a crazy diver who loves the sea so much, she lives by the sea shore but no one knew a house was there.

She goes in to the sea to take pearls and all sorts of jewels to sell. she’s a silent billionaire.

But do you know she has a secret?

let find out what rule moana broke and Arianna’s secret.

Story by uche Lawrence

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