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Instagram Slvt – Episode 4

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( The badass orphan and the Playboy)

By Three star

Episode 4


Are you a virgin I asked her again. I don’t know why she will be behaving like a virgin. I don’t have the intention of forcing her again. But I need to disturb her. Is she not a b***h or have i suddenly become ugly. I continue moving closer to her. She kicked me in the forbidden area which makes me growl in pain.

I will have struggled her by noe but she’s lucky I don’t beat woman. Am sure she doesn’t know who I am. Did you know who I am I asked Moving closer to her. Who are you? She asked moving closer to a table. The next thing I felt a bottle on my head and I blacked out.

Natasha P.o.v

I don’t even Know what came over me I hit a bottle on his head and he blacked out. What have I done. I have killed him. I ran as fast as my leg could carry me for help.

I don’t have the mind to run away after all I did it for self defense. I went to the receptionist. Help I shout. They rush in and carry him to the hospital not without calling the cops on me am doom.

I put a call across to Kim to make her Know have land myself in trouble. 5minutes later she’s here I don’t know how she makes it. Natasha what happen why are you here, I killed someone I reply crying. What !!! who did you kill that guy I went with yesterday. What Mr Jason. Who is Jason I asked. Nevermind she said. Miss your time is up the cops told Kim and take me away for interrogation.

Miss what did you do to Mr Jason Williams the cop asked. What don’t tell me is the famous billionaire I killed. I shouldn’t have killed him now am doomed. The cop hit his hand on the table which makes me jack up in fear. Am talking to you miss he said sorry I do that for self defense. I shouldn’t have go with him. Just pray Mr Jason make it. If not you are died.

Jason p.o.v

I woke up feeling pain all over my body. Where am i. I asked no one in particular just then the doctor come in. That’s when the memory of last night rush into my head. Since when have been here I asked.

Yesterday sir he replied. Whaaaaaat!!!
Were is the lady that hit me with bottle I asked the doctor. She is with the cops he replied. I need to go. But sir we haven’t discharged you, you still need some rest. How’s that your business I removed the drip from my hand and put a call across to my driver and went out they dare not stopped me cause they don’t want to loose there job.

I got into the station and request to see Natasha. She look miserable her eyes were swollen which means she has been crying since yesterday. I felt pity for her. Am sorry sir I don’t mean to hurt you I did it out of self defense. Are you a virgin I asked her again she doesn’t replied me. Since she don’t want to talk is none of my business.

I will release you on one condition. What’s is the condition she asked. The condition is.


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