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Angel Of Mine – Episode 29

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Angel of mine

By Amanda Mofiat

Episode 29

I staggered and found myself sitting down on the bench.

‘She lost the baby Jamal,’ he said to me and all I could do was look at him.

At the moment, I wished for so many things, and I wished I hadn’t gone at work. I wished I had stayed with her, what if this was partly my fault. I should have been with her. I don’t know what had caused the miscarriage since Ernest hadn’t said anything.

‘Can I see her?’

‘Yes, I have moved her to another room. I m..’

‘Please, take me to her,’ I said to him.

Getting up from my seat was just hard for me. I could barely walk thinking about Emily and how she was feeling right now. She must have been feeling bad about just everything. I hesitated to open the door. I wasn’t ready to see the situation she was in; I was feeling nervous about it. I finally opened the door and she was connected to so many machines that I just turned and looked at Ernest.

‘What’s with the machines?’


‘She what?’ I grabbed him by his color.

‘She fell into a comma Jamal.’

‘Is she going to wake up?’

‘Jamal, calm down,’ said my mother.

‘Mother please not now. Is there something else that you are not telling me?’

‘I have to wait for the results Jamal, right now I can’t tell you anything. I have to be sure about something. I am sorry,’ he said and I let him go.

I walked inside her room and asked them if they could excuse us. I wanted to be alone with my wife. I walked to the bed and sat. I held her hand and all I could do was cry, this was more like my first time crying out so loud. I was hurt to the core and partially blamed myself for what was happening to Emily. I was scared that she wasn’t going to wake up and at the same time still blamed myself for what was happening to her. I should have been there for her.

‘I am sorry,’ I said as I held her hand.

I spent the days at the hospital waiting for Emily to wake up and praying to God to just make her open her yes. We used to exchange with mum, she used to sleep over sometimes and I would go home to have some rest.


I slowly opened my eyes and the lights in the room were just too much. I could hear people speaking but from a distant.

‘She is awake!’ I heard someone exclaiming, ‘Emily, my princess. You are awake. You worried us all,’ that was mum.

I failed to speak since my throat was dry and pointed at the water of bottle which was on the table. Jamal rushed to get it and made me drink the water. After I had drank the water, Ernest asked them to wait outside since he wanted to make sure that I was okay.

‘Are you feeling any kind of pain?’

I don’t know what I am feeling right now nor do I remember what happened to me.

‘I don’t know,’ I honestly said to him.

But wait, I can feel the bandage on my stomach and I touch it.

‘My baby, my baby Ernest. What happened to my baby?’ I asked with a hint of panic in my voice.

Jamal came back rushing in the room as I was screaming and shouting at Ernest.

‘Jamal, where is my baby?’


‘Where is he Jamal?’

‘You lost the baby Emily.’

‘How?’ I asked Ernest.

I already knew what had caused the sudden loss, I remembered drinking the wrong pills but I wasn’t going to tell the truth, I was going to blame somebody else for that. As I was pretending to be all confused, asking how I had lost my baby, Jamal’s mother walked in the room with my mother. I hated Jamal’s mother and this was my final chance to get rid of her. I was going to make everyone else in the room hate her for that. I mean this was the best thing that could ever happen to me, me losing my child and blaming her for giving me that traditional medicine. I could just easily get rid of her and she will be thrown in jail for attempted murder.

‘It was you,’ I said trying to get off the bed as I pointed at her.

Everyone in the room looked at where I was pointing at.

‘You poisoned me. You are the one, who killed my unborn child,’ I falsely accused her.

‘Emily,’ shouted Ernest.

‘She killed my baby Jamal, she killed our baby. The medicine that she has been giving me, it was poison. She planned this from the start, I know she did. She killed my baby.’

‘Jamal, I would never do something like that. I didn’t do it,’ she refused.

‘Oh please enough with the crocodile tears. We both know that you have wanted to get rid of me. You killed my baby. Are you happy now?’

‘Emily enough with the lies,’ shouted Ernest, ‘it wasn’t her medicine that made you lose the baby. We found a certain substance which I tested and it was a pill that made you lose that child. That same pill,’ he stopped.


‘It has damaged your womb. You will never be able to have children again. ‘

I couldn’t believe what my brother had said to me. I refused to be blamed for that, I refused to be blamed for taking those pills. I didn’t know that they were going to damage my womb. I wanted to give Jamal plenty of kids but then if I was never going to bare him another child, was he going to stay beside me. At first when Ernest told me that I had lost my child, I just thought that I would have another one but then how when I had done this to myself. But then I wasn’t going to blame myself. If it wasn’t for his mother then I wouldn’t have looked for those pills. I was never going to try and get rid of them. It was her fault that things had turned out bad for me, I loathed her. This was her entire fault.


‘Could you all just leave me alone, I don’t feel well?’

I wanted to be alone; there was so much to t


We walked out of the room and I know my sister was lying to all of us. I don’t know how she took those pills but there was just something that she wasn’t telling us all. I honestly felt bad for her but never was I going to allow Emily to lie to all of us. Mama Maria wasn’t the one who made her lose the baby and that was a fact but she was still lying about everything. Jamal asked my girlfriend to take his mother home and I honestly felt bad for Mama Maria, maybe it was time for my sister to be brought to trial. I did feel bad for Emily but I have had enough of her lies. Do you know what’s making this whole story weird or rather interesting? The pill that I found in her system is the same pill that we found on Mama Maria and even Jamal. Trust me Emily had done something to herself and I was still going to find out. Jamal sat on the chair in my office. This man has been through a lot and I felt bad for him. If only he had chosen the right woman for himself. I know I should be defending my sister right? But why would I defend someone like her? Emily didn’t deserve this man and I wasn’t going to defend her.

‘I am sorry Jamal,’ I finally said to him as he sat in my office, hands on his head, ‘I know there is too much to take in and I am so sorry.’

‘I don’t understand why Emily is blaming my mother Ernest.’

‘She is just recovering from all of this, I am sure she didn’t mean to say all of that.’

‘Then how did she take those pills. I don’t get it. Did someone change her pill?’

I know if I was in his shoes, I would probably be having so many questions left unanswered; I would probably be more than just confused. I know I will be having so many thoughts running through my head and I wish I could help him right now but I just didn’t know how to go about it. The situation was complicated. I wasn’t going to just straightly tell him that his woman was a she devil, she must have poisoned herself. I mean my sister was capable of harming herself, she did it once and maybe this was the second time. Jamal left the hospital after much convincing. He didn’t want to leave but I told him that I would take good care of Emily. I kept Emily sedated for the night and told my mother that she can too go and rest. It had been a long day, Emily having some breakdowns, her tears were not crocodile but I wasn’t sure which part she was crying for.

The night seemed too short and it was already morning when I opened the door and Emily was busy insulting one of my nurses. I told the nurse to give us some space since I needed to talk to my sister in private. I closed the door once she was out.

‘You refused to eat?’

‘I have no baby to feed. What do you want Ernest?’

‘I am worried about you sis.’

‘Oh please, you are probably siding with that b***h Maria.’

‘Emily that is your mother-in law.’

‘I don’t care who she is but she killed my baby and I will make sure that everyone knows about it.’

I sat down on the bed with her.

‘Tell me something, how she got hold of the same pill that was found in Jamal’s system.’

I saw her trembling and I knew there was more to this story.

‘What did you do Emily?’

‘I took those pills by mistake when I was trying to get rid of them.’

‘Oh my God!’ hands on my mouth I exclaimed.

‘But no one is going to find out about this. Jamal will never know that I poisoned myself, that I poisoned his mother and that I hate his mother. That I tried to frame his mother when I made myself fall from those stairs, Jamal will never know that I am the reason why I have suddenly become barren but I will blame his mother for it. I wi…’

She stopped at mid-sentence when we all heard something falling on the floor and when we looked at it; it was Jamal and his mother. He was carrying some plastic. I didn’t even hear him opening the door.

‘Jamal,’ that was my sister shouting and getting off the bed.

‘Why Emily?’ he asked my sister.





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  1. This is what I have been praying for to happen, that Emily should unknowingly confess all her atrocities to Jamal, so he can know the kind of woman he is married to

  2. It's a good thing she confessed indirectly else she will continue to play the blame game. She has finally lost all.

  3. Gbas gbos finally the hidden bomb has exploded, now the truth is out, happy marriage 💍 between Jamal and Angela in advance, happy barren life Emily.

  4. Finally, the cat is let out of the bag. It is 🔴 card for Emily.

    Journey of Angela and Jamal at glance

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