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( The baddas orphan and the Playboy)
By Three star


Episode 15

Natasha p.o.v

I was about to take my juice before my phone ring again. I checked the caller ID and discover it Kim that’s calling me.

Hi bestie.

Natasha were did you put your phone I have been calling you since. Hope you are okay infact am at the gate but your gate keeper don’t want to allow me in can you kindly come and meet me. Outside she said and I went out.


I was about going in before I see Jane shaking my drink I tiptoed in and hold her hand. What are you doing with my drink I asked. Am just trying to see the type of juice you are taken she said fearfully.

If you are sure you don’t add anything to the drink. Taste it Kim said yeah Kim is right if you want me to believe you are just looking at the type of juice taste it I said. No way I can taste it is yours I will force you to take it I said.

Jason walked down from the stairs. What’s happening here, Kim you don’t tell me you are here I invited you not Natasha.

Sorry I should have called you but what I meant here make me forget to call you. What’s it what did you meet he asked.

We met Jane shaking Natasha drink and we want her to taste it if she wants us to believe she doesn’t add anything Kim said. Jane you don’t add anything right. She said yes.

Then taste it Jason said with a smirk. But is not mine she replied. Is not URS they met you shaking it. Just then we heard a loud bang outside and we all run to check. What’s happening here Jason asked the gate keeper.

This man here said he is looking for his baby mama and I said he’s at the wrong place. Jane thank God you are out. Why did you do that why don’t you tell me you are pregnant for me the man asked Jane this is getting serious.

Jane p.o.v

I just wanted to shake the juice properly cause I don’t want the poison to settle down and she caught me. Now Chris is here. I don’t know you I said wow you don’t no me I came prepare my dear he said and brought out his phone.

He played a voice record of him and my friend am doomed. Can you deny this. Or is she not your best friend.

And this he brought the pictures we snap together on bed. Wow this is nice I love this Natasha said. so you lied to me Jason said. I need to report you to the cops he said. No baby you don’t need to let her go with her boyfriend.

But you are wicked and a heartless b***h you almost killed me just because of a man I knew you add poison to my drink but I forgive you but make sure you change this your bad ways I said and instruct the gate keeper to take her out I went inside and park her loads too.

Kim p.o.v

Kim we need to talk Jason said and take me out leaving Natasha alone he drove to a nearest restaurant and park his car. What are we doing here I asked.

Relax I don’t bring you here to kill I brought you here so we can talk. Talk about what? I asked as soon as we sit down. About Natasha. Natasha what happen to her i asked. Relax let talk about you first. Ok am listening I said.

If you see someone that will employee you and pay you well will you leave this work you are doing he asked. If I see a work that pay well I will leave it cause am a graduate I said.

Then congratulations you will be my secretary he said. Thank you very much am very grateful I said you are welcome anything for Tacha he said. Hmm I don’t here you clearly I thought all this marriage stuff are fake I asked.

Yes you are right but am madly in love with her now I don’t know how it happen so I need you to tell me what she likes and dislikes were she likes going to I really wants to make this marriage real he said and I smile I will tell you anything for Natasha I wants her to be happy I said.

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