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Blind Celebrity – Episode 22

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Written by divine purpose

Xavier drove down the street with Camila seated beside him with her arms folded in the car
She had an angry and embarrassed expression on her face

Xavier released his left hand from the steering and took off his sunglasses

“Was I cool earlier?” He asked and Camila took a deep breath
“Don’t talk to me” She said and Xavier back on his sunglasses

“Are you mad at me?”
“I said don’t talk to me”
“Why? You should be happy a celebrity confessed to you openly” Xavier grinned and Camila scoffed

“Confessed openly my foot, what you did earlier was pure embarrassment” She rolled her eyes as her phone beeped
It was the news about Xavier that her phone just brought to her


Under it was her picture and Xavier’s

“Darn it!” She sighed frustrated and glared at Xavier “you are really annoying”

Xavier turned on the music and put another candy in his mouth pretending not to hear her

Her phone beeped again and this time it was a text from Nancy

✉️Meet at the Cafe near my house, you owe me an explanation don’t you?😒✉️


“So, you mean you have been working as Xavier’s manager all this while?” Nancy asked like someone interrogating a criminal

“Yeah” Camila nod
“And you’ve been living with him too?”
“Yeah” Camila nod again

“So, he confessed to you but you rejected him?” Nancy scoffed

“Yeah” Camila nodded again

“Are you crazy? Xavier confessed to you but you rejected him, Do you want me to date him instead?” Nancy said, more like a scolding “I can’t believe you are playing hard to get to a celebrity, you’ve lost your mind” She added and scoffed

“I wanted to tell you but I was told not to tell anyone I work as Xavier’s manager, I didn’t know he was gonna reveal it himself”

“Alright, I’ve forgiven you but… you like someone else? Because I don’t just understand why you will reject someone like Xavier”Nancy folded her arms

” I’m not sure, why did I do such? Why did I reject someone like him? I’m so confused” Camila ran her finger through her hair

” I know Love can be confusing sometimes but don’t regret it later on” Nancy said “You once asked me what I will do when I fall in love with two men……Don’t tell me you were the one who fell in love with two men” She arched her brow and Camila choked on her coffee


“I will take No as the answer, Why will you fall in love with two men, are you crazy?” Nancy said and sipped her coffee


Drake sat on his bed scrolling down his phone as he read the news


“He must have lost his mind” he said
The door opened and Annabel ran inside with her phone in her hand

“Hey, did you see the news? I can’t believe Xavier is so romantic” She grinned and Drake glared at her

“You are pissing me off, just go to your room”

“Why? Are you getting mad at me because you like Camila? It’s not my fault, you should have confessed to her earlier” Annabel teased

“Hey, as a big brother I guess I have been too smooth to you lately, Get out!” He said, raising his voice and Annabel started to laugh

“Its so fun seeing you get angry” She said
Just then the doorbell rang

“Go check who is there” Drake said and Annabel shrugged

“No, you should do it, you are the big brother” she said and laid on the bed while Drake took a deep breath before getting up

Annabel was always getting on his nerves

“Why wasn’t I born an only child?” He murmured and walked to the door

He opened it and saw Mr Lyson standing by the door again

“Dad is not home” Drake said and Mr Lyson smiled
“I know, I only came to see your handsome face” he said

Drake looked at him like he was crazy or something
Since when were the close enough for him to see his handsome face

“Shouldn’t you be seeing Xavier’s handsome face? Why me?” He asked

“I see Xavier’s face everyday but I rarely see yours, you are handsome just like your Dad” Mr Lyson said and Drake arched his brow

“Why is he suddenly talking about Dad?” He thought to himself
“By the way, Did you know Xavier lost his sight?” He asked changing the topic

“Of course, I knew” Mr Lyson replied

“What type of father are you? You abandoned him and you heard the news about his sight but you didn’t come back to him…..” He paused and looked away “Forget it, Why am I even talking to you”


“Stop coming here and focus on Xavier, I don’t want him to get hurt because of me” Drake interrupted and walked back inside


Camila walked back home
She sneaked inside Trying to avoid Anita
She knew Anita was going to be mad at her once she has seen the news

“Darn my life” She said and Walked to her room
She was about to enter when she stopped

“Where is Xavier? Didn’t he come home straight?” She said and walked to his room

She twisted the knob and entered

Hearing the door opened, Xavier quickly his something under his pillow

“Respect my privacy” he said and Camila scoffed

“You seems to be hiding something? What is it? I’m so curious” She said and tried to remove the pillow but Xavier stopped her by grabbed her wrist

“I told you to respect my privacy”

“Let go of me” Camila said trying to release her wrist but she fell and twisted her ankles

“Ah…” she yelled with pain

“Are you okay? Does it hurts a lot?” Xavier asked and helped her sit on his bed

He walked to a corner of his room and brought out the first aid box

“This should teach you a lesson for being nosy” he said as he Squat in front if her and used some pain reliever on her ankle

“I wonder what you are trying to hiding so much” Camila smirked

There was silence in the room as if both of them were thinking of what to say

Camila watched Xavier as he wrapped the bandage round her leg
He has been acting nice to her for days
And he’s not the jerk he used to be anymore

“Xavier” She called and he looked at her
“Why me? Why is it me you like? You could have fallen in love with a celebrity like you, Why is it me?” She asked and Xavier smiled

“I do ask myself that question too, Why is it you? But… heart chose you” he replied and Camila stared at the ground for a while

“Fine, Let’s date”


“Yeah, I will be your girlfriend……..I…..Like you Xavier” She said and Xavier smiled

Of course, He was beyond happy

He slowly stood up and tilt her head up as he placed his lips on hers while Camila kept her eyes closed

It might be embarrassing to say but it was her first kiss

Xavier slowly removed his lips and looked at her

“Didn’t I tell you that I’m gonna win” he said and smiled again
“I let you win” Camila said as Xavier held her neck trying to kiss her again but the door opened

That was Anita
She paused when she met them in this position

“Anita” Camila gasped as their eyes met
Tears gathered in her eyes as she ran back outside

“I should follow her” Camila said and wanted to get up but Xavier held her back

“I will go”
“You?” Camila arched her brow

“Yeah, I will talk to her myself”



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  1. Poor anita,she'll feel betrayeed……I really hope she understands

    I hope she doesn't turn villain too

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