Billionaire's Cure

Billionaire’s Cure – Episode 33

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Billionaire cure
(He left in search of his cure)

By Authoress Fik ky

chapter 33

Bella POV

Even while eating, my mind was running wide wondering around same as my brain trying to recollect if I have any memories that I have lost.

But come to think of it, how can I loss my memory when am not involved in an accident neither do I have a brain tumor or breakdown.

But it all feels real, in my brain like it exists. I don’t even know myself again to be sincere.

Am lost and didn’t even remember the way back home.

Home, I miss my peace of mind which I had before meeting the tattoo boy or should I say dragon himself.

I miss my best friend who would have called me this morning just to remind me I have to wake up early.

Even as at now, he should have called me asking of my where about since am not in school yet.

But instead, it’s like a non existing best friend I have.

The more I check my phone and await him to apologise for what he said to me, the more heartbroken I get.

Why because there’s nothing like a miss call from him neither do I see a message from him.

This only meant one thing, we aren’t friends anymore and he meant every word he said to me yesterday.

I understand, I shouldn’t judge him yet and probably call him first.

He isn’t like that, we do have fights like this but he never holds back from calling me back to his place.

And if I said I am not coming, he would call me and apologise till I feel and see myself hugging him.

He would have called that night to take his words back and I would forgive him but this is the third day of waiting.

Mere thinking about how hurtful his words where to me, tears where slipping down my face.

While Anna tried to calm me and stop me from crying as she pat my shoulder.

But it doesn’t work because this is the only person aside Anna that I do everything with.

With him, it’s usually like we are twins and without him, I won’t be able to hold myself back especially when am too emotional.

Annabella stop this, you have already turned to a crying mess. My inner mind complained.

I know. I replied nodding while cleaning my face with the towel in my bag.

Calling unto the waitress, I brought out my card to pay only for her to give me four more package food.

A letter,a gift for me and my dog neatly warp alongside with some gift cards also placed on the table.

“I didn’t order these, maybe it’s a mistake and please can I have my bills settled? ”

I asked shocked still not pilling my eyes off the things placed on both the table and floor.

“It has been settled by a young man over there and he said I should give you this letter also. Oh, he has left. “She said pointing to an empty space… TBC

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