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Instagram Slvt – Episode 11

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( The badass orphan and the Playboy)

By Three star


Episode 11

Natasha p.o.v

Please Jayden I said crying is this how I will loose my virginity. Oh God help your daughter. Just like a Miracle a forced pulled him off me. And I breathe in relief.

I raised my head up to see who save me Jason I said. He move closer to me and check my body thoroughly are you okay hope he hasn’t touched you am sorry I didn’t come early he said. I went back to Jayden and started throwing punches on his face.

Jason I yelled did you want to kill him I yelled. Let me kill this rapist he said. Stay away from her she’s mine he said angrily. It okay leave him as if you are better than him you are also a rapist I whisper but he heard me.

Point of correction am different from him o don’t plan e rape you that day I just felt like teasing you I can never force myself on a woman he said angrily.

Let go my parents are waiting for you he said and hold my hand. He lock the toilet door living Jayden inside the toilet Alone why did you lock the door how did you expect him to come out I said.

I don’t want to see his disgusting face at the dinner let go he will find his way he said and we walked out.

Jane p.o.v

I arrive at Jason family house and look around for his mother have seen her picture before so to recognize her won’t be a big deal for me. I sight her talking to her man I think that’s her husband. I moved closer to her.

Good evening Mrs Williams please can I see you for a moment I said she nod her head and smile at me she seems nice.

How may I help you young lady she said as soon as we are out of sight. Am Jane am Jason girlfriend he got me pregnant and ask me to abort it I said faking tears.

How dare him I don’t train him to be heartless to the extent of telling you to abort my first grandchild. Stop crying he said and hug me I left out a victorious smile. She took me to where Jason and his so called fiance sit with the man I saw with Mrs Williams earlier.

She whisper something to his ear. What!!! He shout that makes Jason raise his head up. He frown his head as soon as he sees me what are you doing here he asked me.
So is true Mrs Williams asked what are you talking about mum he said.

Mrs Williams p.o.v

I was surprised when the lady said she is pregnant for my son and he asked her to abort the baby. What did he think he’s doing and I really like this Natasha Alot she makes me remember my friend.

She looks much like her. And I can see she and my son are in love with each other. What will I do now. I need to make my decision cause I won’t allow this lady to abort the pregnancy.

What did you think Mrs Williams decision will be. love y’all

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