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My Ex-boyfriends Friend – Finale – Episode 21

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A story by Kennedy C Katongo

“Every Superwoman needs a superman, am just completing the equation.”
“You sound so confident it scares me.” I blushed, his words just made me feel dizzy. How could a man be so at ease on a date? I thought as I looked at him.
Mwango suggest we take a walk in town when we were done at KFC.
“These streets use to be a mess in my time, tables everywhere you could hardly see the why Lusaka was a Capital city.” He said in his low manly voice.
It was that kind of voice that put a spell on you, just listening to him seriously turned me on.
“What has been your most fearful moments in the two years we have known each other?” I asked him.
“Let’s see, I think it has too be when I woke up in the middle of the night, then went to browse through your photos on Facebook. Found a certain picture with 500 likes and about 200 comments and my jaw just dropped.” He laughed.
“Why would your jaw drop?” I asked with a giggle.
“I know people who get 50 likes and have stopped responding to messages. I seriously never thought we could be this close.”
“No matter the number of likes or how sexy and hot our photos look, at the end of the day we all humans with emotions.” I added.
Mwango held my hand firmly, and as if talking to himself… He said, “I don’t want to let go.”
“Don’t worry, am also not going to let you go.”
“I will see you soon,” He said as he kissed my forehead.
Mwango had left me with no words but a fairytale. I didn’t think I would get over what Kalaba did to me, but finally, meeting Mwango changed everything.
“What happened to you?”
Angel immediately asked as I closed the door behind me.
“Did he walk you to the door?” She asked me as I stood and stared at the closed door.
“If this isn’t love, then tell me… What is this?” I asked as I turned to face Angel.
“What did that man do to you? You look like you’ve hard a serious orgasm.”
“Angel! Come on that’s just way out of line. I just enjoyed my time with Mwango, I think I can testify that no matter what, love is real.” I said as I walked to the kitchen.
“These boys might break us to the bone, but u can tell you something… They can never destroy nor damage us.” We both laughed in unison.
“What brings you to my work place?” I asked Major as he stood with a bright smile in his face. “I didn’t know Colgate was doing auditions.” I added.
“Very funny. I will ignore the joke though. I want you to help me get stuff for the party.” He responded warmly as usual.
“You still haven’t told me what’s with the smile.” I said in a more intrusive manner.
“I met her yesterday, we had a snack, then took a walk and then dinner and then spoke for another 2 hours. It was just crazy.” He said sounding hyper.
“That sounds like a fairytale, not that I want to bust your bubble.”
“Exactly my point Kalaba, She made me feel appreciated. For the first time a lady looked at me without the thought of how much my net worth is. It’s crazy?” He said joyfully.
“So you think you in love?” I asked him with a shock on my face.
“Guilty as charged.” He responded as we walked to his car.
“Have anybody told you that your confidence levels are annoying?” I asked him.
“Yes, she even said it again yesterday. Love is blind, love us intoxicating, love is senseless. It can’t be explained.” Major smiled.
I didn’t know what to do, I was stuck between two worlds. My best friend had just mate his Facebook girlfriend and he was already in love.
I mean, I never believed in love at first site. How in the world was I supposed to believe that He we now in love.
“I think you should take it easy. I know you going to say you have known her for 2 years, but ladies can pretend. You might be taking into a trap.” I said with all good intentions at heart.
“So what do you think I should do?” Mwango asked me.
“Invite her for the Movie, try and see how she will act in front of other people, I mean. This is love, every stone must be turned. Am just saying.” I cleared my throat.
“I’ve already done than. Add can you stop interchanging my name’s, Major… Mwango… Major… Mwango. Just pick one and stick to it.” He lashed out on me.
“What’s the difference their? They both your names after all. But don’t worry, am going to keep Major. It brings back a lot of memories.” I laughed.
The week had been busy for me as I tried my best in helping Major prepare for his first movie premiere.
We moved from shop to shop and invited as much people as we could, well, we only invited people we were close with and a few Zambian movie directors. Major insisted we keep it simple.
KALABA: “Hello, how are you doing?”
MIRRIAM: “You don’t have to call me ten times in a day..”
KALABA: “I know, it’s just that I wanted to ask how your schedule is for Saturday. Would like us to go somewhere.”
MIRRIAM: “Am sorry I can’t, I have somewhere I need to be…”
MIRRIAM: “I know I have been very busy lately and it has began to send a bad impression. But believe me, am not trying to avoid you, it’s just that I have to attend to personal issues.”
KALABA: “Don’t worry, I understand. But once you free… Just know that you owe me a lunch.”
I laughed as I hang up the call, I felt empty but then I realized I was getting to much involved in something that wasn’t even there. I mean, we were just friends, barely friends and yet I was acting all jealous.
“Is everything okay?” Major asked as he looked at my discouraged face.
“Love is crazy, trust me.” I said lowly.
“You can say that again. It’s something that just messes you up.” He added as he gave me a tap on the back.
Major was smart enough to conclude I had been let down, even though he didn’t ask, he made sure to not let it get to my heard .
“When we done with this, I need a raise!” I said with a smile.
“But Kalaba, it’s not like your been paid in the first place.” He objected.
“Then I need to be out on pay roll.” I laughed.
“Kutemwa! Is Mirriam coming or we have to start without her?” Angel asked as she sat on the carpet.
“She said she would be here, let’s wait for 10 minutes and if she’s not here will call her.”
We had been waiting for Mirriam for an hour and half and she was no where to be seen.
“I don’t think she’s going to make it, Mirriam has never been this late, in fact she’s the one whose always early.” I said as I now joined Angel on the carpet with a bow of ice cream.
“I think your phone is ringing.” Angel said with a frown.
KUTEMWA: “Hey sister, where are you?”
MIRRIAM: “I won’t be able to make it. Am doing some decorations, hence, been held you that’s why I haven’t been able to respond to your calls.”
KUTEMWA: “So we have to eat without you? And I want you to escort my somewhere Angel has refused.”
MIRRIAM: “No problem. Huh, provided it’s not this weekend.”
KUTEMWA: “What! Don’t to me you busy on Saturday… This is just hearr breaking, I can’t believe I have to be alone.”
MIRRIAM: “I think you will be just fine, and I need an update on that guy of yours when we meet.”
My chat in the phone with Mirriam didn’t last long, I couldn’t believe I had to attend Mwango’s show alone. I needed some back up, girl power.
“She’s not going to make it huh?”
“She’s not, she is already booked for the weekend as well. Which means I have to be surrounded by strangers.” I said in disgust.
“It’s not going to be that bad. Am sure you will enjoy.” Angel smiled, always trying to be positive minded.
“We need to start preparing… And you need to start driving your car.” She added as we both sat.
“Listen to me sir, I brought my suit on time and this is now 18hrs. If I don’t get my suit tonight you will be sorry!” I sighed and threw myself on the chair.
“Don’t get yourself stressed girl, everything will be fine. Since I can’t manage to take you to the party, I have asked Captain to drop you there for me.” Angel said as she walked around the house.
“Captain! Why did it have to be him? I can book a taxi you know?” I frowned.
‘“Captain insisted. Besides it’s been a minute since you two spoke.” She laughed.
“We are about to make history. Look at this place.” I said as both Major and I stood behind the seats.
We hand arranged everything and all that was left were decorations and a serious nap.
“She could have brought the decorations now. I hate the idea of leaving you alone with her.” I said as we were heading to the car.
Major was waiting for his cousin so that they could finish up.
Time moves when you having fun, With my eyes barely open I took myself to the shower, and just stood as the water poured on me. Yes, I was that tired.
“’Cause we were just kids when we fell in love…
Not knowing what it was…
I will not give you up this time…
But darling, just kiss me slow…
Your heart is all I own…
And in your eyes you’re holding mine”
I slowly sang as I came out of the shower, for some strange reason I was excited and I didn’t know why.
Without wasting time I prepared myself, A grey slim fit suit. Practically I looked English, it was going to be an evening worth dying for.
KALABA: “What you doing man? Am already done.”
MAJOR: “ Is that Ed Sheeran playing in the background?”
KALABA: “I didn’t call you so that you start Shazaming me. Are you dressed already?”
MAJOR: “Am dressed up already. I thought you hate the guy…”
KALABA: “Shut up Major.”
Without hearing what he wanted to say next I cut the line. I was the Master of ceremony, so I just hard to be on point.
“How do I look Angel?”
“mmmh, like a billionaire.” She answered with a smile.
“Com on. Be serious, how do I look?” I asked her again.
“You look gorgeous, sexy and dashing. Very fashionable I may add.” She smiled.
“I feel like it’s too much, I don’t want to send the wrong message you know.” I laughed.
“I need you to get one thing straight, you can never lose something you never had. I know you madly love the dude, but don’t do anything stupid. Like your granny would put it ‘Think outside your emotions and then add some wisdom to the thought’ it’s as complicated as that.” Angel laughed.
“You and granny will drive me insane one day.” I laughed as I got my handbag. Captain was already outside waiting for us.
“You haven’t even told me where you two are going after you drop me off.”
“I will tell you about it when you come back home.”
Without giving it much thought we had arrived at the venue, the place was packed with people lined up trying to get in. I didn’t never imagined it to be a big event and I could perfectly recall what he said, ‘It’s just a few people, relatives mostly.’ as I gazed outside.
“You never mentioned your boyfriend is a big short.” Captain said with a shock on his face.
“His not my boyfriend!”
“Theoretically speaking he will eventually be your boyfriend.” Angel added.
“Okay, you two are not going to do that to me. Am already nervous as it is.” I said with shivers going down my spine.
I got my phone and sent him a text that I was outside. And before I knew it, there was a knock on the window.
“Hello!” He said with a broad smile that just made the handsome in him manifest.
“Hey Mwango.” I responded.
Captain and Angel where busy looking at him, each one stealing a gaze as if they had it all planned out.
“These are my friends, my roommate Angel and his boyfriend Captain.” I said to break the awkward moment that was present.
“Oh, Nice to finally meet you guys. I have heard a lot about you.” Mwango said.
“Heard a lot? Even about me?” Captain asked surprisingly.
“I would like to chat some more guy but unfortunately am needed Inside. My lady, may I have the pleasure of walking you to your seat?” He asked as he faced me.
Everyone in the car was silent, then finally I stepped out.
We walked passed the guards, I mean, I was VIP. Mwango took me to where he was seated and asked me to wait a bit for him. The big screen had a watch timer, that was counting down to how many minutes were left before the movie could begin.
“We about to start, You can go and do your thing Mr MC.” Mwango said as he gave me a tap.
“Hope you got your speech ready.” I said as I pulled myself together.
I walked on stage and the crowd went wild. People where shouting and screaming.
“I would like to welcome you all to ST Premier of one of the greatest movies ever made. What started as just a school project has now become a dream and reality for many. I would like to welcome my best friend and partner, ladies and gentlemen give it up for Mwango C. Mulenga.” It was a a moment to watch as everyone stood up to welcome Mwango.
“Do your thing brother…” I said as I handed him the mic.
“Wow! I don’t know what to say, Without wasting much of your time I would like to say thank you to everyone for making it. From the response we have, am sure we need a bigger place next time.” Mwango laughed.
He was a natural as he spoke, everyone loved him, I mean, just from the prologue he gave concerning the movie we were about to see,it was no secret that he had already made a mark on the Zambian movie industry.
Once the movie began, I was the last one to go and take a seat, Without even noticing who was in front of me as I walked.
“Excuse me, You on my seat.” I said as a beautiful lady in a red dress turned to face me.
“Am sorry but this section is for VIP.” She said as she looked at me. Her eyes met mine and words were not found.
“You!” We both said in unison.
“What are you doing here?” I said in a whisper.
“I should be asking you the same question, wait, are you the one who introduced my cousin?” Mirriam asked me with a cold stare.
“What! Did you just say your cousin?” I asked her.
“Don’t play dumn with me Kalaba. Of course you heard me right.”
“Wait a minute, so you the cousin of his who was abroad for medical stuff? OMG!” I didn’t know what to say. I didn’t know how to react. I wish the was an emoji for the way I felt right there and then.
How was Major going to take it once I told him the doctor I had been seeing was his cousin. And not just his cousin, the same cousin he dated without knowing they were related.
“How long have you known my cousin?” Mirriam asked me.
“I don’t know, my entire life I guess. We where together in high school and friends before we even become class mates.” I said calmly.
“Have you told Mwango about me?” She asked me.
“Yes I have. And I told him you couldn’t make it because you were attending a meeting.”
“This is the same meeting I was talking about. Wait; this was the gathering you wanted to invite me too? Oh snap!”
“His gonna kill me.” I shook my head.
I walked out on Mirriam and continued to go to my seat. I was lost in thought, the moment had began to crumble on and melt on me.
“Where have you been?” Major asked me.
“I’ve been meeting my destiny. The moment I tried to face Mwango then behold! Kutemwa!” I immediately called out to a lady that was seated next to Mwango.
“You know her?” Mwango asked me in a faint voice.
“Yes I do, that’s Miss HaveItAll!” I responded.
“Sush! Keep your voice down. Will talk after this is done.” Mwango said. He was as confused as I was.
I kept silent and tried to follow the movie but eish, it wasn’t easy. I mean, I couldn’t help but wonder, Mess Kutemwa the internet girl Mwango had told me about.
I needed an explanation for what was going on, but again, how was I going to tell Major that I was seeing his cousin. My mind was stuck, I didn’t know what was happening.
Once the movie was over Mwango asked that we gather in the dinning hall, it was just Kutemwa, Mirriam and Mwango and myself. I was the first one to arrive as I waited for everyone.
“Don’t tell me you the one who has called for a meeting? I don’t want any trouble okay.” Mirriam said as she walked around the room.
“I didn’t say anything. Do you know how confusing it is to meet your crush and ex-girlfrirnd at a gathering you wouldn’t even dare to imagine them to be found at?”
“What you mean your Ex, you mean she’s here? What did you do this time around Kalaba? Did you insult an old person?” Mirriam asked.
“What? Definitely not.” I responded mightly.
During our small argument Mwango walked in. He stood and looked at both Mirriam and I. Before he could say anything Kutemwa walked in, she was as beautiful as the first day I saw her.
“Kutemwa!” Mirriam exclaimed immediately.
“Mirriam? What are you doing…” Before she could finish her sentence her eye fought mine.
“What the heck is going on here? What is Kalaba doing here?” She asked with her voice raised.
“Wait a minute, how do you know Kalaba?” Mwango asked Kutemwa.
“Major that’s not the point here.” I said in a hurry.
“Major? What? Wait, are you saying that friend of yours whom you spoke highly of is Mwango?” Kutemwa asked with an evil gaze in her eyes that sparkled.
“Major is Mwango and Mwango is Major.” I said sharply.
“You still haven’t answered my question.” Mwango said as he looked at Kutemwa.
“Kutemwa what’s going on here? How do you know Kalaba?” Mirriam also asked.
“I know him because his my ex-boyfriend.” She answered.
“What! Iwe Kalaba how do you know Mirriam?” Major asked immediately before he could comment.
“Mirriam is the doctor I have been telling you about all this while.” I answered feeling ashamed.
“So that means you are the guy Mirriam has been talking about?” Kutemwa said.
“I can’t take this anymore, am out of here.” Major said and stormed out of the room.
I was lost and confused, all we ever did was use code names and this was the end result. We were all playing a game that we had no idea was on.
I rushed outside and went after Mwango.
Both Mwango and Kalaba had gone out of the room, I never felt like I was cheating. But somehow I felt like I was played.
“I don’t know what has just happened.” Mirriam said as she came to where I stood.
“Well, What has happened is that have been seeing my Ex-boyfriends best friend.” I responded with a sigh.
Mirriam decided that we go home and just talk from there. I thought she was right. My heart was hearting, I didn’t want to think of what would happen next.


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  1. This story can't end like this now
    I mean you just stopped half way
    How do we know what will happen later

    Please conclude it oo

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