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Gentle Tiger – Episode 16

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Gentle Tiger

Written by Uche Lawrence

Chapter 16

Ara’s pov

I got to class after the bell had rung, all eyes were on me.

It isn’t my fault he kissed me.

“Maybe he love you, and had been dying to kiss you ” My silly subconscious mind said.

“No, you know how cold he is, he hate girls. The kiss was just a mistake to him ” My subconscious said again.


Seo’s pov

I couldn’t believe my eyes, Tae kissing Ara!. I, Jae and Rhee had walk to the cafeteria to see what was going on. Only to see Tae kissing Ara.

“What were you thinking? Were you that desperate for a kiss? “I snapped as we walk down the hallway.

I don’t know why. Why am I overprotective when it come to Ara?

Am I in love with her? No I can’t.

“Do you like her? ” Tae voice snap me out of thought.

“Like? I don’t like her… I…. ” He interrupt.

“Just wanna get her first and when you do, get her on your bed, sleep with her and dump her tomorrow. Isn’t it? ” He asked.

“Is.. Is.. “I try to say something but I couldn’t.

Gosh! Yes I really wanna get her on bed with her friend too but I just can’t.

It look like I can’t get Ara, but if I can’t get her I will surely get her friend.

“Am not trying to get her on bed okay? I don’t know why you are so fond of this girl ” I said.

He sighed. “I don’t know too, but don’t touch her. “He replied with a warning eyes.

“I won’t trust me ” I surrender with my hands up.

“Thanks bro, am going back to class”He pat me on the shoulder and walk out.

I shrugged and walk to another direction. Going to the music room in the school.

Unintentionally, I bump into someone. I didn’t want to apologize until I raise my head up.

“Am sorry, I didn’t know it was you ” I apologized quickly.

I haven’t apologize to someone for a very very long time. I don’t care who you are. But now am apologizing.

Her eyes were widened. Never expect that.

“It okay, I need to go ” She rush her words and took one step before I grab her wrist.

“Soo bin wait! I want to say am sorry for what I did to you at the camp. I wasn’t in my right sense ” I said waiting for her reply.

She stared at me and said “It nothing, I know you were in a bad mood. So I don’t blame you. ” She answered and I nodded.

“Have you forgiven me? ” I asked.

“Yes, I need to go. The teacher is gonna scold me for coming to class late ” She answered and turned but I called her back.

“Soo bin! ” I called and I did the unthinkable.

I hugged her! Her head was buried in my head and I felt like warm and even safe.

Soo bin what have you done to me? Memories of Lia and I hugging came but I snap my head

I don’t want to remember else I might break down into tears.

She pulled away from me forcefully and stared at me. I gave her am-sorry look.

“I… I.. Need.. to… to.. go now ” She said and walk out before I could say a word.

I ran my hand roughly into my hair. Damn you Seo! What are you doing?

Was I really gonna get her on bed or am gonna fall in love again?

Am damn confuse!

Tae’s pov

Should I regret kissing her or I should be happy?

Her red curved lips kept playing in my head. Her lips were soft! She was even shocked and surprised.

Was that her first kiss? Am I the person that would kiss her first? Why am I even so concerned about her.

I wasn’t listening to the teacher’s teaching. Was I really frustrated? Should I feel fortunate for kissing her?

My mind became distracted.

Yes she’s beautiful but am not in love with her. Then why did I kiss her?

I banged my hand on the table and the whole class turned to me.

“What?! ” I fired and they turned back.

Closing hours….

I tried looking for Ara, I did but unfortunately I notice she was avoiding me. She was giving me a silent treatment.

I just want to apologize for what I did even if I already done that.

I hate it when someone gives me silent treatments.

Ara’s pov

I got home after I had dropped the Soo bin home and glanced at the almost complete building.

I just suddenly feel addicted to the building.

“Mom am home ” I called looking at the whole house.

Where’s everyone?

“Ta-da! Here comes my daughter ” Mom said and moved forward to hug me..

“Sis, tell what I saw in the video was true ” MI ho asked wiggling his brow.

I glared at him, they might have seen the video. .

“Mom.. It was just a mistake ” I said.

“Mistake? Come on that kiss doesn’t look like a mistake to me. It look real ”

The kiss really meant something to me but Tae I don’t think it is.. It meant nothing to him.

I should have calm down the other time maybe he wouldn’t have kissed me.

“Mom, I need to rest ” I winced.

“Really? Tell me are you dating Tae? ” Mom asked.

“Hell no mom! Gosh I can’t believe you are saying this ”

“See who’s talking, very soon am gonna hear the Kim’s daughter is getting married to the Park’s son Tae. It gonna be fun ” Mom answered and she giggled.

“Mom, that’s okay. I heard you talking about my birthday yesterday with dad ”

“Ohh! Your birthday is gonna be a surprise sweet heart. It gonna be a loud birthday party. Just be patient “Mom said and I nodded.

Loud? Everyone is gonna be invited? Have never celebrate birthdays in a loud way. I guess I have to show someone people who I am. Most especially my school mates. Young hee and Yoo nah.

No more hiding.

“Okay mom, am going up to my room ” I walk to my room and changed my clothes.

The ear problem woman hasn’t come back from the market yet cause mom told me she was too tired to go.

I just pray she didn’t buy the wrong thing.

I went back to my room and slept off.


“What???!!!!!” I heard someone scream that almost shook the whole building down.

I rushed downstairs and saw mom and the woman mom sent to the market.

“Is this what I asked you to buy? ” Mom yell but immediately calm down.

“Mom what’s it? ” I asked as I rub my sleepy eyes.

“You can’t believe I sent her to buy go buy the ingredients for today’s dinner but guess what?” She said.

“what? ”

“She went and bought painting materials and the worst.. A live rooster ” Mom screamed again.

Arrghhh! Her screaming is worst!

I tried to control my self not to laugh but unfortunately, I did.

“Painting materials and a live rooster ” I said and laughed again.

Immediately, I heard a crow. Oops the rooster is still here!

“I can’t wait for Kim to come, so he can take this woman for the surgery she came here for ”

“Surgery? “I asked confusedly.

“Yes, your father bought her first as a maid and when he found out that she was trying to make money for her ear problem. He decided to help her ” Mom explained and I nodded.

“Mom, so what are we going to do with this rooster and the painting materials here? ” I asked.

“Don’t even know, go back inside. ” She said and look at the woman looking sad before going to my room.

I need to start practicing for the contest.

Soo bin’s pov

I was dancing, when mom called me. I was just trying to rehearse for the contest.

I pray our country came out first.

“Yes mom” I answered.

“Come.. See.. Your father ” She said and I paused.


I rushed to the sitting room and saw dad on the couch. He even have the guts to sit after what he had done.

I moved closer to my mom who was trying to fight back the tears that was threatening to fall from her eyes.

“What are you doing here sir? ” I said formally but rude.

“Soo bin, calm down and let me explain why I am here ” He said.

“I don’t need your explanation, after what you did to us. ” I yell but mom calmed me down.

“Soo bin, let’s hear what your father have to say” Mom replied looking at me.

“Father? You called this man my father. He’s not my father and can never be my father! Is like you still love him mom? Isn’t it? “I asked her but she kept quiet.

Obviously, she still love him. After what he did to her.

Let me think.. He’s here to ask for forgiveness. What happened to the properties my mom gave him?

Why did he come back? Can’t he stay with his so called wife and son? He wrote it in the piece of paper that he can never come back for us.

He made us look like beggars.

I stared and me and he did the same, waiting for me to speak instead I ran to my room and locked the door.

I cried immediately I sat on the floor as my hands hugged my legs.

I heard the door opened and closed from outside. I guess he had gone back to wherever he’s coming from.

He shouldn’t have come. Will I be able to forgive him after what he had did to my mom and even me.

He’s not a good father!!!!


Sorry binnie, try and forgive oh… Today’s school sweet oo. Tae kissed Ara.. Seo hugged binnie. Who’s next?

The next chapter issa banger… The contest is hell.

Story by Uche Lawrence

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  1. Indeed school was sweet today with kisses and hugglngs
    Can't wait for the contest to start and Ara's birthday is gonna be a biiiiiiiig bomb to some people
    Next please

  2. A rooster and painting materials loll am sure that she wants to use those painting materials to draw and paint the rooster lol and as for soo bin am 100percent sure dat he isn't the one vict wrote the letter and as for Ara this party is going to make us stop our miss little gentleness lol

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