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New creation

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New Creation


 Unknown pov

“Am sorry,we can’t be dating anymore” that’s word still sound in my head, she left me because I’m not rich, that’s word must stop I have to rich yes I have to rich no matter what it takes I will get rich

(Early morning in second day)

“Jake,thank you for your support you have been giving me, I really appreciate your help but I have to leave now,I can’t leave under you forever I have to find a way for my self,I am leaving now I don’t know when it can takes but I’m coming back with riches”I explained to my friend Jake

” Where are you going now”he asked

“I don’t know but I’m coming back” I bid him good bye

I turned to leave now I am going to new world,I am now going to be New creation I am going to miss my friends and all but I don’t have choice

I have to leave

Hello friend,I am new here

I bring you interesting story sit back read

I think I am allowed here

Thank you all



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