Prince Triton

Prince Triton – Episode 3

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Prince Triton
(Merman in love)

Written by uche Lawrence

Episode 3

__Prince Triton’s pov__

“Triton, when you are through come to the throne room, we need to discuss something important ” My father said, as she stood up.

I got up immediately I was through with my food and went to meet my father, he was sitting on his throne with anger all over his face.

“Father, what’s it? ” I asked, as he looked up to my face.

“Oh you are here! sit down, I have something to discuss with you ” he answered, AMD o sat down next to him.

“The new king Axenus from the black sea sent his sea warriors to us, that he wants the throne ” His eyes were cold.

“Throne? which throne? The only throne we have here is the one you are sitting on , so I don’t understand ” I said, a little confused.

“That’s it exactly, he wants the throne am sitting on, he wants to rule over blue sea ”

“He wants to rule this place? After that what will happen to you and your people? ”

“I can’t give him the throne foolishly, he wants war and we are ready for that ” He responded.

‘ I can’t believe that greedy devil has his eyes on my father’s throne, have known him since childhood as a greedy person.

And I won’t take take that from him ‘

“Father, he’s not going to do anything. He will never sit on this throne ” He nodded and dismissed me.

Abry had gone home and promised to come back tomorrow. I lay on my clam and began thinking of the beauty I saw today.

A smile appeared on my lips immediately.

__King Axenus’s pov__

“What did he say when you delivered the message? ” I asked, smiling evilly.

‘I want that throne, I want everyone to bow for me. if they aren’t going to give me what I want, am going to take it by force ‘

“He said no, he can’t leave the throne for a greedy man like you ” one of the messengers said.

“Are you saying that am greedy? ” I said, feeling angry already.

“No my lord! He said that ” He was trembling immediately.

‘Yeah, I love it when people fear me’

“Guards! take him to the dungeon and lock him up for three days without food ” I yelled.

The guards came and took him away “My lord! I didn’t say that, he was the one who said that ” he was pleading but I turned deaf ears.

Arianna’s pov

I woke up yawning, the sun has risen and it so bright. I took a fresh bath and walked to the kitchen to prepare breakfast for myself and my dog.

I ate toast bread and tea with my pet, I got out of the house, my hair was playing with the breeze so well.

I removed my clothes remaining my blue pant and bra.

‘ I know what you are thinking, yeah, am going for swimming in the sea again ‘

‘Crazy right? I almost got devoured by a shark and now am going back there ‘

I have two reasons. First, I want to see Prince Charming again and the second reason, I will tell you later.

I dive in, looking round if I could sight him. I kept swimming in different directions, having fun with the Pisces there.

I felt a huge hand tapping me on my shoulder. I turned and saw

“Prince Charming!! ” he was smiling widely.

‘seriously? smiling at me? ‘

“Hi ” His voice shook me.

‘What a baritone voice! ‘

I waved my hand, with a big smile on my face. He swam towards me and touched my blonde hair, then my lips.

‘I think there’s heat in this sea. Serious heat ‘

“You’re a beautiful human ” He said, but I was mute in surprise.

His gaze went down to my lips. ‘f**k! I hope is not what am thinking ‘

He held my waist closer to himself and we both stared into each other ‘s eyes. His eyes were sparkling in the sun’s direction.

And.. and… and I felt his lips on mine unexpectedly.

‘My first kiss with a merman!! Was my lips really attractive that he had to kiss it? ‘

I can’t believe this. let me leave that aside and do my duty.

I kissed him back opening my mouth as his tongue slide in. I felt his warm tongue on mine, his lips taste sweet like honey or let me say sweet like my tooth paste.

I wrapped my legs around his torso and we continued kissing.

“Triton!! Triton!! ” I heard someone called and saw his second. ‘His name is Triton! ‘

“Your father is looking for you!! ” His eyes widened at the mention of his father.

He most have feared his father. He turned back to me and said “let meet here tomorrow ”

He quickly said and followed the enemy of progress

I kissed a merman! I kissed a merman!


who is this Axenus ganself? Arianna well-done oo

Story by uche Lawrence

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