Mafia's Girl

🔥Mafia’s Girl – Romance/Crime Thriller 🔥

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Mafia’s Girl

Written by Authoress Dammy


You’re mine, mind body and soul He whispered nearly choking the air out of her.


Luca Valentino wanted revenge from the only woman he ever loved, his plan was to destroy and break her the same way she did with him.

He had every intention of snatching away everything from her, he wanted her to beg him for her freedom, he want her to cry in pain and agony and he would do anything to achieve that even if it’s meant marrying forcefully.

As the leader of the underworld Mafia Luca was trained to torture and to destroy, he’s a monster everyone knows it, he loved it.

The fear he sees in everyone’s eyes immediately his name pops up, and it’s the same fear he wants to see in Isabella De Vincent eyes.

She was no different! she’s already so scared of him which is the beginning of his plan of breaking her.

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