Truly Yours

Truly Yours – Episode 15

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Truly Yours

Chapter 15

[ You’re driving me crazy]



Blake went home preparing for the all night party,I hated those party,they give me sleepless night every Friday and at some point I have no choice than to join in and pretend to have fun.

I know the cheerleaders arr going to get all pretty,flirting their selves all over Cole.

I do trust Cole a lot,I just don’t trust them,they would do anything to win the bet and get Cole in bed with them even if its means drugging him to achieve that!.

How low can some people stoop? Especially girls like Isab***h and Jenny.

“You’ve gone quiet”Cole said finally breaking the silent,none of us had spoken ever since my brother got out of the car and now Cole was driving towards my dancing class.

I do street dance and I do enjoy it,the first time Blake funds out about it,my brother had exploded demanding I quit right away but someone Cole had manage to change his mind and he let me do it now.

“Not really am just looking forward to the party”I lied.

“I would have love to spend the time with you kitten but you know I have to keep an eye on Blake in case he. gets drunk or something”He explained.

I totally get it and I guess I will be hanging around with you guys”I came down from the car and Cole join me putting an arm around me.

I loved it,I lean unto him as we walk in,few heads turn in our direction.

Two hours later I was soaking wet with sweat and Cole had carried me off to the bathroom,he turned on the shower and went in after me.

Standing right on front of me like a demi god,his clothes were soaks to his body displaying all his abs and packs and water drip from his head,blocking the waters from touching me.

I couldn’t help it,he looked so hot I went on a tip toe and kissed him,he groan and pull me closer tighten his arms around me as we explore each other mouth.

My hands fisted unto his hair,tugging and pulling him even tighter as if I wanted us to be one,I whimpered when he started to kiss me on my through,then down to my chest even with my clothes on I felt naked and felt sexy.

Cole push top up,cupping me through my bra lace,I moan and kiss him harder,aching towards him wanting more of his touch.

Soon he pull away,resting his forehead against mine,we were both panting.

“You’re driving me crazy”He murmured,tracing his finger on my lips,I pull it into my mouth and suck on it,he smirked,kissed me one more time then pull back.

“I will get my clothes in the car while you freathen up”He winked at me before walking away.

I closed my eyes as the water fell on me,this day couldn’t get any hotter,I noticed my back pack just outside the door and blushed,I just have forgotten it and someone had dropped it there when he/she saw Cole and I making out.


The music was playing loudly downstairs while I get ready upstairs,Bella had insisted I put on a sexy black dress which I have no doubt would make Cole probably have a hard on.

I giggled softly then qyickily get ready,I can’t wait to see him.

“Wow! Every make in there is going to have their gaze lock on you”Bella remarked when I was done.

“Don’t pull my legs”I giggled again.

“Can’t wait to see the look on Cole’s face”Bella teased as I locked the door behind us,I don’t want any drunken teenagers venturing into my room.

And true to Bella’s word,every guy in the room including girls turn to look at me as I walked into the crowd looking for Cole.

He’s the only reason why am here and I cannot wait to see him,my whole body spark up in excitement instead I met Blake in the kitchen mixing drinks with Cole too.

Cole mouth fell open on seeing me and Blake followed his gaze then his eyes went wild.

“Ella!”Blake scolded.

“What? Its just a dress”I waved it off.

“It showing too much of your body and I don’t approve it now if you would please change into something more appropriate”Blake replied.

“But I don’t want to change”I whined.As for Cole he was still stunned.

“Now Ella!”Blake yelled.

I had no choice but to change,I went back upstairs but before I leaved I heard Blake tell Cole.

“Dude stop staring! That my little sis”

“Sorry”Cole murble.

If only he knew…

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