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( The baddas orphan and the Playboy)

By Three star


Episode 18

Natasha p.o.v

Jason refuse to go back to the house he slept here. Natasha it time to go shop for wedding dress. Alright ma then Jason come out dressed up were are you going to dressed like that I ask him.

I wants to go with you guys he said scratching the back of his head. No way you can’t go with us it a bad luck for the groom to see the bride wedding dress before the marriage mum said.

That’s superstition Jason said. No it not it real he said. Ok I will go with you guys and stay out side he said. Ok you can go with us then but you won’t be allow in mum said.

And he laugh sheepishly. Just then the door open and Jane walk in with Chris by her side. What are you doing here I asked.

Am not here for trouble please here my out she said. And mum nod for her to go on. Jason am very sorry for lying to you the thing is am obsesses with you so when I heard you have a fiance I was very jealous cause I knew you won’t have my Time again. So am here to say sorry to you and Natasha.

I don’t even know what come into my mind. Am sorry for poisoning your drink am happy you don’t drink it because I will live to regret it she said crying.

You are forgiven I said. You mean you have forgiven me she said happily. Yes and Jason have also forgiven you that’s what he get for being a Playboy I said and Jason smiled. I will also like to invite you to my wedding. She said bringing out the card wow congratulations.

I said and we will also like to invite you to our wedding that will be taking place in three days time I said. Sure I will come.


We are in the wedding gown section I have have tested almost all the gown here.

But my mom have one or two complain to lay about them. Like this is too cheap for you it doesn’t fit you well. I am tired right now.

Jason come inside with a wedding gown on his hand test this he said. What are you doing here mum asked him with a knock. Wow it beautiful I said and collect it.

I went to the changing room to change. Wow you look beautiful on this mom said.

Jayden p.o.v

The wedding is tommorow you guys should stay at alert.

I need a clean and perfect job. I told them. Uncle asked him to used me for his best man but he is very wise he choose his best friend he makes it easy for me.

Unknown p o.v

I need perfect job this time cause this is the only chance we have.

If you guys fail me am sure you Know what will happen to you guys not only you your families will be included. I said. Yes sir they said and went out.

Jason p.o.v

********** Wedding day ************

I stand near the priest feeling nervous not because of the crowd but. Am afraid Natasha might change her mind thinking am not good for her and is true.

I pray she comes cause if she change her mind I don’t know what will happen to me. I saw Jayden looking at me with a smirk on his face bas***d.

I don’t have his time today is my day. Just then the crowd started cheering someone and I look into the direction here comes my bride looking beautiful as ever. Wow am happy now.

I don’t hear what the priest is saying cause am busy drooling until my Friend hit my hand what now I asked your vows he said. We exchange vows and rings.

You may now kiss your bri. I didn’t let the priest finish his word before I slam my lip with hers. Just then we started hearing gunshot. Some gun men come inside.

The hit me with there gun and I pass out.the only thing I hear is leave me alone. I think they have abduct Natasha.

Who did you think kidnap Natasha between Jayden and unknown.

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