Billionaire's Cure

Billionaire’s Cure – Episode 40

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Billionaire Cure
(He left in search of his cure)

By Authoress Fik ky

chapter 40

King’s POV

That bas***d, I thought hitting my fist.

“What are you waiting for, go and bring her! “I yelled.

” Yes your majesty. “With that, he disappeared into the thin air.

I knew it, he has always wanted her to be his wife but hearing I have made moves on her, he has been looking for a way to sperate us.

But finding out she was dead, he started mocking me saying she would still be alive if she had choose him instead of me.

Those words alone from him really makes me loose it whenever I remember her.

But now that she is alive, I would do anything to protect her from him.

If it worth taking life because if her, am ready to do it without any pity or second thought.

But hearing how ugly she looks now from him, I feel like am the cause of her ugliness.

I wonder what she would have face on Earth been ugly cause I heard who ever is ugly on Earth are always picked on.

I pray the two of them come back alive together especially her.

But I thought you wanted to punish her for not looking for you. My inner mind stated.

Of course, I would but the first priority now is for them to come back alive.

I can’t believe I will be whole again same as this kingdom,it would be whole again.

No more burning of people and unnecessary anger and hunger again.

I need to inform the priest about these, I thought calling unto one if my guards.

“Get me the priest.” I ordered.

“Yes your majesty.” He replied running off while I pace around with my hands placed behind me.

Counting every seconds that pass by, I await the priest arrival and theirs.

Bella’s POV

I was woken up by the sudden change of breeze I was feeling.

Opening my eyes, it was like it’s about to rain so I quickly stand up and Carried Anna only to be swept off the ground with Anna in my hands.

“You are not going to take her because she is mine and going to be mine!” I heard a very angry voice yelled and I was thrown out of his hold.

Hitting the ground, I groaned out in pain as Anna also cry out in pain.

Hearing Anna’s cries, I was very angry at the point that I took a big stone and threw it at them.

Making both of them focus their attention on me.

“Are you that nut that you didn’t know you just threw me on the floor and my dog! “I yelled angrily.

While the one who I had tattooed body smirk. Then my eyes instantly flew opened.

He is the dragon king! Oh my goodness! I screamed.

I quickly Carried Anna and my phone then ran to the back of the second one who just tapped his finger and I fell into deep slumber.

Holding Anna really tight even though there is this thing I don’t know that tried taking her off my hand… TBC

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