Mafia's Girl

Mafia’s Girl – Chapter 02

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Mafia’s Girl

Written By: Authoress Dammy

Chapter 02

She couldn’t believe it! No Luca had to be dead that was what her father told her six years ago, she arrived home from college on that fateful day to the news that Luca had been shot dead by a stray bullet, obviously she was happy and a triffile sad.

Sad that gaining her freedom had cost him his life, but she couldn’t bear the thought of getting married to a monster like Luca, her Luca changed so much and staring at him now deep inside her heart Isabella knew the changed had become worst.

Taking a bold step towards him and ignoring her drumming heart. “Where is my father!” She demanded staring at the icy blue eyes that had once made her go weak in the knees.

That was when she was still a teenager, at sixteen she had thought Luca to be her moon, sun and stars combined together, what could be more happier than getting engaged to the hottest guy at high school and every girl dream guy?

Every girl back at high school used to be so jealous of their relationship, it was an arrangement made by their parents and they both seems to be fine by it, until final year when Luca started to change.

She thought it was all in her head until the night of one of their dates where Luca had shot a guy dead just because he was staring at her!

All traces of love for him had been replaced by fear instantly and as the day goes by she dread getting married to him especially when she found out he is the future Don of a Mafia underworld.

“Not happy to see me, yes?” He chuckled darkly watching her with the eyes of a predictor, he was the predictor and she’s his prey.

“I said where is my father and Anthonio!” She shouted not caring about the fearful glances people were throwing them, it was all cursed by Luca after all and the guest couldn’t leave cause he f****ng ordered them not to.

“Your father has been held captive by me, for trying to give what’s mine away and your sweet little fiancee..just few minutes left for him to join his ancestors” He grinned.

“You monster! I hate you!” She launched forward ready to hit him on his chest like she’d always do back then but in one swift move Luca had her hand pin behind her.

“Let me go!” She cried in fear realising what she almost did. *This isn’t Luca you fool! He’s a monster who had swallow your Luca and you have every right to hate him for it* Isabella thought.

Right in front of everyone he pinned her against the wall of the church choking her, no one dared made a move to stop him.

“You’re mine, body and soul Bella!” He snarled chuckling once more as he release her.

Isabella cough again and again as tears fall down her face. “Do whatever you want with me but..leave Anthonio and my dad out of this! They did nothing wrong” She pleaded.

“Oh you all going to f****ng get what coming to you, now tell me where has he touched what’s mine!” Luca asked his eyes taking a dangerous glit.

Isabella stare at him in horror wondering what was going on in his mind.

“f****ng answer me b***h! And don’t dare lie to me!” He growled causing everyone to flinch.

Isabella close her eyes glad that she and Anthonio hadn’t done anything than kissing. “We’ve only kissed” She murmured, she and Luca gone as far as making out. They both wanted to wait until their wedding night.

“Mason” Luca called turning to face his cousin. “Tell stone to f****ng cut that b***h lips! I want the both of them cut off” He ordered.

“No Luca please!” Isabella fall at his feet begging him as she cling to his leg. “I want to take all their punishment take it out on me” Instead he kicked her away.

“I’m going to make you regret every breath you draw Bella, I’m going to make you regret the day you fell in love with that bas***d! Most importantly I’m going to make you regret the day you decided to betrayed me”

“I never betrayed you Luca I thought you were dead! We all thought so” Isabella tried trying to reason with him, hoping she could still find her Luc somewhere underneath this monster.

“Today…the first step of your nightmare will be you saying I do to me!” He declared dragging her to the alter.


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