Truly Yours

Truly Yours – Episode 48

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Truly Yours

Chapter 48

Written By: Authoress Dammy.

Warning Mature content below and not suitable for readers below 18, don’t say I didn’t warn you.


“Cole” I moan into his neck, fingers in his hair pulling and tugging as he kiss me down from my neck to the top area of my breast, I tint my head back giving him access to my neck.

How we came about this was totally our undoing, first we were playing truth or dare and how it got to this point, I don’t know and I don’t care, I knew we both wanted this.

“If you want me to stop, you just have to say the word” He whispered, as he unlock my bra then lick between my breast with his tongue, I was in heaven I could only moan and push hard against him.

“Don’t stop!” I gasp as he took one of my nipple into his mouth, sucking hard against the roof of his mouth.

He played with both breasts, pinching, squeezing, sucking and worshiping them, the pleasure was too much, I tug on his hair crying out, I guess that trigger him on cause he resume sucking my breasts harder while his finger move lower to the waist band of my jean, then he pause.

“Are you sure about this?” He asked kissing me on the cheek.

Since I could bearly get a word out, I simply nodded and watch as he took my jean off, then my underwear followed, I blush trying to cover my private part.

Cole was quick to stop me placing my hand above my head then he my ear he whispered huskily. “You’re beautiful”

“Thank you…”My sentence was cut short as Cole begin to kiss me down my stomach to the very center of my desire, I pause my breath deepen as I felt his breath on my most vulnerable part of my body.

I jerk forward, meeting the new sensation as he begin to nipple and suck me down there, I gasp, moan, cried, all this is too much, I want him to stop and not stop at the sane time.

“Cole…please” I have no idea what I was begging for.

He slip one of his finger inside me, I hissed in pain causing him to stop.

“Damn you’re tight” He murmured huskily.

Tight? I don’t know if that was a good thing or bad but since he didn’t complain I’d take that as a good thing.

“Oh God…ahh” I moan yet again as Cole added another finger, moving faster and harder inside me while rubbing my mud, my stomach tighten in anticipation for something I have no idea of and just as I was about getting there Cole pull back.

I whimpered in protest.

“This is gonna hurt a little baby” He told me, putting on a condom, I blush looking away from him. That only made him chuckled.

As he settled in between my legs, I grew a little anxious as I felt him nudging my entrance, man he’s huge. I wonder if he was ever going to fit in me.

“Relax kitten” I nodded then cried out in pain as Cole thrust into me, my inside felt like it’s been apart, I blink back the tears. This wasn’t supposed to hurt was it.

I tried moving to ease the pain away, Cole immediately grab my thighs stilling my movement.

“Don’t move” He rasp out.

Few minutes later, the pain was replace with an undescribable pleasure, I moan urging Cole to move, and he comply, moving in and out slowly at first allowing me to adjust to his size then he pick up the pace, moving faster and harder inside me.

This was sex and everything I could imagine. It was perfect and it wasn’t just sex.

We both cried out the same time as we reached our peak, then Cole collapse on to of me.

Either of us speak, each trying to catch our breath.

“That was amazing, you were amazing kitten” Cole mumble kissing me slightly on the lips.

I was falling asleep already njt manage to murmur out a “You too Cole”.


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