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Blind Celebrity – Episode 23

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Written by divine purpose

Anita sat in front the swimming pool right in front of Xavier’s house Crying and staring at her reflection at the is time

She tried to stop crying but get more furious anytime the position she met Xavier and Camila appears on her head

“Darn it!!” She yelled

“Hey” She heard Xavier’s voice behind her but she couldn’t look at him and quickly wiped her tears

Xavier walked to her and sat beside her

“Why her? Why Camila?” Anita asked and smirked “I have been with you for 7 years but she just started working as your manager 7months ago, She’s not even pretty like I am so…..why should it be her?” She added avoiding the lump in her throat

“Anita, do you remember? When you first started working here as my maid, My mother brought you to me as a present”

⏮️Flashback, 7 years ago⏮️

“Xavier, I got you a present” Mrs Lyson said to Xavier who was seated on a couch with his leg crossed, Playing games on his phone

This was when he released his first album and just started getting famous

“What type of present?” He asked without looking up
“I got you a friend” Mrs Lyson said and Xavier looked up
A blonde hair girl was standing behind Mrs Lyson and peeking at him

“What? A girl?” Xavier said, somewhat disgusted

“Of course, Who said you can’t make friend with a girl? You guys are just the same age but she’s 3 months older than you are” Mrs Lyson smiled and Xavier scoffed

“So what? Do you want me to call her Big Sis or what?” He replied rudely

“Stop speaking so rude to your mom” Anita finally summoned the courage to say something
“And what does that has to do with you” Xavier yelled at her
“I don’t have a mom and its hurts me a lot to see you speaking like that to your mom” Anita shot back as they both glared at each other

“I hate you” Xavier folded his arms
“Well I don’t like you too” Anita smirked

“We hated each other so much” Anita scoffed
“But you made me stop talking rude to my mom and you made me trust you a lot, You were so pretty that I almost started to like you” Xavier said and smiled “But…..You are one of the present mom gave me before she died, You are my best friend and I cherish you a lot, that was why I decided not to have feelings for you” he paused and stared at her for some seconds “You should stop having feelings for me now, Please” he said and Anita started to cry again

“You say that as if its easy to do” She mouthed
“I know, that’s why I added the word; Please” Xavier said patting her back


Camila walked to school, pressing her phone
Eyes were on her and people kept whispering to each other
At first she didn’t notice not until two junior boys stood in front of her with their phones and book

“Senior, you are Xavier’s girlfriend right? Can we have a picture and autograph?” One of the boys said blushing and camila arched her brow

“What’s wrong with them?” She thought to herself and made attempt to walk away but they stopped her again

“Senior, You know, Xavier is my role model and its a blessing his girlfriend is a student at my school, perhaps can you help me get his autograph” the other boy said and Camila scoffed

“Are you guys kidding me!!” She yelled
She thought she getting furious was gonna make them go away instead, more students approached her, requesting for Autographs and pictures
She was surrounded by so many students that she could hardly breathe

“Darn that Xavier! This is all his fault” She thought to herself

She sat at the rooftop with Nancy during lunch time eating Doughnut and milk

“Thanks to Xavier, you became a celebrity yourself” Nancy said as she sipped out of her milk

“No wonder people say Celebrities are rude, I mean how won’t they be rude when 70% of their fans are crazy” Camila sighed

“You are wrong, Celebrities are strong all thanks to their fans” Nancy smiled and Camila looked at her
“Why are you smiling?”

“Drake said that to me, he once told me that some celebrities tends to be happy and healthy all thanks to their fans” Nancy smiled and blushed again and Camila arched her brow

“Why are you smiling and blushing just because Drake said something so normal to you….” She paused and arched her brow again “By any chance, do you like Drake?” She asked and Nancy started acting shy

“Is it obvious?”
“Yeah” Camila nodded “its so obvious that anyone would easily know”

“What should I do? I can’t let everyone know I like him” Nancy grinned and fanned herself cos she was getting red

Camila’s beeped and it was a text from Drake

✉️i will be waiting for your answer✉️

She looked at Nancy before replying

✉️Lets meet✉️

“Who texted you?” Nancy asked, still eating her doughnut
“Ugh? It’s just Someone” She replied, scratching her hair

“Who? Your Boyfriend Xavier?? Did he text you to take you for dinner? Wait a minute, Have you guys shared a kiss?” Nancy teased and pushed her mouth forward while Camila glared at her
“Hey! I’m not that type of person! Who do you think I am?! We just started dating how can you start talking about Kiss…” She yelled,her cheeks turning red

“You are blushing, I guess you guys kissed Last night” Nancy teased “Congratulations, you had your first kiss with Xavier Lyson”

” Dont talk to me ” Camila whined and stood up “I have to go, I will be back” She said and turned to leave but Nancy stopped her
“Text me Xavier’s address, I would love to say hi to my friend’s boyfriend”

“No thanks”

“Send it to me while I’m asking nice” Nancy said with an evil glare

“Darn you!” Camila mumured and texted the address to her
Once Nancy puts on a deadly glare, She is capable of doing anything


Camila walked to the playground where she always meet Drake
As expected, he was sitting alone and playing with the swing

“Hi” she greeted and also sat on a swing beside him

“You are here? Why did you wanted to meet?” Drake asked so curiously

Camila opened her bag and brought out the Red rose Drake gave to her the other day

(It’s an artificial Rose”

“Here” She stretched it to him

Drake knew what she meant by returning it back as he looked away

“Don’t even think about rejecting me” he said

“I’m sorry Drake” Camila said and placed the Rose on his left hand

“Why? Why are you rejecting me?” Drake asked
“Actually, I like you but….”

“But what?” Drake interrupted “Is it because of Xavier?” He asked but there was no response

“The rumours about you guys dating, is it true?” He asked and Camila slowly nod
“Yeah, I can’t accept your feelings for me Drake” She said and stood up

“Also, My friend Nancy likes you a lot, I hope you can give her a chance” She said and started to walk away
A part of her felt bad while a part of her felt relieved
“I won’t give up” She heard Drake yelling after her but she didn’t look back
“I am good at waiting, I will wait for you” Drake yelled again


Xavier drove back home after coming back from vista music industry
He walked out of the car and opened the door but he was shocked to see so many shoes at his doorstep

“What’s going on?” He asked himself and looked up
It was Like he was dreaming or something

There were so many High school students inside the house

“Hey, Xavier is here” A student announced
They started to scream and take pictures while some made attempt to touch him but he was quick to move away

“DON’T TOUCH ME!!” He yelled in a very thunderous voice making them all to freeze

“What….. What….are you guys doing here? Who in the world made you entered and how did you know my house?” He asked

The door opened and Camila walked in

“I’m Ho…..” She didn’t complete her statement when she saw students from her school inside the house

Xavier looked at her and noticed she was putting on the same uniform

“What’s…..going on here?” She stammered

“Unbelievable, they live together” the students started to murmur among themselves

“How did they know where you live?” Camila asked and Xavier looked at her, trying to control himself

“I was about to ask you that?”

Camila looked around and saw Nancy among the students
“I swear I didn’t mean to reveal it to everyone” Nancy said in a sorry tone

“I’m done for” Camila sobbed
She turned and saw Xavier glaring at her



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