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( The badass orphan and the Playboy)

By Three star

Rated 18+

Episode 8

The next day.

Natasha p.o.v

I dressed up waiting for Jason in the living room. Have packed my luggages yesterday with the help of Kim. He said he is coming to pick me.

Shortly after we heard a car horn I think that’s Jason let me go and open the door for him I said.

Don’t bother I will help you out go and get your bags in the room she said. I met Jason laughing and chatting with Kim in the sitting room. Hi I said but he didn’t replied he started moving closer to me and peck my cheeks morning babe.

What’s that for I asked is the part of the game he said then smile at me. Let start the practical from here so you won’t be surprised if I do that in public he said.

He help me with my luggages and open the car door like a perfect gentle man he got into the driver seat and drove off. I hope I don’t make the wrong choice by accepting to this game.


We got into his compound or should I say mansion. Thank goodness, I have time to drool as I like today. Can you please take me round the house I asked Jason. Sure he replied.

As we walk hand in hand. I haven’t seen this type of house in real life. I only saw them in movies this guy is super rich I thought. We got to were we parked the car Jason my luggages. I asked the guards have take it in he said.

We get into the sitting room. I saw a lady sitting comfortable on the chair she didn’t see us but we saw her. Is time to act Jason whisper to me.

Who is she I asked. She’s a b***h I want you to put her in her place he said.

Hi am Natasha. Who are you She didn’t replied me she was just glaring dangers at me. Babe who is this and why is she sitting down comfortable in our living room. Cause I knew she’s not one of your family.

She’s my secretary he said holding my waist. Jason why are you lying just tell her am your wife to be. What I asked laughing you must be joking. Wife in foot I even thought you are one of his maid.

Babe what’s she talking about I asked Jason. See look here Natasha or what is your name am pregnant for him. She said and brought the results from her bag.

Jason stare at the results. Babe what’s the meaning of this I asked. I can explain you better explain. And you are you in any relationship with him before this pregnancy. Nope she replied then you are nothing but a b***h. Don’t think you have seen husband cause am very sure my love here can’t marry you.

You aren’t his taste. Babe meet me in the room and make sure I don’t meet this b***h here if I come down. I don’t even know any place here am doom. I need to wait for him at the stairs.

How’s Natasha acting


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