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Instagram Slvt – Episode 23

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( The baddas orphan and the Playboy)

By Three star


Episode 23


I move closer to him with a smirk on my face. Let me get down to business. I pushed him with one finger and he fall on the bed I smile to myself.

I grab his d*”ck and started stroking it keeping eyes contact with him. We was moaning Loudly. I put all his members in my mouth . He is a moaning mess now. f**k I can’t take this anymore he exclaims.

And make me lye flat on the bed.he first played and teased my boobs squeezing the whole br***St ahhh I moan put softly. He could no longer resist it. I gasp when I see he was about putting his manhood inside my p**sy.

Will it fit it I asked my voice shaking. Are you afraid he asked. To be honest it will be painful at first since you are still a virgin I told him am a virgin a day before our wedding.

So should I stop cause once I put my cock In I will be able to stop he said positioned hiself in between my legs. Placing on of my legs on his shoulder.

I nodded giving him access to go on . He guided his cock to my thigh and thrust in. Ha I shouted I cried In pain. Just stop I keep hitting and begging him.

But the son of a b***h Don’t listen to me. He continues thrusting in and out. I never knew sex can be so painful like this I will never allow you to touch me again. I cried. We both reach climax and I slept off.

Jason p.o.v

I look at my pretty wife sleeping peacefully beside me. I remove the strand of hair disturbing her. She’s beautiful I muttered.

Am very proud to be her first. If someone else told me she’s a virgin I won’t have believe. I have never have sex with a virgin before.

I can’t believe she cried she even told me she won’t allow me to touch her again funny.

I really pity her but I can’t stop myself I told her before I start it has been long I have sex and sex with Natasha is very sweet. Am going to tease her tommorow.

Natasha p.o.v

I woke up the next morning and the other side of the bed is empty where’s this guy I said. I try to stand up but o fall back. Jason walked in with a tray on his hand.

Baby why are you on the ground he said coming closer to me don’t near me you cause this I said glaring at him what did u mean he asked and I told him he started laughing at me can’t believe the almighty Natasha was begging me Yesterday he said hitting his chest.

I don’t blame you is not your fault I said angrily and try to go inside the bathroom but Jason carry me to the bathroom.

Am sorry I never meant to hurt you am just joking he said. Time for payback just get out I said am sorry babe I will do anything you want he said and I smile I like that. You will be the one to do the house chores for 2days no maid will help you and you will take me to the park in the evening I said.

That’s unfair he said. Then I won’t forgive you. Okay you won he said and I smile.


We are at the park right now. Paris it beautiful I said.

Yes but not as beautiful as you are he said and I blushed just then I lady move closer to us and called baby. Who is she talking to I asked Jason. Jason look at the lady and open his mouth in shock.

Anna is this you he said. Yes baby did you missed me she said licking her lips. What are you doing here Anna he asked.

You abandon me and your pregnancy. What the f**k he exclaims. Am 2 month pregnant for you she said. Is this true I asked Jason. So you’re cheating on me I asked Jason and walked away. I can explain he said running after me.

Who’s Anna again.

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