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( The baddas orphan and the Playboy)

By Three star


Episode 17

Natasha p.o.v

A wow escape from my mouth standing in front of me is welcome to Natasha dancing and singing studios.

Oh my gosh I can’t believe this don’t tell me this is for me who do this for me I asked.

i did but why I hug him and cry on his arm. Thank you very much I said stop the drama.

Let go inside so you can see it where he said. Hope you Love the interior he asked I really love it. But why did you do all this I asked. What did you want from me.

What if I told you I need your heart he asked and I gasped. You don’t mean I swear if this is one of your silly jokes I swear to God I am gonna kill you I said.

Am sure it’s gonna be hard to makes you understand but it worth it cause am not joking you have make this bad boy into love sick I really love you. He said and am speechless

Jason p.o.v

After doing such with the help Kim told me that Natasha have been dreaming to have own a dancing and singing school. So I bought a building and furnished it to her taste am glad she likes it.

Cause I want to makes her happy. If she’s happy I will also be happy. What if I said we should makes this plan of ours real I asked looking into her eyes.

Cause I really love you. Please don’t say no I said. I love you Jason she said. What did you just say I asked again to be sure. Yes I love you and am ready to make this plans of ours turn into a reality I said.

Am the happiest man on heart right now. If that’s the case I don’t know how to use word cause I have never done that before.

But I promise to stand by you always so we you do me a favour of being my wife I said even though am not with a ring. Yes she replied.

Natasha orphanage father

Am very happy when Natasha call me and told me she and Jason wants to make the plan real.

Though I don’t have a child of my own but am happy God bless me with a daughter like Natasha cause I really love her.

Am sure are parents will be happy in heaven. I can’t wait to see her married now fake marriage but real one.

Mrs Williams p.o.v

Hmm mum we have a confession to make Natasha and Jason said. And I narrowed my eyes looking them suspiciously. What confession did you have to make I said.

Mum actually me being Jason fiance is fake. She said but am not surprised I Know I replied them.

They are shocked to Know I knew there plan. Did you guys take me for a fool. I have one of my guards to spy on you cause I knew the type of son I have.

I knew you are never ready to marry or leave that Playboy life. Then why did you agree I get married to Natasha when you Know Jason asked.

I study you well when you bring her to the dinner then I discovered you love her. Then did you knew Jane pregnancy is not mine no I don’t know.

I believe her cause are a a Playboy you f**k anything under skirt I said. That was then he replied and I smile. Natasha you will have to wait here so we can make preparation for your marriage.

You know is 2weeks time I asked. No now she can’t stay here with you who will be with me in the house he asked. You can stay alone Natasha said bringing out her tongue to him.

Oh so you choose my mum over me he asked. She’s not only your mum. She’s also mine she replied this two her funny

Unknown p o.v

What’s the latest about the person I asked you to spy on. Mr Jason just bought her a dancing and music school. Ohh I see love birds.

Enjoy while it last cause very soon you will be gone. Find out there wedding day.

So Mrs Williams knows there engagement is fake. Am shock. I need a mother inlaw like Mrs Williams.

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