Billionaire's Cure

Billionaire’s Cure – Episode 38

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Billionaire Cure
(He left in search of his cure)

By Authoress Fik ky

chapter 38

Bella POV

“It was nice beating you up bestie!” I screamed entering my car then I drove off to no where in particular.

All I know is that I find myself driving down to the beach where I once saw the naked guy who called me the cure.

On my way to the beach, every damages he had caused that day wasn’t there anymore.

In fact, It’s like there was no damages caused by him some days back.

What could be happening? I thought. Could it be that it was an illusion created in my head by him just to fear him.

Or am even the one who created those illusion thinking it was him, I thought as I drove into the beach.

Paying the gate fee, I was allowed into the premises.

I didn’t even bring anything along with me, how stupid of me. I thought opening the doors of my car.

Taking the mat, I brought out those gift items and sat Anna down giving her meat and it bone, chocolate and milk also.

While I take my time to read all the letters and some cookies which finds their way into my mouth also.

Yeah, your girl must eat. If not I wouldn’t have the strength to think without sleeping off.

The letters all came from only one source which is the guy who called me the cure.

Most if the things he wrote here was of this language I don’t know if it exists.

But I think am familiar with it but couldn’t place my hand where I have seen or learnt it from.

Although, most of the words written there, I didn’t understand aside the cure written there. That what makes me realize it from the naked guy.

I really need to see him and maybe have a meeting with him cause I don’t understand what he had written down.

Maybe if he use his mouth, I would understand what he wants from me.

I didn’t give up on browsing out what sort of language it is.

Not until after reading most of the write ups on Google did I come across what we called the other earth.

In this the other earth written by Authoress Fik ky, it was said there was this powerful kingdom which is created above us but invisible to us.

There, the witches where second in command in the kingdom.

But a fight broke out between them and the king was killed due to his new wife betrayal.

The crystal which seems to be the only thing that keeps the royalties power in check was stolen by the witches who flew out of that kingdom.

The question is where are these witches now? Where is the crystal and who would help them in bringing it if they find it.

That story alone makes my skin crawl. Because I might be the one who would help them in finding it since the naked guy already called me the cure… TBC

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