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Angel Of Mine – Episode 28

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Angel of mine

By Amanda Mofiat

Insert 28

So Jamal’s mother had come over to take care of me. She had been giving me some traditional medicine and I have been drinking because my mother had said so. I just wanted my baby to be alright, so that’s the only reason why I was taking those pills. Today I didn’t go to work and it’s been a week since Jamal’s mother came back to live with us. I am just happy that she is not planning to stay for long; I heard her telling her son that she will be going back to Harare. It seems things are going on well for her, i mean the witch was glowing; I felt the hint of jealousy swept through me when she was busy telling her son that her business is going down well and she was thanking Angela. Just mentioning her name right now makes my heart boil with anger. It’s a Saturday and Jamal said that he has to go to work for just few hours and I allowed him to go.

The good news is that Tiffany had finally visited me but that was when I had been admitted at the hospital. I was so happy to see her even though we had our differences; she was still my only loyal friend. Anyway I had woken up when I heard a knock at my door; I walked to the door and opened it. There was my mother-in law standing at my door with a plate of porridge in her hands. I didn’t tell her to cook the porridge for me; I mean I wasn’t even going to eat it. I know the doctor had recommended me to eat healthy food but not something cooked by this woman.

‘How can I help you?’

‘How are you feeling?’ she asked with a smile spread across her face.

What was there to smile about? I bet she was feeling happy that I wasn’t feeling well. We all know that she was still planning to make my life miserable. I know she was bringing that Angela lady to my house.

‘I am not hungry.’

‘But you haven’t eaten anything since you woke up. Jamal said that you should eat something before taking your pills.’

Well she was telling the truth about that, so I grabbed the plate of porridge from her. It wasn’t healthy for me to take the pills before eating anything. Like I said it before, I wanted this baby to be born. You know when Jamal got to find out that I was pregnant, he thought that I was going to abort the baby. I mean I understood him, at first I didn’t want to have a baby. The idea of being a mother, waking in the middle of the night to breastfeed the baby, that was just too much for me but I ended up loving it. There was absolutely nothing bad about being a mother, plus I didn’t want that witch to end up telling people that I was barren.

I closed the door and went to sit on the bed. I started eating the porridge and it was nice, I don’t want to lie. I was actually hungry that I ended up finishing off the whole plate. I placed the plate on the bed and had to do something. Our bedroom was in a mess and so I had to get rid of other things. I started cleaning it opening all drawers and stuff. As I was busy clearing things, I found the small bottle of pills that I had used to poison my mother-in law. I can’t believe that I was still keeping the bottle. I just placed it where I kept some of my pills and had to take it later. I continued cleaning and stopped when my phone rang. Grabbing it and looking at the caller ID, I had this beautiful smile spread across my face. It was Jamal obviously calling to find out if I was doing well. He should stop worrying you know, I was getting better and I honestly didn’t want him to worry that much. I guess his mother’s traditional medicine had helped me a lot, I wasn’t feeling all nauseas anymore, it was actually better than before.

‘Hubby,’ I answered while sitting on the bed, ‘how are you?’

‘Wifey, I am okay. I miss you a lot.’

‘Jamal,’ I laughed, ‘I am just few meters away from you.’

‘Those are not meters babe but km. how are you doing?’

‘I am okay Jamal. How are you? I asked you before,’ I laughed again.

There was just something about Jamal, of cause he made me very happy. I was always happy with him and I have got to thank the Lord for giving me him. Some of my friends that I just considered friends only, they used to complain about their spouses but I had nothing to complain about, I bet I was the luckiest woman on earth married to someone who cared about me so much. I could go on and on about how lucky I was with Jamal but that will definitely be part of our good memories as we recite them at our anniversary few months to come.

‘I wish I was there with you but I will be there very soon to give you that massage. Have you taken your pills?’ he asked.

I was quiet for a while; I had completely forgotten to take the pills.


‘Let me take,’ I said to him.

So I was busy apologizing to Jamal, he was scolding me for forgetting to take my pills that I just grabbed the bottle and took out 2 pills. I was so engrossed in our conversation that I took 2 pills and drank them with the bottle of water which was in our room.

‘I have drunk. Happy now?’ I said closing the bottle, ‘Oh my God!’ that’s when I realized that I had taken the wrong pills.

Do you still remember that bottle of pill that I had placed? The one which was poisonous and it could kill, I bloody took the pills and I was now trembling.


‘Jamal, Jamal,’ I cried out loud and dropped the phone on the floor.

I didn’t hang up by then and just rushed to the toilet. I was feeling scared, I knew how dangerous that pill was and right now I had done a very careless thing, I wasn’t going to lose this baby. No, I wasn’t going to lose it. I tried making myself vomit the pill but nothing came out. As tears streamed down on my cheeks, I was feeling scared than before. I didn’t know what to do. I don’t know why I had placed the pill there and why I wasn’t paying attention whilst taking the pills.

‘Emily,’ I heard my mother-in law calling out as she banged the door.

I didn’t feel any energy to respond to her as I started feeling dizzy and there was this pain I was feeling. This was much worse than the period pain, I tried walking to the door but everything just seemed blurry. I fell down on the floor with hands on my tummy; I started screaming in pain, the excruciating pain. I have never felt that kind of pain before; it’s as if thought a knife was slowly being deepened inside of me.

‘Emily,’ she called out again and I couldn’t reach the door handle.

Since I had locked it, there was no way I was going to be able to touch it. The pain immensely intensified and I was just crying whilst on the floor. I don’t remember what happened next but I found myself on a stretcher bed and they were a lot of people in the room. I was trying to open my eyes but I was feeling too weak.

‘Emily, can you hear me.’

I thought I could hear my brother’s voice but maybe it wasn’t him. I tried listening again but then everything became darker.


I kept pacing up and down in the room with my mother. She wasn’t saying anything; none of us was talking to the other. I was scared and trust me I had never been this scared all of my life. When I was talking to Emily on the phone, she just screamed and her phone went dead, I didn’t wait to call back but immediately grabbed my car keys and drove home. I drove home in high speed that I arrived in just few minutes. Thank goodness my office was close by to my house. I just got out of the car and left the keys on the ignition. When I ran inside the house, my mother was standing at the door banging it and I just had to break it. When I finally managed to get inside the toilet, Emily was…Emily was down on the floor bleeding and she was unconscious. I quickly lifted her up and rushed with her to the car whilst my mother trailed behind. On my way to the hospital, I called Ernest letting him know that I was coming with Emily. When I arrived there, he was already waiting for us. He just took his sister and I am still waiting for him right now, I am scared. I am feeling scared and I don’t know what to do. I love Emily with all of my heart and I don’t want to lose her or the baby. I haven’t called her mother yet because I don’t have the strength right now.

‘It’s my fault,’ said my mother.

She finally broke the silence.

‘Don’t blame yourself Ma.’

‘I should have been there for her but I thought she was doing okay in her room. I am s..’

‘Mother, don’t blame yourself.’

I don’t know what had happened to Emily, I have absolutely no idea and I didn’t want mum to blame herself. Waiting for some good news seemed like forever, it’s already at night and we only came here at around 10 am and we have been just sitting. I had managed to call Tiffany and she was here with her husband. Ernest hasn’t come out yet and I am worried. I wish he could just come out and let me know. Finally he came out and he was all bloody.

‘Where is Emily?’ asked my mother.

Ernest looked all defeated and that made me think of the worst.

‘I am sorry Jamal.’

‘Where is my Emily?’

‘I tried all I could but she lost too much blood and…’





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  1. Emily can't die,if she loose the baby no probs (not that I want that to happen), but I will want her to live so she can regret all her actions

  2. If she die now then the next episode is final where Jamal would eventually married Angela.

    Though Emily mustn't die in order to taste the wrath of her action.

  3. Emily has finally reaped her evil deeds. Now the truth will be opened that she tried to poison herself to implicate her mother-in-law. Hopefully the poison will be found in their room. She may lose the baby and never be able to conceive again. I hope she won't blame Maria but herself.

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