Pregnant For The CEO

Pregnant For The CEO – Episode 40

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Pregnant For The CEO
(From a stripteaser to a wife)
Written by Uche Lawrence
© Youngicee Stories.
Episode 40

Janice watched in awe. She suddenly bursted into tears.
“Tanner, why are you doing this to me?” She asked in tears.

“Don’t you miss me? Come on! You should miss me! You should love me back!? Even if you have any other woman apart from me?” She arched her brow.

“Whatever your mission is here, just go back home. Why are you here in the first place?” He asked.

This time, he got up from his seat to face her with my arms folded. He tilted his head, waiting for an answer.

“Tanner, you know I still love you. Just give me a chance to prove my self. We can’t just forget about each other like that cause we broke up. We can still come back together.
Tanner, what’s wrong with you? Stop giving me this silent treatment.”

“Janice, out of my office now!” He growled and pointed the way out to her. “Get out before I lose my temper. I’m not in a good mood” Tanner mumbled the last part.

“Fine! I will leave! But I’m coming back for you darling. Janice loves you so much.” She took her bag, walked closer to him and pecked him on the cheek.
“See you next time”She whispered and left the office.

“Damn!” He roared. “What the hell is she planning?”
He ignored and went back to his seat.

“I need to see Hayley though.”
He mumbled before going through his works.


Janice stepped out of the company and cleaned her eyes well again.
“I can’t believe I ruined my makeup cause of this fake tears I shed in there. Damn you, Tanner.

Now I see why you haven’t been cooperating well while we were still in a relationship. You’re seeing that b*tch behind my back till you finally got her pregnant. I will make you pay.” She sneered and dip her hand into her bag to bring out her phone.

“Hey! Get ready to do your job. I want a clean job with no trace.” She said over the phone before hanging up.

She looked at the company one more time before leaving.

Mason opened the car door and just as he was about to enter, he saw a figure outside his gate.

“Who’s there?” He asked, staring at the human standing in the dark.

“Mason.” A soft voice called.
The lady turned with a smile on her lips. A devilish smile. “You miss me?” She chuckled.


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