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Gentle Tiger – Episode 22

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Gentle Tiger
Written by Uche Lawrence
Chapter 22


“Be my girlfriend Ara ” I turned, my body stopped functioning.


Everywhere was dead silent waiting for Ara’s response.

Ara’s pov
“Be my girlfriend Ara “Tae said and I gasped.

Oh my God! Like seriously, am blushing right now.

“Ara, you are keeping us waiting”Mom said behind me and I smiled.

“Yes, gonna be your girlfriend Tae “I grinned and he wore the necklace round my neck.

“Don’t lose this necklace please.”He whispered as he hugged.

“I won’t, trust me “I reassured and he gave me long kiss.

I came down from the pulpit with Tae, it was time for me to cut the cake. I did and those who brought gifts drop them.

Dad collected the mic, “Hello ,I need your attention. Happy birthday Ara and I will like to give you this token as a birthday gift “He raised a two keys up.

“The new shopping mall along Hyun Joong street is for you and the new car outside “He said and handed me the keys.

“Thanks dad, thanks mom and my little prince “I said as i hugged them.

The new building I was so engrossed whenever am coming to school or going back from school was for me and I never knew.

Dad and surprises… The building as been completed.

My dad and mom’s friends wish me a happy birthday. It was fun most especially with Tae.

Yes, I saw Young hee and Yoo nah not quite long. Am sure she just recover from the shock.

My maids for one week.

I look around and saw them standing, watching me too.

“Hmm… Tae am coming ” I said and left.

I walk to Young hee and Yoo nah, “Hey girls ”

“H.. ey! Happy… Birthday “Yoo nah stuttered.

“Thanks, I hope you didn’t forget what you said in class, gonna be my maids for one week. “I replied, reminding them.

“Of.. Course not, so what do you want me to do? “Yoo nah asked.

“Oh… Not now that’s tomorrow. I want you to enjoy today’s party ”

“Hell no! Am not gonna be your maid, I should be the one sending you around. Is it because your father has money? “Young hee shouted but no one heard cause of the music.

“Are you jealous of my father? “I asked.

She scoffed and walk out. “Well, don’t forget you are still gonna be my maid for one week. ”

“Senior Ara, please can I take a picture of you and I? Pleeeease! “A short girl asked and I nodded.

Before I could leave all the girls and even the boys wanted to take pictures.

Tae’s pov

“Bro, you did good. “Rhee mumbled.

“Hey, it better you get your self a girlfriend too and Jae “I answered smiling.

“Girlfriend? I haven’t find miss right yet “Rhee said stucking his hands in his pant pocket.

“Really? See that miss right there! “Jae yelled and pointed to a girl.

That’s the girl who do follow Ara. Hmm.. Ha rin.

“Jae! I don’t like that girl! Simple ”

“Really, but you were mumbling her name yesterday night… Ha rin I love you, Ha rin kiss me.. Ha rin this and that “Jae mocked.


“I could help you talk to her ” I said.

“No Tae, you know what? Let’s do it like this ”

Rhee’s pov

“What? “I yell and before I could say “Jack ” they were pushing me to Ha rin.


They successfully pushed me to her and they left my back. The girl looked at me and smiled.

She’s pretty though.

Now how do I talk?

“Hey! “Ha rin waved her hand.

“Hmm.. Hey.. I mean hello “I grinned sheepishly.

“So what made you come to me? ” she asked.

“Actually, I.. I.. Came to tell you your dress suit you ”

“Oh, you aren’t looking bad too ”

“Yes.. That’s all, I need to go now “I quickly said and turned to see Tae and Rhee.

“You didn’t tell her what you wanted to say? Come one tell her or should I tell her? “Tae asked and stared at him confused.

“Ha rin, he just wanted to tell you, if you will be free on Wednesday night for dinner ” Jae chipped in.

“Dinner? Of course am always free. It gonna be amazing “She threw her hands in the air.

Huh? I never said that

“Tae what are you saying? I never……. ”

“Shhh… Cooperate or do you want to say another one. Just this dinner with her that’s all ”

I sighed. “Fine! Gosh I can’t believe you guys “But they only grinned.

Where’s Seo?

Seo’s pov

“Haha haha! Stop. You’re so funny “Soo bin laughed.

“Of course, you need to see the way I was crying that day like a kitten”

I stared at her as she keeps laughing. Am in love again.

Her smiles do melts my heart. She caught me staring at her.

“Why are you staring at me like that? “She asked.

“No.. Nothing, just looking at your beautiful face. You look super beautiful today”

She blushed immediately, “Thanks, playboy ”

Playboy? I can’t remember when last I slept with a girl.

“The playboy mode is over now. Am a changed person with someone’s help”

“Huh? Change? Who changed you? That person really tried in changing you “She chuckled.

“When the person is here “I answered, looking into those blue eyes of hers.

“Where the person? “She asked looking back, side to side.

“It you Soo bin ” I held her hands. “You changed me Soo bin, I mean… I don’t even know how it happened. I think am in love with you “I blurted.

Her eyes widened and blinked. “Seo, you are…. Are you sure of what your saying? ”

“Of course, I wanted to hide this feelings but it just kept coming back. I don’t know what you did to me that made me fall in love again.

You changed me, you changed everything about me. Am just confuse, Soo bin do you love me too ?” I asked.

She can’t, she thinks am still in my old ways. Truthfully, am a changed guy..

“Seo.. I.. I… ” She ran out of words.

“Soo bin, I know it hard to say.. I really meant it, I love you Soo bin. I never think of falling in love with you. I wanted you and Ara on my bed but t turned out wrongly and here I am confessing my love to you.

Soo bin please just give me chance and I…… “I was cut off with a kiss.

The kiss took me off guard, and I adjusted. I kissed her back. Her lips damn soft and tasty.

I remembered Lia, am sorry but I have to move on. I thought there’s no one like Lia but here is Soo bin and she’s even more.

I will do anything for her not to regret having me.

We broke the kiss, “Is that a yes? “I asked and she nodded.

I smiled, “Thanks for giving this chance to love you. I love you ” I spoke and kissed her again.


Ara’s pov

The party ended, and everyone had gone home including Tae and his brother.

Am gonna miss him, can’t wait for tomorrow.
My phone beeped and checked it……

“New couple in town “🚺

“They look so lovely “🚺

” I love them, awwn he kissed her “🚺

I smiled when I saw the pictures posted on social media. Facebook, twitter, instagram everywhere.

“Hey birthday girl” I turned and saw Soo Bin.

“Where the hell are you? Have been looking for you ” I asked as we entered the car.

“Well, I was with Seo ”

“Seo!!! Don’t tell me you guys went and do something in the toilet “I winked.

“You’re crazy Ara, no we didn’t .we just kissed and I accept to be his girlfriend.”

“Wow!!!!!! Come on give me a hug ” I hugged her.

“I can’t believe we have boyfriends the same day ” I giggled.

“Did you see Yoo nah and Young hee? “She asked.

“Yes, like they were damn surprised. You need to see how Yoo nah fainted. ”

“I saw her, I couldn’t hold the laughter when I saw her fainted “She replied.

The driver stopped at her home and I waved her goodnight.

I got home and removed my dress, took my bath and walk downstairs to join my family for dinner.

Only God knows what will happen in the school tomorrow.


Soo Bin’s pov

Next morning……

I yawn as I got down from my bed with a smile immediately I remembered yesterday’s kiss.

Dad walk into my room, he had decided to spend the night with us. And we will be packing into his new house this weekend.

Dad had gotten a new job that pays well.
“Good morning dad ”

“Good morning, honey how was your night? ”
“Good dad ”

“Okay, just be quick so you won’t get late. I will take you to school ”

“School? You will be taking me to school ” I asked and he nodded.

“Thanks dad, I guess I have to call Ara not to worry about picking me up ”


I got to school with dad’s car, and entered the class.

“Good morning soo bin ” Ara greeted.
“Good morning Ara ” I replied back.

The teacher entered and began teaching.

Young hee’s pov

At the cafeteria…..

“Ara, can I take a picture with you? ” A boy said and she nodded.

Gosh! She’s now popular cause she’s the Kim’s daughter.

No one even give me a simple respect.
Some saying “She’s rich but didn’t behave like one… Not the rude queen we have, her father’s is not even that rich and she’s claiming to have everything ”

“Are you okay Young hee? Don’t tell me you are bothering about Ara ”

“No Yoo nah, I was just thinking how it gonna be, been her maids for one week.

“It nothing to me, have always wanted to be friends and close with rich people even if it just been a maid”

“You’re so stupid… Arrggh.. I wish my dad was richer. Ara’s father even gave her a shopping mall as a birthday gift. ” I groaned.

“So!? Young hee stop been jealous of another person’s wealth. Ara is rich and it better we become friends with her ”

“Friends? After you know that she’s rich. f**k you!”

As the supposed maids. I have to do everything she says for now before I see what I can do, so she and Tae will separate. I hate seeing them together.

I will do anything to make them hate each other.


Hmm… Another problem is on the way Will Young hee succeed? As for Yoo nah, she wants to be Ara’s friend cause of money

Story By Uche Lawrence 💕💞

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