Mafia's Girl

Mafia’s Girl – Chapter 03

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Mafia’s Girl

Written By: Authoress Dammy

Chapter 03

“Luca please no! don’t do this” Isabella pleaded s even though she knew it was useless but she couldn’t help but try.

Her nightmare begin just as he had mentioned she finally said I do, this day wasn’t the way she had imagine it to be.

She never really thought of marrying anyone else other than Luca well that was before he turned into a monster and when she thought he was dead, she started to see her future with someone years.

*Flashback to seven years ago*

“C’mon Luc, be serious for once! I knew our parents wanted us to marry I don’t know why but what if our parents change their mind? Would you still want to marry me” Isabella asked as she and Luca walk hand in hand home from school, of course she was aware of the envious look casted her way, why not she’s walking with everyone’s Mr. Perfect.

Luc had always told her to ignore them that they aren’t worth it.

“Do you even need to ask Bella? I would marry you over and over and over again” He shouted spuning her around in circles.

“Put me down! People are starting to stare” She blushed.

“When do they ever not stare? Let’s them stare Bella, one day in the thousand of smiling people’s face I’m going to finally make you mine in every sense of word. I will give you your dream wedding” He replied.

*End Of Flashback*

“Do you want me to drag you to the car again?” Came Luca harsh voice.

Which drag her back to the present, she look at her best friend Gwen who hasn’t seen to stop crying ever since Luca storm in, she knew him well enough.

“Can I at least talk to Gwen please” She pleaded.

“No!” Was his reply.

Giving her best friend a quick smile was all she manage to do before Luca push her into his car and the driver drove them out of the church venue.

Isabella stare out of the car window and let the tears fall freely down her face, Luca had taken everything away from her and deprived her of her happiness for that she would never forgive him.

“Don’t even think that one day I will need your forgiveness Bella, you will be the one needing mine and I will never get it” He replied her thought like he knew exactly what she was thinking.

She had no doubt he could read and see through her, her relationship with him had been so strong they could communicate without even speaking, they could finish each other’s sentences.

But this monster right here had not only just ruin her life, he killed her Luc.

“The last thing I would ever need from you is your forgiveness. I hate you” She spat staring at him.

“That’s nothing new to me Bella, I have received worst from you. Like betrayal” He stated coldly.

“And one more thing, don’t you dare call me Bella! My name is Isabella and you lost that right ever since you forced me to say I do to you”

He glare at her gripping her hand in an iron fist.

“You’re hurting me” She half cried.

“You’re mine Bella and I will call you and do whatever I want with you. The sooner that stick into your skull the better, and if you disobey me. You have your Father and bas***d fiancee’s life to waste. The ball is in your court now my sweet Bella” He let go of her.

Isabella quickly shifted far away from him. “I have do as you said up untill now. Plesse do not hurt them” She pleaded.

“That is for me to decide” He replied.

“Mr. Valentino we are here” The driver announced, Isabella was quite relieved the poor time she spend with Luca in the car the harder it was becoming for her not to jump on him and strangled him.

Gathering her huge wedding dress about her, It was her mother’s and she wanted her to wear it on her wedding day to Luca before she passed away seven years ago, she step out if the car and look up at her prison all dressed up in the name of a huge fancy masion not that she expected something less from the Valentinos they were fithly rich.

Mr & Mrs Valentino was already waiting for house at the gate with several guards spread about the premises.

“Luca Vincenzo Valentino! How dare you held your father in law captive” Mrs. Valentino scolded, enveloping me in a hug immediately which took a lot of self will not to cry, she’s like a second mother figure to me.

“Stay out of this Mom” Luca warned walking into the house, judging from the way his parents were looking at each other it’s look like they was nothing they could do. He’s the so called Don now after all..



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