Truly Yours

Truly Yours – Episode 18

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Truly Yours

Chapter 18

[ One step at a time ]

Written By:Authoress Dammy.


“Arrrgh! I’m so gonna f****ng kill her”I yelled,slamming my locker shut,my Monday was ruined by Jennifer! guess what? She spread the word around the school that she’s going out with my Cole.

While she’s still alive is because I found out Cole didn’t actually slept with her,he only make out with her then made excuse to take her to her room,Jennifer was obviously drunk…but I bet she knew nothing happened between them,she’s just faking it all to get attention.

I fingers crawl into a fist,I badly wanted to punch something,but who am I,wonder woman? I couldn’t risk getting myself hurt.

“I think you should calm down,Jennifer is just probably trying to rub the whole thing in your face.Don’t let her get to you”Bella rolled her eyes at my reaction.

“She was so sweet and all to me that night at her brother’s birthday,I thought she was over Cole,plus she doesn’t know Cole and I are together”I remarked,which was pretty true,only Bella knew something was going on between Cole and I.

“Hellloooo!,have you met you too? even a blind man could see the chemistry between you two”I blushed at that.

Is it that obvious? I guess it’s one of the reason why Blake wants me to stay away from him,he thinks I’m too young and naive,I get that he was trying to protect me and sh*t.

I was still mad at him,this is Blake and I couldn’t stay mad at him for long.

“And oh! I know something that might cheer you up,Cole is in the teacher’s lounge,you might wanna see him before he leave for the field”At the mention of Cole’s name,my heart jumped in excitement,I haven’t seen him since our last counter on Saturday morning.

I guess Blake’s trying to do a good job at keeping us apart.Good luck with that bro.I laugh wickedly as I made my way towards the teacher’s lounge.

He was on the point of walking out and we both bump into each other,I smile Innocently at him as he stare at me.

“Cole?”I whispered breathlessly,I miss him so much,it’s felt like ages since have last saw him,I made a move to hug him but he step back,grabbing my arm he push me into an empty closet.

Leaving me no chance to ask question,his lips clash into mine,I gave in immediately,kissing him with all the bent up emotions inside me,I miss him,I miss this.

“I miss you so f****ng much kitten”He breathed,as he trail kisses down my neck,I had to bit my lips to stop myself from moanibg out,I mean anyone could be walking past.

“Couch?”A tiny voice called as Cole reached for my boobs,I had to keep the disappointed moan that was trying to slip past my lips.

“sh*t! that’s my clue.Gotta go”He reach for the closet door then he turn around,kissing me deeply.

“How about we meet tonight at the waterfalls?”He asked,staring at me while he brush my hair back with his fingers.

I could swear I was melting! I didn’t want this moment to end.

“Coach? Are you there it’s time for practice”The voice call again.

“Sure…should I meet you there?”I asked.

“Silly I will pick you up”Before I could ask what he meant,he was out of the closet leaving me confuse and daze.

“What are you doing in the cheerleaders closet!”Gloria screamed at me.

“Woah! your mama never thought you about inner voice”I snapped as I walk out.

“Go easy on her Ria,I bet she went there to cry”Jennifer fires at me,while the rest of the cheerleaders giggled at her comment I just stared at her for a minute.

“Why would I be crying?”I demanded even though I knew what the answer was.

“Awwwn she’s gonna pretend”Isabelle chided.

“In case you forgot,I hope you get used to the news,I won the bet and so Cole and I are together”She bragged.

“Keep telling yourself that untill you believe it,gotta run”I shove her aside as I walk away.

I’m going to deal with those b***hes someday,but right now I happened to be in a good mood after the date Cole planned for us.

I love you so much Cole.I sigh dreamily.


Why is he staring at me like a criminal? I wonder as I brush past Blake to get water,I was cooking and Blake being in the kitchen with me doesn’t felt right.

Blake doesn’t like coming into the kitchen and now he just sat there pressing his phone and watching me.

“Why are you staring at me like that!”I snapped.

“Why were you staring back?”He reported.

“Seriously?”I shook my head then went back to my cooking,I don’t want my annoying brother ruining the perfect mood I’m in.

“Ariella”Blake said,startling me.I mean it’s been a long time since anyone call me my full name,like I almost forgot it cause everyone just goes with Ella including my parent.

“I’m not a bad brother,I am just trying to protect you”

“Protect me from what? I understand Blake that you got this big brother attitude after…what…dad did…to us”My voice cracked,I blink the tears away “But it’s all behind me now,U’m eighteen Cole not sixteen!”I yelled the last part.

“You’re too good and innocent for all this…for f**k sake you don’t even know what love is! And you can’t definitely love Cole.To him Sex is love!….”

“He’s your best friend”I defended.

“You’re my sister and God knows I love you two so f****ng much! Cole and I have been through sh*t together,he’s more than a friend to me.I don’t want to be in a situation where I would have to choose between you two! Don’t you get it”He yelled back.

“What situation?”

“I’m off to bed.Goodnight”After pecking me on the forehead he walk off.

My phone rings,when I saw Cole name pop up,I smile immediately,funny how someone could lighten up your mood without even trying.

“Be ready in ten minutes”

Well that enough time for Blake to fall asleep,goodnight dinner I said pour the spaghetti I was cooking into the waste bin.

“You better get us something to eat”I told him as I walk up to my room.

“Oh have got something big for you to try out”He replied,I could picture his face with a smirk.

I blushed as I understand the double meaning of what he said.

“Get out”I hang out,my face red from all the blushing and he had the nerve to laugh!




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