Truly Yours

Truly Yours – Episode 43

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Truly Yours

Chapter 43

Written By: Authoress Dammy.



Jessica gotta be the most pretty girl I have ever set eyes on in a long time, her blonde hair was long and a bit wavy at the end, giving her a barbie look, her blue eyes were crystal clear, arrogant chin, and pink tiny mouth, she’s a little bit tall her for age, average boobs for a sixteen year old, and a wide hips.

Gosh I wonder how many guys heart she would have broken over the years.

“You look familiar” Her voice sounded like a song, gosh she’s really pretty.

“Wow” Bella spoke up beside me. “I don’t do girls but seeing you is changing my mind” She moan beside me, Blake was definitely right when he said Bella isn’t a good influence.

Jessica blushed then blink at us probably trying to remember my face.

“Sure I do, I’m Ella Ariella” I introduce.

“Jonathon’s sister!” She particularly screamed and hug me, oops and did I tell you she’s the only one that dare call Blake his middle name? Blake totally hates it.

“Jonathon?” Bella frowned.

“Yes, Jessica is the only one brave enough to call him that” I giggled.

“Yes I’m pretty brave, where is he by the way? doesn’t he miss his little barbie” Jessica ask, looking towards the door like Blake would magically make an appearance.

“He calls you little barbie?” There was a tone in Bella voice I didn’t recognized, she sounded like she was jealous or something.

“Of course, who wants pie?” She yelled.

“Me” I yelled, reaching for it but she pull it put of my grabs. “Why that” I whine.

“Jonathon gets to eat first” She struggle off.

“So you learnt how to cook? Isn’t granny so nice” I teased.

“Don’t you dare claim my baking as yours” Cole said playfully from behind, all my excitement dying at once, knowing we were close to strangers now.

“I’m still waiting for Jonathon, plus I help I making them” Jessica roll her eyes.

“He should be here anytime soon” Cole replied bringing out several glass cup.

“You gone quiet” I nudge Bella.

“Nothing really” She laugh watching Jessica as she move about the room, the door open, Blake walk into the room and Jessica was all over him in a second.

“Whoa little barbie has grown up” Blake laughed.

“Just hurry up, I’m starving” I scolded Blake, well he seems be on Jessica good terms while Cole and I were particularly strangers.

Don’t get it twist, what’s going on between Jessica and Blake happen to be brother and sister relationship, I was once jealous of that, I prefer Cole to Blake, while Jessica just prefer Blake to Cole, she even told me we should switch brothers.

Well I fall in love with hers, while she still regard my brother as her own, Bella seems to be getting everything wrong cause she was just staring at them.

Looks like I finally solve the puzzle between Blake and Bella.

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