Mafia's Girl

Mafia’s Girl – Episode 8

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Mafia’s Girl

Written By Authoress Dammy

Chapter 08

Gwen stare at Isabella like she had gone mad, okay Isabella just told her best friend of her plan of running away, she expected her to at least help her or even encourage her and not the look she’s giving her right now.

“How many death do you want on your conscience? Luca is going to kill Anthonio and for what? You know he’s going to come after you! Where will you run to? And if the Russians find you… I don’t want to talk about many things that would go wrong” Gwen snapped.

“Russians? Who are they? Are they also in the so called business Luca is into?” She asked having no idea what her best friend was talking about.

Gwen sigh. “I know what you need to clear your head, a night partying! It’s been so long since we went to the club together and don’t worry Mrs. Valentino would cover up for us while we are gone and before you know it, we would be back before your husband”

“Don’t you dare call that Monster my husband” Isabella warned as she stood up, Gwen was right maybe a night of partying at the club would clear her head, she needed a drink.

“I’m in” Isabella agreed which earn a smile from her friend.


The club Gwen had choose for them to go to was hell packed with crowd, not that she mind after all she was here to do was get drunk and forget her problems, approaching the bar attender she demanded.

“Give me right shots” That should do.

Gwen laughed but made no move to stop her. ” Go easy on that drink okay? I will be in the crowd grinding against a hot fellow” She said and walk off which made Isabella chuckled and rolled her eyes.

She missed all those times too, tears stung her eyes but she blinked it back, tonight wasn’t a night made of crying, tonight she was going to get drunk.

To her surprise no guy approached her in fact they avoided her, Isabella was thankful for that, she wouldn’t want Luca killing more people, *her father* the tears she had been fighting so hard for hit her and she quickly gulp down four glasses of shot in one goal.

The bar attender gave her a strange look but didn’t say anything.

Standing up from the stool Isabella stroll down in the club in search of a restroom, she only drank four shot out if eight and she couldn’t even walk properly, having no idea where she had wondered off too, Isabella look around the queit area she had walked into, a small sound could be heard like someone was in pain or not.

*What if the person is actually in pain? This is a club after all and a place guys could take advantage of a girl* grabbing a long stick she saw at the corridor she match towards the door of which look like an office, as she got closer the sound only get louder and actually turned into a scream.

Despite her heart drumming against her chest, despite her brain warning her, Isabella open the door and gave a startled scream of her own as she stare at the open scene before her!



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