AGE (It Is Just A Number)

AGE – Episode 11

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AGE( it is just a number)
Written by Princess Juliet
Episode 11
Birthday party
Hardin Castillo
An awkward silence follows, and I stared blankly at Kim confused about what to say to her
Hardin! talk to me , who the hell is Hazel ? She asked with a grimacing face , I could tell she was still in pain and I heaved a sigh
She is a friend. I simply answered , getting off the bed
A friend! Don’t f****ng lie to me Castillo , why the hell will you call the name of a friend when making love to me ! She retorted angrily and I scoffed
I didn’t make love you Kim, I screwed You . I corrected, I couldn’t believe she was still arguing  with me despite the way I screwed her hard
What!She exclaimed in shock
Yes Kim, but why are you even getting work up over this! It was all a game from the beginning and you knew about it !!!
Having said that , I pulled out a new brief from the wardrobe and went over to the bathroom to clean up and on returning to the room, I found Kim going through my phone
What the f**k!
I rushed to her and snatched it  away from her
She scoffed , Are you screwing your maid also!….. wait! her name is Hazel right ! oh my gawd! So she is the one you are in love with
I am not in love with any one! I blurted out as she laughed bitterly
Then why is her picture saved as your wall paper! She half yelled and I bit at my lower lips
this is the exact reason why I don’t allow people go through my phone!
Why Hardin! She repeated as tears rolled down her eyes and that was it, She got me there  and I felt a bit contrite
Sitting on the bed , i pulled to me and held her as she wept in my arms
Don’t hurt me Hardin. She said , whimpering as she cried
And without saying anything , I patted her at her back absentmindedly as my mind was filled up with the thoughts of Hazel ….
How is she feeling now! Has she stop crying! Is she alright! I pray she is…….
Hardin! Kim called snapping me out of my thoughts and I slowly shifted my gaze to her
I need to go bath. She said softly and I nodded slowly
She pulled out  from the hug, got off the bed and limped all the way to the bathroom
I watched her go and sighed
She will hurt herself real bad if she keep on coming closer to me !!!
Laying on the bed , I reached for the television remote and changed the channel to a reality show program ..
I leaned my head a pillow and was about dozing off  when Kim returned to the room, limping
She went over to my wardrobe and on opening it , she exclaimed in surprise
Are you running a boutique ? She asked , turning to face me as I huffed
Pick whatever you want and get the hell out of there! I retorted, I really hate people going through my stuffs …..
Alright! She said , pulling out a light blue pyjamas which she hurriedly put on and then joined me on the bed …..
Good night Castillo . She bade , trying to lay her head on my chest but i quickly turned my face to the wall
But why? She asked softly
I don’t cuddle women! I simply stated
But you cuddled Hazel. My subconsciousness reminded
Yes , that is because she is different! I fired back at it ……………
The Next morning
The sound of voices disrupted my sleep and I opened my eyes to see Richard , Steve and a girl I recognised as Kimberly’s friend in the room
I widened my eyes in surprise
What are they all doing here?
Sitting up on the bed , the sound of “Happy birthday filled the air”
Oh right! It is my 18th birthday
But how did they get in here! who brought them in here!
And as it reading my thoughts, Steve said
Your mum is the nicest woman I have ever seen ; on telling her we are your closest pals, she showed us the way to your room
I scoffed silently , that woman is a pain in the neck !!!
Glancing at the wall clock , it was 12:00 pm
What the f**k!
Since when were you guys here? I threw the question to no one in particular
Ehm let’s say around 11: 30? the girl answered and I shifted my attention to her , seizing her up
She was dressed in a pink bikini and I was left wondering why !
But why didn’t you wake me up ? I continued , facing Richard who was seated beside me on the bed
Kimberly told us not to , she said something about you having series of night mares over the night . he explained and I cursed silently
That loud mouthed b***h!
Just then Kimberly limped out of the bathroom also wearing a bikini but hers was a green one
You really drilled the hell of her! Richard said in whispers as I stared at her , smiling
Good morning .. oh!! I mean afternoon! She greeted with a smile as my eyes roamed all over her sexy … no , she was no longer sexy to me, she was a f****ng cunt
Afternoon!! And why are you girls dressed up in a Bikini? I asked , looking at the other girl and then back at her
That is because your birthday is a pool party ? She answered and that was then I heard a faint music playing from only god knows where ….
Getting off the bed , I looked out of the window to the pool area and yes, it was filled with people some of who I don’t even know
My mum is really Amazing!
Speaking of her , where could she be ?
I looked around and sighted her at a far side in the pool house talking in whispers to Rebecca and …… Hazel
Staring at Hazel, my heart raced and that was when I realised how much I needed her , how much I wanted her …….
Hardin! Richard called snapping me out of my thoughts and I turned around to face him , leaning on the wall
C”mom man go freshen up so we can all downstairs to have fun. he stated but I shook my head
I ain’t going no where!
But why? he asked, exchanging look with  Steve
That is because I don’t feel like. I simply answered and he scoffed
You are crazy man!how can you stay indoor on your birthday, Are you a recluse? he asked but I ignored him , staring out of the window again and what I saw made me have a rethink
Right beside the pool , a guy was trying to hit on my girl … did I just call me her my girl!… well! She is my personal maid so she belongs to me …..
And without saying anything to the guys, I pulled off my shirt and  all  except Kimberly stared in awe at the ink on my  chest
Wow! I never knew you got tattoos! Steve the “lousy one” stated
Now you know! I muttered , walking over to the bathroom
Diane and I will head down first! I heard Kimberly say
Diane! how can an ugly girl bear such a cool name! I thought within…….
When I was done bathing, I returned to the room to see Steve going through my book shelves
he picked up a manuscript but before he could open it , I rushed to drag it from him  but I was too late , he already saw the title of the book
Mona Adventure! Why are you with the original copy of the book?he asked , staring at me with a confused look
It is not the original copy . I lied , keeping the manuscript back in its place
What book is that ?Richard joined in the conversation
Are you for real! Haven’t you heard about the kid series which was written by a kid writer from London , the one who started writing stories at the age of seven but went to prison at the age of fourteen for a crime the press refused to disclose. Steve said in a rush and I felt my heart thudding heavily
Erm what is his name again ? erm erm Winthrop….:
Shut up! I barked at him before he could complete the name and he shot me a puzzled look
Are you alright man? he asked, staring at me intently as I huffed
Don’t ever go touchy with my things again . I warned , boiling in rage and he swallowed hard, keeping mute
I was trying so hard to hold my anger!
Now I fully understand the reason why my dad said Jayden Winthrop is all messed up and yes , he is right about it! my birth name is all messed up ………I never even knew the book got to America… well no ones knows the face of the writer since I was a pseudonym( hid my identity because of my age and is only recognised by my name)
Putting on my clothes, the memory of those terrible days flashed on , the days in handcuffs, the days of appearing in court , the days of being treated like a f****ng criminal, the days i longed for my mother who was never there….
Damn! I really had a messy life!
Hazel Dakota
Standing beside the pool, I stared in awe at the young teenage girls as they wriggled their body to the rhythm of the music playing
I smiled lightly, how I wish I could be happy like them!!!!
But where is the celebrant! why isn’t he down yet! oh yeah! I bet he is upstairs screwing his girlfriend just like the way he did last night
Her loud moans kept on torturing me as l laid on the big bed that I immediately regretted sending Hardin out of the room…
On glancing at my wristwatch, it was 13:59 pm
Pheeew! I need to get ready to leave for home , Mike will be picking me by 18:00pm and I want to be fully ready before he comes ….
Leaving the pool area, I walked slowly to the sitting room lost in my own thoughts when I suddenly bumped into someone
I am sorry . I quickly apologised, meeting the gaze of the person and lol and behold , it was the beautiful b***h , Hardin’s girlfriend
Are you blind! didn’t you see me ? She fired at me as I scoffed
Are you blind also! Didn’t you see me ? I fired back at her and in what seems like a flash , she dragged me by hair and shove me to the ground
Ouuh! I winced in pain as my buttocks hit the ground
And in rage , I stood up in a huff and flew at her , threatening to scratch her eyes out
Let go of me! let go of me! Let go of me! Let go of me! She kept on screaming as I gave her punches but I did not budge , I had really wanted to hit her hard for all the pain she has unknowingly caused me and she just made it easier by picking up a fight with me …….
With my hands still balled into a fist , I was about giving her the fifth punch when someone caught my hand
I quickly turned to look to meet the gaze of Hardin
I was paralysed to the spot , what will happen! Will he hit me back for hurting his girlfriend!
his eyes was fixed on Kimberly and when his gaze finally landed on me , I clearly saw the anger in his eyes
I closed my eyes expecting him to hit me but he didn’t  , instead he pulled me up from “his girlfriend” and held me to him ….
Are you alright? he asked calmly and I nodded slowly, opening my eyes
Are you sure? did she hurt you ? he asked in a rush, staring down at my face and that was when I noticed he was wearing an earring……
I wanted to scold him about it but no, he is not my boyfriend and who knows his beautiful girlfriend might like it on him ……
Just then , i heard someone yell my name and i looked in the direction to see  his mother walking towards us
I quickly pulled away the hug and rushed to her
What the hell happened? She asked , staring intently at me
I got into a fight but she attacked first . I answered truthfully
She looked at the girl who was now on her feet and then back at me as she sighed
I believe you Hazel . She stated and my eyes widened in surprise
I thought she hates me!!!
So are you passing the night here or will you still be attending the party you told me about?
It is not a party ma, it is a dinner date . I corrected and it was her turn to be surprised
Dinner date! She repeated and I nodded
Oh! erm if that is the case , send me your bank details so I can transfer you your wages .
I don’t have bank details . I answered truthfully
Oh! She exclaimed softly
Opening her purse , she brought out two $200 note and handed it to me
This is the only cash I have on me right now and since you don’t have an account, I will give you the balance on Monday
Alright ma! I said , looking around for Hardin and saw him talking angrily to a boy on red…. but wait a minute! Isn’t that the boy who was trying to hit on me!!!
What business do they have together!…. well it is none of my business! I waved it off with a shrug
Climbing up the stairs to my room , I pushed the door opened and walked in
I pulled off the blue faded gown I was wearing and rushed into the bathroom to freshen up, I returned to the room when I was done and hurriedly dressed up in the same white gown that got stained
Putting on my sandals, I picked up my already packed hand bag along with my phone and then scurried all the way out of the house…..
I made a quick stop at the mall to get a gown for the  erm uhm …. what should I even call it ? yes , the date before flagging down a taxi to my home
The drive to my home was a fast one and I got home just in time to see Alexia and my mom about to leave the house
Hi mum! I greeted lazily as I hugged her
Baby! She called , pulling out from the hug to stare at my face
how are …. she suddenly stopped and her smiling face was replaced with a worried one , Hazel  why are you looking so pale?Are you sick ? Are you alright? She asked in a rush
Yes mum I am very much okay . I assured her as Alexia huffed
Don’t baby her mom , she already has a “baby”, the Castillo boy . She said with an eye roll and I froze
hearing the name “Castillo boy “was enough to remind me of the pains , the sleepless night I had picturing the image of him and ” his girlfriend on bed”
Are you alright Hazel? My mom asked with the same worried look as I collapsed on the Sofa
Yes!!i grunted
Are you sure? Did the Castillo boy hurt you? she asked, sitting on a low stool in front of me  and that was it , I could not hold back any longer and broke down in tears
Hazel please talk to me . She said softly
I love him mom ! I blurted out and she shot me a confused look
Love who?
Mike! Alexia butted in but I shook my head
Not Mike , Hardin Castillo. I corrected and Alexia let out a surprise scream
Hardin Castillo!the teenage boy! hell no Sis , he is way too young for you!!
Enough with that Alexia! …..Go wait for me outside. My mom instructed and she Alexia dragged her feet out of the house , murmuring……..:

first of all, you need to take a deep breath baby. my Mum said , gesturing at me and I did
Good! Now tell me , how old is the boy ? she started
He just turned 18 today . I answered and she tilted her head sideways as if trying to think
Well!.. uhm …… the age gap is not really much.she said and my eyes lit up
Sure, but what about him , does he share this same feelings with you?
No mum. I answered sadly and she sighed
And he already has a girlfriend. I quickly added
Oh baby! she exclaimed softly, pulling me into a hug as she encouraged me to cry out my pain which I gladly did
I was so lucky to have a mother who understands me, a mother who listens to me when I am down!!
Thanks mum. I said in between sobs and she nodded slowly……:
We stayed like that for about 15 minutes; then she pulled out of the hug and stood up
I have an appointment with the doctor, will you like to go with us? she asked softly
No mom , I have a date this evening. I answered trying to force a smile but it came out awfully wrong….’
Date! With who? She asked ,confusedly
Mike! I simply answered
But how is that possible! I mean why will you go on a date with mike when your heart is somewhere else…..
I remained quiet for a while wondering if I should talk to her about it
Hazel! She called me out of my thoughts and I sighed
Fine! Fine! Fine! I want to use him to forget about Hardin . I told her and she shot me a weird look like I was some horror movie
That is not right  and you should also consider the fact that Mike is a good friend to you . She advised and that was it , I stood up in a huff and yelled the word “I don’t care” before stomping into my room ….
And yes , I really don’t care what anyone says , I am going along with my decision…..
Glancing at the wall clock , it was 16:00 pm
Wow! how time flies, still got rough two hours to get ready
I kicked off my sandals and collapsed on the bed  as my mind drifted off to Hardin
Can I ever stop loving him?
Hardin Castillo
Sitting in the midst of “my friends” , I reached for the bottle of vodka and was about gulping it down when Richard caught my hands
What are you doing man? this is the third bottle you are taking this evening. he queried and I scoffed
Mind you f****ng business! I retorted, freeing my hand from his grip ; then gulped the drink down
But Hardin you really need to cool off , why are you even acting this way?
Because she is not f****ng here! I answered in a huff
Who? he asked , exchanging glances with Steph who immediately looked away
he was probably still sulking!!!!
Hazel! I simply answered
And who is that? he asked with an arched eyebrow
His maid . a guy seated on the next table butted in
And without thinking, I rushed to him and held him tightly by his collar
You are drunk Castillo! he said with a nervous chuckle and I smirked
Now let me show you what being drunk feels like!
Balling my fingers into a fist , I started throwing punches at him without minding the scene I was already causing
He tried to fight back but he was clearly not a match for me
How dare you call Hazel a maid! I yelled and was about to punch him when I felt a hand hug me from behind
f**k off! I yelled
No baby , I won’t ! a familiar voice said and without turning to look , I knew it was my mum
Please stop ! She pleaded with a trembling voice, I could tell she was about to cry
This is bull sh*t!
You are lucky my mum was here just in time to save your ass . I said in whispers to the boy before letting go of him……
Thanks baby! my mum muttered as I turned around to face her
Where is Hazel! Why is she not here ! or did you ask her not to attend my birthday again? I asked , biting at her upper lips.
No son! I will  never do that , she went home to get ready for a dinner date . She explained and I heard a very loud bang in my head
A strange feeling swell up in me and I felt so … jealous
Dinner date! no it can’t be , it really can’t be !
Why the hell does she stays? I yelled to no one in particular
Harmony block , her house is close to my father’s mansion . Steve answered and then faced Richard
The cottage house , remember? he asked Richard who just nodded
Good! Where the f**k is my car keys ! I muttered, searching through my pocket
And what do you need it for ? My mum asked with a curious look
Isn’t it obvious, I am going to stop her, she isn’t going to any f****ng date ! I retorted angrily
But you can’t drive in your drunken state ! She queried
Don’t worry ma, I will drive him there . Richard said and I shot him a grateful look….
Richard kept on asking me silly questions as he drove me to Hazel’s home but I ignored him as I was trying to think but couldn’t , my head was all messed up
The drink really took a toll on me but I was not drunk , only tipsy
Talk to me man, Are you in a relationship with the girl! Do you love her? he repeated his questions and I sighed
I don’t know!
What do you mean by you don’t know! You fought with a guy because of her! you took side with her in the fight with Kim! You even held her to yourself when the girl you screwed just last night was still sprawled up on the floor! … and speaking of Kim!did you see the look on her face when you kept on mentioning Hazel , she was clearly hurt ….
I know man  and I am so damn confused ! I stated
So what do you intend doing about Kim? he continued
Nothing except to severe all ties with her but if she keeps on seducing me; then I will keep on f****ng her……..
he laughed, You are so crazy Hardin!
We soon got to a small house and he parked out in front
I looked at the house and then back at him
Is this her house? I asked to be sure and I nodded
Impossible! I never really expected this …..
Wait for me in the car . I instructed and he rolled his eyes
Sure! a live porn might happen in there and I don’t want to get spoilt. he drawled
Ignoring his mocking remarked, I alighted from the car and walked to the front door, knocking on it
Coming! a voice answered and I smiled knowing it was Hazel
I heard quick footsteps and in what seems like forever, the door opened to reveal a completely different Hazel
She was dressed up in a long strapless red slanted gown and she was so damn beautiful
Wow! was the only thing I said as I was lost staring at her
Hardin! What are you doing here Hardin? She asked with surprise written all over her face
Won’t you at least invite me in before you start your questioning. I said , as my eyes roamed all over her body
She was quiet for a while and then sighed
Fine! Come in! She agreed, opening the door wider and i walked in too see a sitting room with old worn out furnitures
You can have your seat . She offered, pointing to one of the ” one of the old worn sofa” and I did
So why are you here? She started , sitting on a stool in front of me
I don’t want you going to that damn date . I answered bluntly and she scoffed
Are you for real! Is that why you came all the way down here! And tell me , why shouldn’t I go  on a date with my boyfriend? She asked rushingly and my heart skipped a bit
Boyfriend! Did she just say boyfriend!
Then if you have got a boyfriend, then why did you kiss me ? I fired at her
That is none of your business Castillo! She retorted , standing up in a huff and I did the same
Really! Are you trying to say you are also a whore? I said trying to get to her for hurting my feelings and it worked, she flared up
Don’t you ever call me a whore because I am not one
Obviously. I thought within
You are the one who goes around sleeping and flirting with any sexy thing on skirt! You are the one who brings a shameless b***h to f**k throughout the night! You are the one who tags a kiss directly from the heart “as Just a kiss “! You are the one who…… she stopped and broke down in tears
I stood transfixed on the spot watching her cry as I also listened to the sound of my heart beating
why do you keep on hurting me! Why do you keep on tormenting me!  She yelled and that was it , I couldn’t take it any longer , I pulled her to me and hug her tightly
Let go of me! Please let go of me! She pleaded , trying to wriggle herself out of my hold but I held her even more tightly
No I won’t , I will never let you go . I said in whispers and to my surprise, she became calm
Pulling out of the hug , I stared into her beautiful face
her makeup was already soiled up with her tears but she still looked pretty!!!!!
What are you doing to me Hardin! She murmured but I heard her clearly and I chuckled
I should be the one asking you that , what are you doing to me Hazel? I asked as she fixed her gaze on my lips , swallowing hard
Cupping her cheeks, I bent my head a little; placing my lips on hers as I kissed her deeply..
Haardin! She breathe into my mouth as she returned the kiss
Her lips was so soft that even if I kissed her continuously for a hundred years , I would never get tired…….
Just then we had a loud gasped and she pulled out of the kiss , her eyes widening in shock as she fixed her gaze to the entrance of the door
Mike! I heard her called
I quickly turned to look in the direction and met the gaze of the  very last person I ever wanted  to see again ………
Austin! I called in surprise
he looked at Hazel and then back at me
Jay! he called back with disbelief written all over his face

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