AGE (It Is Just A Number)

AGE – Episode 5

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AGE( it is just a number)
Written by Princess Juliet
Episode 5
Anger issues
Hardin Castillo
With my hands in my pocket , I followed behind the woman I call my mother as she led me up the stairs to a room
The room was wow and the furnitures obviously expensive , I tried so hard to hide my admiration but couldn’t , I was really blown away
Well! I wasn’t surprise, I had always known her to be so wealthy….. she is the daughter to the famous Castillo after all !
Tossing my bag on the floor , I sat down on the bed  and as for mom , she kept on hovering over me
So how do you like you room?she asked breaking the awkward silence between us but I ignored her
Does she think a pretty room can cover up for all of her wrongs!She should be happy I allowed her hug me , I only did that to save her face in front of her workers
Do you like it? She repeated and I nodded absentmindedly
I just wanted her to get the f**k out of here , I needed to think but as expected, she didn’t instead  she kept on ranting
I knew you would like it! I got your favourite paintings! I made sure I stock up your wardrobe with enough clothings!
Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! I have heard you , can you please leave now? I said rudely and she blinked her eyes in surprise
Ain’t you happy to see me? She asked with a quavering lips and I looked away knowing she was about to cry
It is not that , I just need to sleep .i answered bluntly and she sighed
You are right, you need to rest since you will be starting school tomorrow . She said softly and I heard a loud bang in my head
School! Did you just say school? I asked to be sure I heard right
Yes son! your dad and I have made all arrangement, you will be starting school tomorrow and that is final. She said with a straight face and I laughed mockingly
I can see someone is trying so hard to be act like a mother but do you know what , it is not enough, you have to try harder !
What do you mean Hardin ! Are you trying to say I am a bad mother? She asked picking her words but I ignored her since she was asking an obvious question
She tried moved closer to me but I shot her a warning glare
Why! Do you hate me now? She asked and I huffed
Far from it . I mumbled , fixing my gaze on the MONALISA painting on the wall and I heard her heaved a sigh
I know I have not been there for you , I know I have not being a good mother to you but you have to believe me when I say I love you so much . She said and that was it, my anger took control of me and I flared up
Shut up woman! I barked at her and her eyes grew wide in shock
Love! Did you just say love! oh no! You must be kidding! I was away for good three years , I stayed in that horrible place hoping you would come to see me but you never did for once
Hardin! She called softly
Do you know what I went through?Do you f****ng know how I felt? no tell me, do you? I bet you didn’t since you were probably screwing your life away
Stop it Hardin! Please stop it! She yelled , breaking down in tears and bit my lips trying to stop myself from spitting out more hurtful words
Damn! what is all this? I thought within, running my hands through my hair
I never planned on flaring up like this but she  pushed me to it and to say the truth, I don’t regret a thing I said to her
I know how you feel baby and I have learnt my mistakes . She said trying to touch me
Don’t! I warned and she withdrew her hands , sitting beside me
Hardin! Please forgive me . She pleaded as tears rolled down her eyes and I huffed …..
Forgive! You are asking for too much !
Just then , her phone rang and she glanced at me before receiving it
hello Dave! I heard her say and exhaled deeply knowing I was the one at the loosing end
Pulling off my polo , I laid on the bed and listened to her as she ranted and raved to my dad  about my rude manners
Our son is proving so stubborn! Our son refused to listen to me! he doesn’t want to go to school! I think you should talk to him!
having complained to him , she stretched out her hands , handing me the phone which I reluctantly reached for
Your dad wants to speak to you. She said calmly
I stared at the screen , the call was still ongoing so I placed the phone on my ear
hello Dad! I grunted my greetings and he scoffed
What  is this I am hearing about you not wanting to go to school? he asked with a miff and without waiting for my response, he continued
I don’t know what else you want Hardin , your mum and I are only trying to mould you into someone better so why are you giving us a hard time?
I am not Dad , I just need time to think . I said trying to defend myself
No son! You have no say here , the decision has already being made , you are going to school tomorrow. he finalised
But dad I am …. I tried to say but stopped when I noticed the line was no longer connected
What the f**k! Did he just hang the call on me ! I retorted angrily , throwing the phone on the bed
And with a worried look on her face , my mum picked up the phone from the bed and then stood up
You need to get some rest , I will send your maid  to you . She said softly and then left the room , closing the door quietly
I let out a loud cry
Why doesn’t anyone wants to understand me? Why can’t anyone see the pain burning deep down on me ? I feel so scared , I just wanted someone to assure me that everything will be alright but no way , I am always been reminded of how bad I am
Balling my fingers into a fist , I slammed them into the wall
A boiling fury swell inside of me , I knew I had anger issues but this was different,I just couldn’t control it as my head were spinning and threatening to explode
I need relief! I need relief! I need relief !
And in flash , I picked up the vase from a stool beside the bed and I threw it hard on the  wall
It came crashing down with a shattering sound but I wasn’t satisfied, picking up another one , i did the same but I still felt the same , completely messed up !!
Hazel Dakota
Sitting down on a sofa in the sitting room, I was pondering on what next to do when I saw Mrs Castillo climbing down the stairs
She was looking so gloomy and I was lost for a minute wondering what made her this way … I mean she was acting like a puppy just few minutes ago so why did she turn gloomy all of a sudden or did her son say something to hurt you? I bet he did
he is a nothing but a snobbish rude brat!imagine the way he ignored me when I wanted to help with his bag
I stood up and walked slowly to her and to sum up my point , she didn’t even realise I was in front of her till  I tapped her gently
She look startled for a moment and then quickly composed herself
Erm oh Hazel what is it? She stuttered and I huffed silently
Oh yeah! I am right , that spoilt brat made her this way. My subconsciousness screamed
Nothing ma, I was just wondering if I go check on Hardin erm I mean Sir Hardin . I said politely and she smiled lightly
You can just call him Hardin , I am sure he won’t mind
Oh! So can I go check on him .. ma? I repeated
She was about to say something when we heard  a loud cry followed by a loud crashing sound coming from up stairs
I became alarmed
What is that? I asked, looking towards the stairs and then back at her
She froze on the spot and a flicker of fear crossed her face
That must be Hardin . She managed to say and before I could say anything, we heard another loud crashing sound
And without thinking, I rushed up the stairs to his room
I pushed the door opened and on entering, I met the whole room in a mess and not only that , Hardin was also bleeding
Hardin! I called in shock but he didn’t answer me nor spare me a glance  , he just laid on the bed staring at the ceiling not even minding the cut on his palm …….
His upper body was bare and I swallowed hard staring at the inks on his chest
I quickly comported myself and rushed out of the room the same I rushed in and then climbed down the stairs to the sitting room
What happened? Is my son hurt? his mother asked in a rush
The first aid box ! I need the first aid box . I repeated , ignoring her question
It is in the store house . She said , pointing to a room beside the kitchen
And without wasting time , I ran into the store house , looked around for the first aid box and found it underneath the cupboard
I pulled it out and then ran all the way to Hardin’s room
Entering the room , I met him still laying the same way but this time around, his eyes was closed
I walked slowly to him and then sat down quietly on the bed
Hardin! I called softly but as expected, he did not answer
But i knew for sure he wasn’t sleeping because his eye lids were shaking
I sighed softly
Opening the first aid box, I brought out the cotton wool and methylated spirit
I poured little of the stuff on the cotton wool and then dabbed the cut with it
he flinched a little without opening his eyes
I smiled lightly
He is so strange but cute !
Bringing out a bandage ,I wrapped the cuts neatly and then stood up when I was done
I picked up the box staring in disbelief at the shattered  vase on the tiled floor
he is obviously crazy .. I mean why on earth would he do something like this! Only a psychopath can do this
I slowly shifted my gaze to him and my heart skipped a beat when I found him staring at me
Has he been staring at me for long?
Hi! I greeted nervously but he just stared blankly at me for a moment and then closed his eyes again
But this time around, his eyes was not filled with anger, it was filled with …. pain ……

One word for Hardin?

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  1. Hardin had so much bitterness bottled in him,his mother just need to take it cool with him and give him enough time. He is gonna come around, all he needs is love and care

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