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Written by divine purpose

Drake and Camila sat in the playground with a cold drink in their hands
Camila had drag Drake out of Xavier’s house when she noticed they were about to fight

“I don’t understand what’s wrong with you two” She said and Drake sighed
“I did nothing wrong, Xavier is just sensitive” he said

“I know but you shouldn’t try to pick a fight with him now, at least let him get over his mom’s death” Camila said and recalled what Xavier said

⏮️That man who you think is your father is actually not your father⏮️

She looked at Drake and cleared her throat

“About what Xavier said earlier…is your father..”

“He’s not my Dad” Drake interrupted and drank out of his drink

“Then who is your father?”

“I’m also curious” he said and stood up “thanks for the drink, I’m going home” Drake said and walked away
“Hey, but we weren’t done talking” Camila said calling him back but he didn’t even look back

“Wow! Unbelievable”


She walked back home but Xavier was no more in the living room
She went to check him in his room but he wasn’t there either, She only met Anita cleaning his room

“Where is Xavier?” She asked
“He went to the reading room” Anita replied

She walked to the reading room and saw him seating on the chair in front of his laptop, busy with it

“Wow! I love your reading room” Camila said looking around
His reading room has been locked since the day he lost his sight so Camila had never been there before

“Did you read all the books here?” She asked and removed one novel from the book shelf

“Don’t ever let Drake in my house again if you do not want to lose your job” Xavier said, his gaze fixed on his laptop

“I’m sorry about that but how did you know his father isn’t his real dad?” She asked and Xavier looked at her

“I feel like I’m being interrogated”

“Just answer the question” Camila said and he turned his gaze back to his laptop

“My Dad and Mr Tyler used to be friends and Drinking partners, I just overheard them saying it one night they were both drinking at our house” he said and Camila nod out of satisfaction

“So that was how you knew, still you shouldn’t have said to his face, things like that hurts a lot” She said and Xavier scoffed

“Hey, do you feel bad for him? Then you can quite being my manager and start working as his manager” he said with a very serious look

“Why are you getting mad at me?”

“Get out! I’m busy” Xavier said and Camila smirked

“Of course, I can see you are busy” She said and walked out angrily


Camila sat in the class during break with her head on the table sulking
“Cami, I’m going to the cafeteria, aren’t you coming” Nancy asked

“No, Eat alone” She replied
“Why? Is something wrong?” Nancy said and sat beside her

“a lot is wrong with me” She said and lift her head from the table “So let’s say you work for someone but the person you work for has an enemy but you are actually a friend with his enemy but he doesn’t want you hanging out with his enemy, What are you gonna do?” She asked

“So you are saying, You are friend with your boss enemy and your boss doesn’t want you hanging out with his enemy, is that what you are saying?” Nancy asked and she nod

“Yeah, What can I do?”
“Its simple, Just make them friends”

“That won’t be easy, they hate each other so much” Camila groaned

“You just have to try” Nancy said and brought her phone “By the way, Someone took a picture of Xavier’s manager and posted it” She added scrolling down her phone and camila’s eyes widened


“Here’s the picture” Nancy said and showed her the picture
Of course, She was the one in the picture but it will be hard to recognize her since the person didn’t take the picture of her face

“Its a female, I heard they both live together, Anyways I’m so jealous of his manager.. She gets to see his handsome face everyday” Nancy said and pouted then she zoomed the picture and arched her brow

“Hey, from the back view, you look a lot like his manager”

“What nonsense are you saying!!!” Camila yelled

“That scared me, Why are you yelling at me” Nancy shot back
“Forget it, I’m going home” She said and took her bag
“What? School is not closed yet, where are you going?”

“Tell the teacher I went back early because I was sick”


“Do that for me”

She walked out of the school waiting for a cab when a car stopped beside her
It was Drake and this time he was with a Lady
Perhaps his little sister

“Get in, I will take you home” Drake said
She hesitated at first but after too much pestering
She decided to enter

“You are Xavier’s manager?” Annabel asked as they drove down the street

“Looks like we are the same age, I’m Drake’s little sister, let’s be friends” Annabel grinned and Camila smiled

“You should stop by our house since we are now friends, eat lunch with us” Annabel said

“Just go home” Drake said, not really interested in what they had been saying

“No, I will just eat lunch with you guys” Camila said, scratching the back of her neck

Drake drove to their house and walked inside with Annabel and Camila tagging along

“You are pretty” Annabel said, her arm linked with Camila’s
“You are more pretty” Camila blushed

Drake’s house was a Duplex just like Xavier’s house too
Their house look just the same just that Xavier’s own looks bigger

They walked inside and the mother just finished serving the food in the dining room

“Mom, guess who we brought home” Annabel exhilarated
“Who is she? She’s pretty” Mrs Tyler said

“I know right? She’s Xavier’s manager”

“Hi, I’m Camila” Camila greeted
“She has a beautiful name too, but why is she in uniform, is she still in high school?” Mrs Tyler asked

“Yeah, She seems too young to be a manager right?” Annabel said as they all sat round the dining table

“Honey, Food is ready” Mrs Tyler called her husband
“Is Dad home? Shouldn’t he be at work?” Annabel arched her brow

“He isn’t busy these days, he has a lot of time” Mrs Tyler said

“His dad is home? I wonder what he looks like” Camila thought to herself and looked at Drake who was already eating

Mr Tyler walked downstairs and to the dining room

“Who is this?” He asked on seeing Camila

“Dad, this is Camila, Xavier’s manager, She’s pretty right? I wish she can become my brother’s girlfriend” Annabel said and Drake glared at her

“Where are your manners? I told you not to talk while eating” Drake scolded and Annabel rolled her eyes

“So you are Xavier’s manager?”
“Yes” Camila smiled

“Its must be nice being a top star manager, Right?” Mr Tyler asked
Although Camila found that question kinda weird
She just replied with a smile

“It is my wish for Drake to be a top star but he’s slacking, He resent me because I do tell him the truth, all he does is to leave home and come back late yet he hasn’t been able to beat Xavier all these years” Mr Tyler said and Drake stopped eating
He suddenly lost his appetite and started playing with the spoon

“He is a year older than Xavier but it seems Xavier is a year better than him” Mr Tyler continued

“Honey” Mrs Tyler called as a sign for him to stop but he Continued

“I’m trying my best to make him a top star but he resent me a lot and won’t listen to me, What’s stopping him from being like Xavier”

Drake dropped his cutlery and stood up

“You should go home” he said to Camila
“Well…..” Camila gulped

“Why are you telling her to go home, are you embarrassed?” Mr Tyler smirked but Drake ignored him and grab Camila’s wrist

“Come out” he said and dragged her out

He released her wrist when they were outside
“Go,I do not want Xavier’s trouble” he said and turned to leave

“Is this how you are being treated at home?” Camila asked and he stopped

“Does it look like a show to you?” Drake said and turned back at her

“I’m trying my best not to resent Xavier but anytime I hear things like this, I can’t control my hatred” he said

Camila looked at him and noticed he was swallowing his tears

“Cry” She said


“I said Cry, stop swallowing it”

“I don’t cry over petty things” Drake smirked

“You are Lying, You are trying to hide your tears but will you be paid for not crying” Camila said and this made Drake speechless

Xavier on the other hand parked his car beside the street watching them tho he didn’t hear what they were saying

“You can’t cry on the street, Come with me” Camila said and grabbed his wrist
“Where are we going?” Drake asked
“Somewhere you will be able to cry” Camila said, dragging him along

Xavier came out of the car and leaned on it

“Where are you guys going?” He asked and Camila sighed

“What the heck is he doing here??”


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