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(The prophecy)

Written by: Bukky Victoria


Can anyone believe that a slave can become the future Queen especially in the kingdom of Mubana that their culture forbid a prince from marrying a slave or a low born person.

but surprisingly the crown prince was given a prophecy that his future wife will be from a slave.
this make him become furious and his hatred for every female slave that comes his way increase.


meet Bianca the princess of Kpata[ Kingdom was treated like a slave by her stepmother queen Zuka who later sold her to death
out of hatred and jealousy.

Bianca has a super natural Power to heal sickness and to see vision about the future except her own.

find out in this interesting story if the prince will marry a slave against their culture and according to the prophecy.

find out how Bianca became THE SLAVE PRINCESS and how her life will take a new phase.

grab your pop corn as we travel in to a new adventure.

brought to you by Bukky blinks and you gonna love it.

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