Two months with Mr Rude

Two Months With Mr Rude – Episode 29

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Two Months with Mr Rude
(Claire, warm my bed for money)

Written by Uche Lawrence✍️
© Youngicee Stories

Chapter twenty-Nine
The machine beeped and he felt his finger being tightened. It was Jason holding his finger so tight.

“Don’t go, brother.” He heard him whisper.
He’s alive!

“Hey! Can you see me?” Hunter threw the damn sheet away from his face. Jason’s eyes were slightly opened.

“I..I can barely see you.” Answered a weak boy.
His chest was rising and falling. He was trying to catch his breath. “Who are you?” Jason asked.

“Oh! It’s not time to explain now. I need to call the doctor for you.” Hunter hurriedly pressed the emergency bell in the room and it rung.

Few minutes later, the doctor rushed in and widened his eyes.

“Wait…He’s alive? Thank goodness. What a miracle.” The doctor breathed out. He started to check the temperature then went further to change the drip.

He went out and came back with two other nurses.
“I guess the first surgery is fine on him.”

“First? He still need to have another one after this?” Asked Hunter.

“Yes. The disease is really eating up inside him. This kind of disease is really rare but can be deadly. Anyway, the first surgery worked well. Congratulations.” The doctor smiled and asked the nurses to take Jason away from the surgery room.

Jason wanted to talk badly with Hunter but with the face he gave him, he kept his mouth shut.
He only said, “Thank you” and Hunter smiled.

The boy really making him smile. Really?

Claire got down from the bed and secretly walked to the door. She twisted the door knob and it opened but she felt her heart in her throat when she sighted him. Hunter.

“Sir, I know you must have seen my brother. Please, the door aren’t allowing me to get out of the room. I need to see my brother. I need to his body” She cried to him. Pleading with her hands together.

“Claire, how much do you love your brother?” Her boss asked.

“Huh! I love him so much. More than anything. He’s the only one I have left in this world. I care so much about him.”

“He’s back. I mean, He’s alive again.” Hunter announced.
Instead of replying, Claire hugged him tight and cried the more.


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