Truly Yours

Truly Yours – Episode 16

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Truly Yours

Chapter 16

[ Hader than we thought ]

Written By:Authoress Dammy.


While I waited for Cole at the mall,Bella hang around me almost choking the ice cream she had brought all at once,I feel bad for asking her to be our guard dog,in case anyone familiar happens to see Cole and I together they wouldn’t link any meaning to it cause Bella would be here.

“When will he be here? I can’t wait to get home and try all these new dresses! plus I think lemon is Blake’s favorite color,so he’s gonna love me in this strapless gown”She winked,finally settling down opposite me.

“Ew Bella”I fake a gag reflex which she just roll her eyes at,my eyes spot Cole immediately and I had to adjust my composure,he look tired and handsome…they were bags under his eyes,I felt bad for calling him to meet me.

Blake would probably be going back to bed after all the partying they did last night.

“Could we make this quick huh? Blake and I are going to college”He turn to look at Bella who’s already making a move to get up.

“Hi Bella”He said.

“Are you sure you guys want me around?”Her eyes widen a bit when I told her to stay.

“Of course.We don’t want anyone seeing Cole and I alone”I snorted.

“Ella look about what happened last time,I possibly have no excuse for it okay? I couldn’t possibly not want to make out with Jennifer while your brother was there,he knew I have been in love with you my whole life”He blush a little at that.”And I have to keep my bad boy reputation on or Blake would figure us out”He explained,of course I could see the whole point.

Bella smirked then gave me the ‘I-told-you-so-look’ someone needs to tell her it isn’t the right time to do that.

“I understand you Cole,but is this how it’s gonna be?”I asked.

“Ella..I don’t know….”He let out a frustrated sigh,he only use my name when things are pretty serious.

“This whole thing was pointless from begin with”I stood up to go,I can’t possible let my boyfriend make out or have s*x with someone else! there’s no way I’m going to put up with that.Cole is mine! I’m not going to share him with anyone.

“Are you breaking up with me?”He shuttered looking worried and scared for the first time.

“I don’t know.Let’s go Bella”Without waiting for her reply I match out of the stall.

“Ella! I thought you wanna solve everything when you called him? You should know it isn’t his fault”Bella remarked.

“I know,and the one responsible for this is going to get it from me”I smirked.


“Hey Blake,why don’t we trade? I will give you Bella and in return you allow me to date Cole”I blurted out as soon as I walked in,maybe I shouldn’t have done that right away,cause Blake choke on his drink and begin coughing.

After some minutes,he stopped and started to laugh.”Is today April fool? cause you really got me”

“I’m not joking Blake,I…love..Cole”I stammered,how am I supposed to say it straight when Blake is looking at me like he wanna murder me.

“That’s enough bullsh*t! has he be making a move on you?,is that why? I swear I’m gonna kill him”Blake spat.

“No you’re not gonna do that! I decided that on my own and I haven’t even tell Cole”I let out desperately.

“You don’t love him Ella,you’re just crushing on him which is a very bad idea,he’s my best friend I know him.He’s just gonna break your heart!,didn’t what happened yesterday tell you that? that the way Cole is,from now on…Ella I don’t want to see you anywhere near him”Blake yell angrily and march out of the house.

Tears well up in my eyes knowing somehow I had made things worst for myself and Cole,I just wanted to try and make things work.

I slowly slide down on the floor bearly aware of my action,the door open and Cole walked in,looking at me worriedly.

“Are you okay kitten?”Cole ask,bending towards me.

I jump on him hugging him,letting the tears flow down my cheeks freely.

“I may have made things worse for us Cole,I’m sorry now my brother doesn’t want to see me any where near you”

Cole sigh lifting my face with his index finger so I had no choice but to look at him.

“Don’t cry kitten,please we will find a way okay?”Then he lean closer and kiss me.

I kiss him back,pulling him closer towards me,the next few days are gonna be messy.

“I love you kitten…I want you to know that okay”I nodded bearly finding the voice to reply him.

Cole cell phone rung,ruining the moment,he looked at me then back at his phone.

“Your brother”He grinned widely,I stare at him confuse as he pick it up.

“Sup man?”He said into the phone while bringing lips closer to mine,I jerk back.

“Have you gone crazy?”I glare at him.

“I’m back at the house….have you seen kitten?”He ask as his fingers wonder down my boobs,I whimpered glaring at him harder,he took the hint and laugh.

He hand up soon after “Your brother is gonna kill me after all”He joke kissing me slightly.

“Don’t worry about your brother,he’s my best friend I know how to handle him.Gotta go”He gave me one of his charming smile and I find myself melting right here and there.

I sigh as he walk out of the house.Blake! let’s see things work between him and Bella then.

But I wouldn’t want to do that to my best friend like seriously so I will have to make Blake pay for this someone.





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  1. Don't worry kitten, Blake is gonna come around. He is just being conscious and protective of his little sister from heart break

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