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Written by divine purpose

12 hours earlier…….

“Xavier, I found a way to restore your sight” the doctor said and Xavier leaned forward

“Really? How?” Xavier asked so curious

The doctor was quiet for a while and took a deep breath
“Its just….. Through a kind of operation” He said and Xavier smiled
“Really? I’m so happy” he said and a nurse entered the office with a cup of coffee
“Xavier, do you mind a cup of coffee?” The doctor asked and he nod
“Yeah, sure” he said and collected the coffee and drank it

Not long after, he started feeling dizzy
“I’m feeling so sleepy” he thought to himself and before he could think of the reason he felt this way, he had already fallen asleep

Mrs Lyson came out from the back of the book shelf where she has been hiding
She looked at Xavier and smiled

“Are you sure this is okay? Actually… If we wait for about a year,there might be a surgery we can do to help him, Xavier will get hurt if he wakes up and find out about this” the doctor said, nervously

“Don’t worry, once he wakes up, it will be a new world for him, being blind must be really uncomfortable” Mrs Lyson said and kissed his forehead


Camila sat in the reception nervous as she recalled what Mrs Lyson said earlier


“Take care of Xavier”

“You are talking like you are going somewhere far away, is something wrong?” She asked and Mrs Lyson sighed

“I’m donating my eyes to Xavier”

“What? You are doing it? Xavier will get mad if he hear you saying this again” Camila said

“Xavier stopped doing things he loves the moment he lost his sight and I can’t let this continue for too long, his career is also at stake” Mrs Lyson said holding back her tears “I don’t know what might happen to me after the surgery so……don’t ever leave Xavier’s side no matter what”


“Everyone, Xavier Lyson can see again” A nurse ran past Camila screaming waking her from her thought as she ran to the ward

“Xavier, can you see us?” The doctor asked waving and Xavier sat up

“What’s going on? Why……why can I see you guys?” He asked and all the nurse around started smiling to each other

“Camila, you are here” manager George said and she nod

Xavier looked around but didn’t see his mother

“Where’s mom?” He asked and the expression Everyone had on their face suddenly changed
No one actually replied his question
“I said where’s mom?” He asked again

“How are we going to tell him?” Camila whispered to manager George
“Camila, apart from losing her sight, there’s a bigger problem” manager George whispered back

“What do you mean by a bigger problem?” Camila arched her brow then she gasped “Don’t tell me……”

Xavier got down from the hospital bed to walk but when he took a step, he fell
“Oh? What’s wrong with him? Did he break his legs?” Camila asked and a nurse handed Xavier his walking stick as they helped him stood up

“Cant he walk without his walking stick?” Camila whispered to manager George again

“He can but he needs some time before he can do so, I think he got addicted to his walking stick during his 7months of being blind”

“Take me to my mom” Xavier said and the doctor sighed
“Xavier, you……”

“I said take me to mom, where is she?” He said, his voice sounding more serious than usual

He was escorted to a ward but he couldn’t believe what he saw
A body was laying on the bed and the whole face has been covered with a white cloth

“Xavier……right now, you are using your mother’s eyes but….your mother…..she died during the surgery” the doctor said, his voice shaking

The news hit Xavier like a bomb
He didn’t really believe what the doctor was saying
Not until he sees it himself

“What nonsense are you saying! Why would my mother die” he said and slowly walked to the body which has been covered with a white cloth

He slowly removed the White cloth with a shivering hand and guess what? It was his mother

His walking stick fell from his hand as he fell back and tears gathered in his eyes

“No….” Camila gasped as tears also gathered in her eyes

Mrs Lyson’s death was something everyone least expected but just like that, She was gone


Xavier sat behind the window in the hospital, Watching the Reporters who were standing outside

Words had gone out that he could see again but not everyone really know how he got his sight restored

His face were red and swollen for all the tears he had shed
Life was unfair indeed

Camila, Anita and manager George all stood in one corner of the room staring at him
Everyone were already dressed in black dresses as a sign of mourning except Xavier who Still had the hospital gown on

“Xavier, you should eat, you must be hungry” Manager George said and Xavier turned to them

Of course, He recognized manager George and Anita but he didn’t really know who the third one is

“Who are you?” He asked and Camila pointed to herself

“Who else will I be asking” he said and looked at manager George

“Where’s my manager, Camila” he asked

“Its me” Camila said, pointing to herself again
“Oh….you are right, I can hear the same voice” he said “help me out, I want to leave the hospital” he added

“But Xavier, you can’t leave yet, you have to be discharged first and….”

“I want to go home” he interrupted manager George

Drake walked out of the bathroom in his room when Annabel ran in like her hair was on fire or something

“Drake!!” She yelled and of course that made Drake scared for a minute

“That scared me! Hey, I told you to always knock before entering my room” he said

“Whatever! Did you see the news?” Annabel asked and Drake arched his brow

“What news?”
“Xavier, can see”
“What? Annabel, are you drunk?” He asked and Annabel sighed

“Drake, I’m not drunk, I actually saw it with myself, I went to the hospital with my friend, there were so many Reporters outside the hospital,so we had to ask a nurse what was going on and she told us everything including the part that his mother donated her eyes and she died during the surgery” Annabel explained

“Ah….I see” Drake said and sat on his reading desk
“That’s all you are gonna say?”
“What else do you want me to say, get out, I’m busy” he said and Annabel shook her head

“Stop playing hard bro, its obvious when you do. Go to Xavier and mourn with him, I know you are hurt about his mother’s death” Annabel said and walked out

After she was gone, Drake stood up and took his phone
He was about to dial Xavier’s number but he stopped

“What should I do?” He thought to himself


Xavier and Camila both entered the house with Anita behind them

Luckily, they found a way to get themselves out of the hospital and to avoid those Reporters

Camila escort him to his room and turned to leave after doing so but Xavier stopped her

“You knew right?” He asked and Camila stopped
“You knew mom was going to this right?” He asked again and Camila stared at the ground

“Yes, she actually did it for you to be happy” She said and Xavier scoffed

“For me to be happy?”

“Mom was my happiness” he said and Camila looked at him
“Just hearing her voice made me happy, hearing her call my name was…..” His voice trailed away as he sniffed back his tears just then Anita entered

“Master, Drake is here” She said and Camila sighed

“I can’t image what’s going to happen this time” she grumbled and Xavier looked at her

“Help me up, I need to deal with that prick”

“But you can’t fight while mourning your mother, that’s a huge insult to your mother” Camila said, trying to stop him

“Hey, do you want to get fired again” Xavier threatened and immediately Camila helped him up

They walked downstairs and Drake was already seated on seeing Xavier, he grinned

“So it’s true” he said

“What are you doing here?” Xavier asked
“I came to congratulate you and to mourn with you, I heard your Mom gave you that eye”

“And what does that has to do with you?”

” Listen, those eyes aren’t yours so use them wisely” Drake said and Xavier clenched his fist

“What did you say?”

“I told you to use them wisely, is that too much to say, this all happened because of your father” Drake smirked and moved closer to him

“If your father wasn’t a criminal this wouldn’t have happened, your mother would have been alive too”
Camila sighed with frustration and gave Drake a shut up look but he didn’t seems to get it

“Let me tell you something interesting” Xavier said and also moved closer to him

“That man who you think is your father is actually not your father” Xavier grinned and Drake looked at him , probably shocked

How in the world did he know?

“Who asked you that?” He asked and Xavier smiled, an evil smile tho

“Know your place Drake”


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  1. Hmmmmm sorry for your loss Xavier may her soul rest in peace. As for Drake you better take your time.
    @Bolanle am sorry I've not been commenting its because have not been reading this story but I ave start reading today

  2. Congratulation xavier nd sorry 4 lossing yur mother at d process of helping u 2 get yur site nd also drake stop disturbing his peace nw he said he don't want 2 so let him be nw pls

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