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Gentle Tiger – Episode 22B

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Gentle Tiger

Written by Uche Lawrence

Chapter 22B

Ara’s pov

“I need to go buy some coffee “I said and stood up but Soo bin held me down.

“To where? What’s the work of those two there?” She pointed to Young hee and Yoo nah.

“Gosh! Fine… Young hee! Yoo nah! ” I called, smiling.

It one minute before Young hee stood up.

“What? “She said harshly.

“Hmm… I want you to buy me coffee ”

“What? Am not going! “She yelled.

“Huh? You aren’t going? Were you not the one who said you gonna be her maid for one week”A student said.

“I wasn’t the one who said that, it was Yoo nah ”

“Well, that’s isn’t our concern, just follow as you promise “The boy replied and everyone nodded.

“Fine! Where’s the money? “She asked.

“Oh take “I handed her the money and she stormed away.

“Hmm… Ara is there any work for me? “Yoo nah asked grinning.

What happened to her?

“Hmm.. No, it not your turn yet. ”

Young hee came back with the coffee and hand over me my change but I declined and ask her to take it.

“I don’t want your money, keep it to your self ”

“Fine, I will give it to Yoo nah “Yoo nah took the money and said a “thank you ”


The break was over and I went to class, my eyes widen in shock when I saw Tae holding a rose and was sitting on my seat.

“Hey babe “He grinned when he saw me.

The whole class were watching. I walk to him and he made me sit on his laps.

“Hey…what are you doing in my class.. The teacher will come soon “I whispered.

“I came to study with you “He said and raised my brow.


The teacher came in and saw us in the position but she didn’t do anything.

The teachers were almost bowing to me when they realised I was the Kim’s daughter and also Tae’s girlfriend but I hate that.

It makes me feel awkward. Even the principal too.


Throughout the teaching till we closed. Tae was with me.

I got to the park, and saw the students taking pictures of my new Ferrari car. Gosh!

I entered with Soo bin and drove out of the school.

“Won’t you follow me to my new shopping mall ?” I asked.

“Of course, I will like to see it… CEO Ara! “She answered, jokingly.

“God! I will be CEO in two places. First, the music Industry and now the shopping mall “I sighed.

“See who’s talking, the music Industry isn’t for you alone, it also for your brother. So when your brother come of age he can help you with it. Moreover, you guys have manager right?”

I nodded “But who knows if the manager is a bad person, well let’s just leave that for another day ”


I got to the shopping mall and let out a wow, my parents really did perfect.

“Good afternoon, ma’am .let me show you your office “The receptionist said and I nodded.

The door opened, and the office was breathtaking.

“Ara! This is your office! OMG! I can’t believe this. “Soo bin screamed touching the table, the glass windows and almost everything in the office.

“Let’s go home, I will be coming here everyday just to check how the mall is and every Saturday and Sunday, I will be here by 8am in the morning till 5pm.

Less I forget, who is the person managing the mall? “I asked the receptionist.

“Hmm.. She’s in the office opposite the men’s section “She answered and I told her to leave.

“Ara, am so happy for you. Come on let’s check the clothes in here “Soo bin dragged me out.


Seo’s pov

I grinned when I told them am dating Soo bin.

“Are you boys kidding me “Mom asked.

“Yes mom” I answered.

“Oh my! My two sons now have girlfriends.. Arggh bit this two seems to be my problem. Go get your selves a girlfriend “Mom winced and hit Rhee and Jae.

“Mom, as for Rhee very soon “Tae smirked and Rhee glared at him

“Huh? Tell me Rhee ”

“Am going on a date with Ha rin “Rhee replied.

“Awwn my three sons are awesome, what about you Jae ”

“Am going too ”

” With who? ”

“With the standing fan “Jae answered and grinned, hugging the fan beside him.

“Asssh! You crazy! Well you are looking good together. Two big heads. ”

“Mom!!!!!!! ” We heard a horn outside.

Dad is back!!!!!!


Young hee’s pov

“Young hee what’s it? Stop destroying everything in your room. God! Your hands are bleeding “Mom shouted.

Everything in my room has been disordered.

“Mom, she collected everything from me and now am her maid for one week. Is it because her father is rich? I will make her pay ” I gritted my teeth hard.

“Young calm down, you shouldn’t be doing this to your self. Fine she took your crush from you but there’s someone who love with all his heart “Mom said and looked at her face.

“Love me? To hell with the person. ” I screamed on her face.

“Young girl! Don’t shout on me like that. Well Lee is here at least hear him out “Mom said and walk out of the room.

Lee?! Why is he here? I hate him. I don’t know why he still didn’t back off after the hot water I poured on him. Though it was not that hot.

I angrily walked downstairs and saw him talking to my dad.

“What are you doing here? ”

“Young hee, actually I came to see if you are free so we can go out on a date “He replied and I scoff.

“No am not, you can go “I said sharply, and didn’t wait for him to say anything before going back to my room.

“She’s angry these days, don’t worry I will talk to her and she will be okay son ” I heard mom say.

Waiting your time.


Next Morning….

I got to school and saw Ara and Tae kissing at the corridor which made me want to puke.

I need to do something, I need to make them hate each other.

Lee’s pov

I will make sure Young hee is mine, I really love her but she didn’t see that.

She’s just too blind to see the love I have for her. Even if it takes one year for her to realize it I will wait.

I know she will come back to me. Am waiting for her.


Soo Bin’s pov

I got down from dad’s car, and waved dad bye.

I turned and saw Seo smiling at me.

“Good morning sweetie “I greeted and kissed him.

“Good morning love “He kissed back.

He held my hand and we walk through the hallway, “Are you free this night? ”

“Yes I am “I answered.

“OK, how about we have our first date ”


“What?! So what did you say soo bin? ” Ara asked.

“I said yes! ”

“Oh my gosh! Am coming over to your house ”

“To what? “I asked.

“Shh… Say no more ”

At the cafeteria, Young hee and Yoo nah ran errands for Ara. Yoo nah seems happy been happy but Young hee always frowning.

Well that’s there problem, next time they would watch whatever they say sometimes.

Closing hours, Young hee carried Ara’s bag while Yoo nah took mine.


At night…..

“Soo bin, isn’t that Seo waiting for you outside “Mom said, as she entered my room while Ara was doing my hair.

“Seo is here! He came for me ” I replied.

“Is he your boyfriend? ”

I nodded “Jesus!! You never told you have a boyfriend. Geez! Well you did well. You girls should be quick don’t keep prince charming waiting “Mom winked and left the room.

“Here we go, all done. Awwn you look romantic! “Ara squeal and clutched her fingers to her chest.

“Thanks Ara ”

“You welcome baby! I need to get going too ”


I got outside and saw Seo, handsomely dressed in a green T-shirt, a white trouser.

“Wow, you look sexy! “He said, when I got to him.

“Thanks, you look handsome too ” I replied back.


He drove to a silent place and stopped.

“Come with me ” He dragged me and stopped.

Wait! A small mat was on the grass and foods were there too. I smiled. Flowers were on the grass.

He took a hisbicus flower

“You love it? “He asked and I nodded.

“It lovely, I love you Seo”

“I love you too”He kissed me for a long minutes.


Ara’s pov

I got to my door step and my phone rang, it was Tae.

“What’s up love? ” I grinned.

“Am cool, can you turn back please? ”

“Huh? ” I turned and I saw him waving his hand.

“You never told you were coming ”

“Just to surprise you, come let’s go somewhere ”

“I need to tell my mom….. ”

“You don’t have to, I already told them”

“oh! But I need to get change ”

“Don’t worry, you look super in those clothes, come on let’s go. Don’t keep the prince charming waiting ”

I laughed and got to him, giving him a kiss which he responded back.


Young hee’s pov

Next Day ……

“Yoo nah, I got an idea! It gonna help you too. ”

“What idea? Is it again Ara and Soo bin? “I nodded.

“See, Young hee and tired of this mess, you can do that yourself. We’ve been trying to get to these girls but everything turned upside down. ”

“Really? Now you are in support of them right? Cause you see Ara has the Kim’s daughter? Cause she’s no longer the poor girl you bullied again. What has come over you? ” I yell banging my locker.

Thank God, no one was here.

“See, am tired. Bulling or not am not doing. I want to change. Just leave me please. I know this is awful but tired. Originally tired ” She fired back and left.

Yoo nah? Well I guess I had to add you in my black book.

Yoo nah’s pov

Isn’t she tired? Am fed up. We tried this.. fail. Tried this.. fail.

I know she’s angry now but that’s isn’t my concern. I need to tell Ara and Soo bin to be careful.

I don’t just know, I suddenly changed. Oh God.


Hmm…. Our Yoo nah is now born again Holy Spirit has take control. Young hee is really determined to do anything.

Story By Uche Lawrence

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