Billionaire's Cure

Billionaire’s Cure – Episode 34

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Billionaire Cure
(He left in search of his cure)

By Authoress Fik ky

chapter 34

Bella POV

“And he is very cute, I think he loves you.” The lady said making me smile and blush.

Please don’t judge me, who wouldn’t smile after being hurt by someone who hold a big space in your heart.

And you got a gift from a stranger, the feeling of Someone still cares for you would be there, wouldn’t it.

“Thanks alot but….”

“Please accept it else, my job is done here. “She said fearful.

“Did he threatened you? “I asked confused.

” No but he really needs me to give you these and for you to accept these if not, he would tell the boss to end my job.

To me, that the length someone who truly cares for you can go. “She said hugging the menu list in her hand.

“Okay, thanks alot but you also have to have something from these. “I said using my eyes to search for what I can give.

Then my eyes ran into one of the jewelries that’s there.

“Take these for yourself.” I said giving her both the jewelry and a big cookies.

“Thank you ma’am, you are really generous.” She said and I smiled at her before she left.

Packing up the packages, I make Anna walk with her legs this time around although, I promise to wipe her feet once I entered the car.

But now, my hands are really full that’s why I couldn’t carry her.

Dropping everything into the back seat aside the last letter she gave me, I closed the back seat then pick Anna up.

Entering the driver side, I brought out a wiper then wipe Anna’s foot before putting her usual cream which save her legs from getting contaminated.

“You are going to have a lot of chocolate today.” I said placing her on the passenger seat as I help her with the seat belt.

“But before that, am going to school but wouldn’t leave you inside the car today. You will come with me to the lecture room but no trouble Anna. ”

I warned and she gave me that puppy dog face which always makes her innocent and cute.

“It’s not going to work on me.” I said laughing as Inserted my keys.

Of course it would. My inner mind replied as I rolled my eyes smiling.

Driving out of the restaurant with smile on my face, I wish my day could be like this till Dawn.

Another thing you don’t know about me, I do communicate with someone inside of me ever since I get Anna.

She feels like my second friend and whenever I talk to Anna, she replies me even after Anna has replied me.

At first, I thought I was a werewolf so I tried so much to change or crack a bone.

But it didn’t work and passing the age I was supposed to change, I didn’t.

That alone makes me feel at peace that am a human… TBC

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