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Gentle Tiger – Episode 17

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Gentle Tiger

Written by Uche Lawrence

Chapter 17

Soo Bin’s pov

He shouldn’t have come. Will I be able to forgive him after what he had did to my mom and even me.

He’s not a good father!!!!

My door creak opened and mom walked in, she sat beside me on the bed and began rubbing my hair.

“Soo bin, look at me ” She said when I turned my face away from her.

“Your dad came here for forgiveness, and… “I interrupt.

“You forgive him right? “I asked.

“Yes I did, Soo bin look I still love your dad so much. Even if he did the unexpected “She answered.

“I know you still love and he asked for forgiveness which you forgave him but what about the companies he took from you? Has he sell it? ” I asked.

“Soo bin, you need to forgive your father even if had sold the companies ” She replied and I stared at her.


“How come? I mean what pushed him into selling it? ” I yelled.

No wonder her came back.

“His son was terribly sick and the sickness worsen that they had to sell off the companies.

Later the son died and he get to know that the boy wasn’t his son. The woman had run away when she knew he had nothing again “Mom explained as she cried.

I cried too, “Mom… He’s now like us. He’s nobody now. Now he’s here to beg for forgiveness.

I thought he said he will never come for us. Why did he come? Mom it hard to forgive him ” I cried more on her shoulder.

“It okay Soo bin, you need to forgive him no matter what. He’s coming back on Monday ” Mom said.

I couldn’t move, I just sat down crying on mom’s shoulder.

I was little when father ran away, I grew up to this age without him. 6 years without a father.

“It okay, come and eat. I don’t want you to think of it too much. You know, you have to rehearse for the contest ” I nodded and stood up, following my mom to the dinning.

Tae’s pov

Days later… Monday morning…

“Awnn my sons are going to be the winner. I trust you. I know you gonna make me proud ” My mom said as she peck I and Seo’s cheek.

“I know mom, don’t worry we gonna make you proud. “Seo assured and she nodded.

“Bro, don’t f**k up “Rhee said.

“Is that what you are going to say. No farewell?” I said.

“Okay fare well “He said.

“Good, and you Jae. No…. “He interrupt.

“Fare well, make sure you win these else… You know what I mean “Jae said winking.

“What do you mean? “I asked confusedly.

“Don’t worry, just go before you get late. Am sure the girls would have been waiting ” He replied.

We got out of the house and the driver drove down to the school gate where Ara and Soo bin would be waiting.


We were set and ready to move. The contest is going to start by 1pm and this is 7:45am.

I stared at Ara and she caught me, she quickly look away. I don’t know why she’s avoiding me.

She sat beside me while her friend sat beside Seo.

“Ara….. ” I tried to talk but I lost the words to use.

“We are at the airport ” The driver said.

We came down from the bus and entered the provided plane.

Hours later…

We got to London, it been so long have come to London and that’s when I and my brothers won a contest though not the world music and dance contest.

It was just a medium contest and we won.
We saw some people walking towards us, and I assumed they were from the contest.

“Good morning, We have been expecting you”

His English was fluent. It a good think I know English.

I smiled “Good morning too ” I replied.

“Come and joined the others we will be leaving in the next 2hours “He said.

“Why? “Ara asked.

“Cause others will be coming soon. We have two countries more to expect “He said and we sighed in unison.

They gestured us to the bus and we entered. About 20 or more people are in the bus people are in the bus. A very long bus.

I notice something on my shoulder and I turned and saw Ara’s head. She’s asleep.

I watched her face carefully, she’s beautiful when sleeping. Her lips were slightly open.

I feel different when with her, I don’t know where this feeling is coming from.There’s something about that feeling but am yet to figure it out.

2 hours of waiting in the bus, the bus decided to move.

We got there not less than one hour. This journey is quite stressful. After today’s contest we will be leaving tomorrow.

We were ushered into a huge hall, everywhere was decorated beautifully.

We walk into a large room and we all sat close to each other..

“The contest will began soon in the next 2 to 3 hours. I hope you all are prepared “The man asked and we chorused “Yes”

Ara’s pov

I had woke up and noticed my head was on Tae’s shoulder. Gosh!

We sat down in a large room, some were already rehearsing and I felt like maybe we should rehearse too before the contest start.

“Guys, why don’t we rehearse too” I said and they looked at me.

“Okay, let’s go somewhere else “Tae answered.

We stood up going and moved out of the room, I saw a comfortable and quiet place we could rehearse.

“Let’s stay here “I pointed to the bench in front.

“Soo bin and Seo should start with the dance” Tae said and I, Seo including Soo bin stood up.

We had come to school on Saturday and on Sunday to practice everything and that thank we learned it faster.

I stood in the front with Soo bin while Tae and Seo are at the back. I wonder if they won’t be staring at our ass.

“123 go!! ” I said and we took a step to the back and thrice to the front and clapped our hands above our heads.

I and Soo bin tweaked down and our way up. I saw Tae’s eyes staring at me and I suddenly felt shy.

We began singing and dancing.


We suddenly stopped when we heard voices around the environment and saw two men though they didn’t see us but we could see them clearly.

“Don’t let me down Gregory, Don’t!! “We heard the voice warned.

“Okay we won’t, but it gonna cost you money and that 3million ”

I gasped and my eyes made contact with Tae but I looked away. Those charming blue eyes.

“Okay, just make sure we win okay? I want the president to be proud of me. I want the whole Germany to be proud of me too ” He said and I shook terribly.

They are bribing themselves. And I hate bribe or cheating.

“I will do as you say, you know am the head judge, just make my money ready. Your country is gonna win ” The man said.

“Good, let’s go before someone sees us ” Soon we heard their footsteps fading.

“Wait! Don’t tell I just heard that? “Seo asked.

“What else, we are gonna lose. No hope ” Soo bin said and I eyed her.

“Don’t lose hope guys, I know.. I mean we know what to do “I smirked when an idea came to my mind.

“How? “They said in unison.

“Let’s kidnap the two of them. “I blurted out.

“What!!!!!!! ”

“Ara you just be crazy “Soo bin said as she stared at me in shock.

Tae scoffed and Seo was just looking like a dead wood.

“Who knows if we will become the winner of this contest but we didn’t know since one of the judge has been bribed. He’s gonna bribe the other judges too. Let’s just act fast “I said.

“You are really putting us in your crazy idea, I have nothing to say “Seo said finally.

I sighed “Please guys, is not like we gonna kidnap them for life. We will just tie them and put them in a room and when the contest is over we gonna pretend like we didn’t know them and lose them back “I smiled.

Crazy idea.

“Won’t they see our face when we take them? “Tae asked.

“I know what to do about that ”

“let’s go before leave here finally. And you know the contest is going to start soon. We still have a lot to do “I continued.

We ran to the path they followed and luckily we found them. I smiled and turned took Tae’s face cap.

He stared at me for a while and shrugged. Yes am crazy but I hate it when they say am mad.

“Are you sure of what you are doing Ara? “Soo bin asked and I nodded.

“Yes, Soo bin can you borrow me your scarf ? You guys should wait in this room okay? I will do the rest “I said and took Soo Bin’s scarf and wore it round my head and even wore the face cap too so I won’t be recognize.

Even if the two men try to notice me with my cloth I would have changed into another one.

The contest is going to start in one hour time.

This is crazy but I hate anything bribe or cheating. Even if we aren’t going to be the winner but at least there shouldn’t be cheating.

Am such a crazy girl. I know.


Let me stop here..

Ara is crazy, she needs prayer. Serious one. Will she be able to do the silly kidnapping? ?

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Story by Uche Lawrence πŸ’ž

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  1. Ara is really crazy. Where did such idea came from. I pray she will not put herself and the others in trouble

  2. Mhen Ara is sweet but a psycho. I just hope their plan works out. Bribery is bad so they need to teach them a lesson. Next episode please

  3. Ara let me pray for u Kk in JESUS name in thy mighty name of JESUS may the lord lead u protect u and guide u AMEN

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