Truly Yours

Truly Yours – Episode 50

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Truly Yours

Chapter 50

Written By: Authoress Dammy.


“And you keep blushing every second of the day, should I be worried?” Blake asked, I blush yet again okay this is really going to get me in trouble, luckily for me Jessica burst into the open door staring at the both of us.

“I heard you and Cole are together! is that true? please tell me” Jessica yelled.

I giggled. “Kind of” I replied.

“In your face Jonathon” Jessica frown at Blake, who ignore her, I grab my bowl of cereal looking at Blake.

“Did you make this for me dear big brother?” I asked me.

“I did” Cole grinned, coming up from behind me, I didn’t realize he was in the kitchen the whole time, not caring if Blake and Jessica were watching us, he lean down and place a kiss on my nap. It was just a kiss but I felt it down to my toes.

“I know I gave you my permission but that doesn’t mean you can shove it in my face” Blake grumble walking out of the room.

“Since when do they need your permission to date?” Jessica yelled then turn to both Cole and I. “Don’t listen to him, he’s just jealous cause he’s going to die single”.

“Jessical” Cole warned.

“Oh c’m on” She laughed. “Isn’t he dating that Bella girl? y’all are dating. Hey Cole when will I get to date?”

“How about….never?” Cole snapped walking away.

Both Jessica and I exchange looks then laugh, let’s see how that goes already.


“Watch where you’re going!” Isabelle screamed as I bump into her.

“Geez calm down will you” I said, picking up her books for her while she just stood there and watch me do it, after picking it up. I hand it over to her.

“I’m sorry for I insulting you about what happened in the past” She snapped then hurried away.

I stare after her, shocked and surprise what the hell is going on? I mean did Isab***h just apologize to me? well that’s new.

“If you don’t accept her apology tell me, I will tell her to do it again” Cole smirked, I stare at him as my boyfriend walk towards me dress in his coach uniform.

I couldn’t help but to smile, I mean it felt so good to call him my boyfriend, to know he’s all mine.

“You made her apologize to me?”

“Obviously, aren’t I the world best boyfriend?” He bragged playfully.

“Keep dreaming” I smack him playfully then walk into the nearest classroom when I spot principal molly walking towards us.

“Guess what?” Bella told me as I sat down next to her.

“I’m not good at guessing so just tell me already”

“Jennifer and Isabelle fought dirty early this morning, it was so much fun to watch Cole told Isabelle to apologize to you, she deny ever insulting you, wanting to be on Cole’s good side she gang up against Isabelle which result to a fist fight.” Bella said.

Very typical, I mean that excaly what happen when two fake people decided to be friends, no wonder Isabelle seems like she wanted to cry when I bump into her earlier.

I bet she realize how it feels when your best friend turn against you, most especially for a guy.


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