Billionaire's Cure

Billionaire’s Cure – Episode 32

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Billionaire cure
(He left in search of his cure)

By Authoress Fik ky

chapter 32

Bella POV

Driving into the nearest restaurant, I carried Anna in making everyone stare at me like it’s a new thing in town.

I didn’t mind the eyes because if they are with the only one person who truly loves, appreciate and understands you, you are wouldn’t be ashame of such person.

Same as Anna, she is all I have got in this world, she have all those features so why hid her behind because she isn’t a human?

As far as I am concerned, since she feels emotions and behaves like human, then we are good.

“What would you like to eat ma’am?” As one of the waitress.

“Anna what should we take today? “I asked looking into the menu.

” Ma’am am not Anna, am Cassy by the way.” The waitress said.

“And I don’t think I was talking to you miss Cassy.” I said with my fake but innocent smile plastered on my face.

” I want a plate of meat offer filled up with salad and two blow of milk for her. “I said pointing to Anna making her eyes go wide.

” Hmmmmmmmm…. Ma’am am sorry to interfere but we do have dog food.”

She said making me get all irritated but instead,I smiled again shaking my head at how stupid she is.

“If you can give that to your bestfriend then you can bring some for mine. “I stated making throwing her off guard.

” Am sorry ma’am, what would you like to eat.” She asked more politely now although I can feel the hatred behind her words.

But who cares, it’s my money I want to spend not hers.

And am really hungry, if not I would have walked out of this restaurant when she threw her first insult on my best friend.

“I would have the same but mine would be a hot milk. But hers should be a little bit warm. “I said dropping the menu.

” Okay ma’am, it would be ready in the next one minute ma’am.” She said before walking away.

As usual, shaking her flat ass just to win someone elses husband over.

You have to be kidding me Annabella, someone else husband? Do you have one for you to be talking like this or you are inlove with someone?

My annoying inner mind asked taunting me with words as I tried to shake it off.

But instead, she kept doing it and deep down inside, I think I have been inlove with someone.

I am feeling like I have someone who is like an husband to me.

But how can I when I don’t even have any crush on anyone anymore.

since my sister snatched my only crush in highschool, I have promised myself not to have any.

So how come would I be feeling this way? I thought looking into the space.

“Ma’am, your food is here.” The waitress said breaking my thoughts… TBC

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